A Fire Rekindled

A/N: The title, well, it might be misleading. Is it? Or not? Depends I suppose. Well, enjoy!


Oh Raye, Raye, where for art thou?

They met before and loved each other. But family affairs, dispute and honor kept them apart and for a long time they've been apart. When possibilities stepped in, who knows what happens in the tragedy Shakespeare- like story?

Disclaimer: The Sailor Moon characters, the Gundam Wing characters, the story of Romeo and Juliet, the idea of it I'm using does not belong to me and it is copyrighted to someone I don't know their name so no one has the right to sue me.



In the night, two child figures stood in the deserted park. One was crying and the other tried to comfort.  

"Raye," thirteen years old Wufei whispered sadly, "Why are you crying?"

"You know exactly why I'm crying," a 12 years old Raye snapped at him, "You know…" A sad frown was carved into Wufei's expressionless face as he reached over and pulled Raye closed him.

"I know," he confessed gently, "I'm sorry…"

"Why do they have to be so cruel?" she cried silently in his arms, "They can't do this."

"Its is part of the tradition…" Wufei whispered, "That we must all be married to someone in the clan by the age of 13…and…"

"But that's not it is it?" she cried more loudly and pulled free from his hug, "Its because of that stupid rivalry between them isn't it?"


"You know it is," Raye said through her tears as she stepped back from Wufei, "They're so selfish…"

"They're upholding the honor they had for generation Raye and…"

"And you don't want it to break do you?" Raye interrupted as hot new tears swelled in her eyes, "You'll let go of me for honor…"

"No," Wufei said in a harder tone, "I will not."

"But you will," Raye told him shaking her head, "But you will won't you?" Wufei shook his head and stepped forward and put his arms around her petite body and pulled it close to his.

"Raye, we're of different clans that are rivals but it doesn't mean I hate you…never," he whispered into her ears, "I will always love you and you will always be mine…"

"That's not what you're marriage contract said…" she told him curtly.

"Look…" Wufei let go of her and started digging into his pockets, desperately searching for something. He pulled out a small golden chain with a small gold circle, and a ruby in the middle at the end of it. Even in the dim light the ruby sparkled like a red diamond and even out beauty the gold that held it.

"This is my engagement…necklace, the sign I will never forget you," he said as he pushed her dark, purple-red hair back and put the necklace around her neck, "No matter where I be." Raye touched the smooth ruby with tears building out in her eyes again. She closed her eyes and let the hot tears streak down her face and tickle her red cheeks.

"We're going back to Earth," Raye confessed quietly in a quivering voice, "Grandpa wants to go back and live Japan on earth." She bit her lips painfully and sobbed. Wufei looked dimly stunned and sighed in utter defeat.

"Be strong," said he putting his hands on her shoulders, "Don't be weak. Be stout of heart my love and you'll survive."

This made her cry out some more. She clutched onto her necklace stepped away from Wufei.


"Raye, there you are!" a rather large woman cried out madly as she ran over to them. Her black eyes raged with anger when she saw Raye standing in front of Wufei.

"You boy, what're you doing out with Raye?" she spat at him and pulled on Raye's shirt, "Come Raye."

"Please Sayaka," Raye pleaded as she tried to free her shirt off her nurse's grip, "Wait!"

"Now young lady! You deliberately disobeyed your parents by associating with the likes of him! You know it is forbidden!"

"I don't care!" Raye shouted and clutched harder on the necklace. Sayaka saw it and glared at Raye's hands that covered it.

"Now what's this?" Sayaka asked slyly, there was evil malice in her eyes as she pulled Raye's hands away from the necklace. "A gift from him. No worth!" Raye fastened her hands over the ruby pendant as fast as she can again when Sayaka pulled on the golden chain and robbed her of her air supply.

"Hey!" Wufei yelled suddenly, "What're you doing?"

The chain broke and shattered into pieces. Raye gasped suddenly and breathed in heavy, short and stunned breath. She loosened her grip on the pendant and looked down on it. It was still glimmering beautifully and was untouched but the chains on both side was broken and short.

"Now," Sayaka breathed, "Come." She pulled on Raye again. Raye gave in to Sayaka and let her pull her with her while she secured the remnants of the necklace in her hands. She glanced at Wufei and bit her lips at him. They locked each other's gaze and for a long time none of them moved until they were but a speck to each other. Wufei said good-bye to her silently and pushed her out of his mind. He turned and headed back to his own home. And this, my friends, is the last time they saw each other.


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