A Fire Rekindled

By Erebus Darkness (Formerly Kitty-Power)

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Chapter 8: Wufei Chang and Ichiro Anami

"There are no real proofs that these 'monsters' were actually in the sweetshop 'Candy Palace'. Many of the witnesses say they heard a ferocious roar, and when they looked up, it appeared to be a demon like creature. Other witnesses say that they were scary but harmless since it seems to have no motives to attack the people."

This is what was on the news that very night. Mina, Serena, Lita, Amy, Raye and Aiko sat around the TV in one of the room that had large black T.V.

"So?" asked Aiko slowly, "Is this what you wanted me to know?"

"No." responded Raye coldly, "Listen, I'm sure it'll come up."

"What are we waiting for?" asked Lita, wearing a slanted frown.

The TV Continued: "It was said that two teenaged boys, by the name of Duo Maxwell and Wufei Chang, (At this, Aiko gripped her shirt, which no one or Raye, noticed at the time.) Set a small bomb up in the blocked entrance. Police says they managed to blow a hole, but the door, reconstructed itself to close up. Maxwell and Chang ran into in time before it closed up. Reports on what happened inside is still unknown, we'll have a live interview with Duo Maxwell, when we come back, and, what about what Relena Darlian/ Peacecraft and the rest of the Kingdom board members have to say about this and much more. This is Joy Lynbrook, reporting live from SKN, Channel 5."

"Why aren't they interested in the 5 girls trapped in there?" Mina asked jokingly, pretending to be annoyed, "Really, I mean…we should know about these monsters, don't we?"

Amy smiled, nodded and then turned to Raye, "Raye, what were you waiting for again?"

"Good question." Aiko murmured irritably, "What?"

"Don't act like an idiot," snapped Raye, making her friends jump in surprise. Aiko remained calm. Raye's face was poison, glaring at Aiko with such anger that Amy found herself feeling uncomfortable.

"I have absolutely no intentions of answering any of your questions." She said coolly, completely unaffected by Raye (well, she was blind), "Nor I am I allowed to, in fact. Why do you think your father was so hard on me at last night's dinner? He was reminding me, merely. He knew I let slip some things."

 Raye was quiet for a while then said in a sort of a mumble, "You failed then, huh?"

"Oh yes, I definitely have." Replied Aiko, rather too calm and cool, unlike the Aiko that warmly and happily welcomed Raye and Serena. "But it's not my fault was it? A rather strange coincidence, really."

"Raye, Aiko," Amy interjected timidly, "Would you mind?"

"Oh not at all." Said Aiko lightly with a small grin, "Years ago, there were two clans, ours and Long. Its sort of like Romeo and Juliet, Raye being Juliet and dear Chang being Romeo. Then I lost my eyesight, and then we moved, far away. L5 blows up; everyone thinks he's dead. He's not. Raye finds out. Now this is where we are."

Amy, Serena, Mina and Lita stared at her, lost for words and a little taken aback.

"Chang?" Ami asked, "Wufei Chang? In the TV?" Aiko nodded. Raye avoided eye contact and stared at the door.

"That guy." Mina piped, "At the store? Wait…is that guy?"

"If his name was Wufei Chang." Said Aiko pleasantly, drumming her pale fingers at the side of her chair.

"That guy…" mused Serena, trying to think, "That guy!"

"Oh yes, that guy!" shouted Raye exasperatedly, "Wufei Chang was that guy."



"Don't touch!"

"Please sir, stay still!" the nurse barked, "It'll hurt more if you move!"

"It hurts like hell without you touching it!" Wufei snapped.

"Temper Temper!" the nurse growled, "It's not going to get you anywhere!"

"I'm not trying to go anywhere!" Wufei retorted.

"Really now?" asked the nurse, slyly.

"Will you shut up?"

"How rude, dear boy." The nurse mused, but her gray eyes flashed dangerously at him, "It won't do you too good."

Wufei glared at the nurse but she only continued bandaging Wufei's arm, smiling vaguely.

Duo on the other hand was happily giving an interview, in which Wufei's opinion, was heavily exaggerated.

"Those things in there were demons, hideous creatures!" Duo was telling the reporters, " and the girls in there really looked beat up, so we had to do something to save them."

"Oh how brave! Can you describe them?" prompted the reporter.

"The girls or the monsters?"



"Look! That Duo guy is talking about us!" Serena exclaimed excitedly like a little kid, pointing at the TV. At the same time, the door opened and Sammy entered, his flushed with excitement.

"Hey, Serena!" he ran to his sister, "Did you guys really see Sailor Moon? They're talking about you in the TV right now!"

"We know that Sammy." Answered Serena coldly.

"Sammy?" it was Aiko who spoke, "Is my uncle watching this?'

"Yeah," answered Sammy, "Why?"


"You're in it for sure…" Raye whispered just enough so only Aiko can hear her, but Aiko pretended not to notice.


"That was an exclusive interview of Duo Maxwell, 18, from SKN news. We have been trying to get an interview from his friend, Wufei Chang, but he has still refused to speak. Now we are going over to the interview with Relena Darlian Peacecraft."

"Relena Peacecraft." Aiko mused, "Quite a person that one."

"She's one of the leaders isn't she?" questioned Amy, "She's only a year older then us. Amazing, I think."

"Really?" Mina squeaked, "Wow, that is amazing."

"She was once proclaimed the Queen of the World." Aiko explained, "Do you know?"

"I've heard." Amy said, thinking. This had caught Serena's attention. She wheeled on them.

"Who else been claimed the Queen of the World?" she demanded worryingly.

"Relena Darlian Peacecraft." Amy answered, grinning, "But don't worry, she's not anymore."

"Why does she have to worry?" asked Aiko, almost suspiciously, "It's not like we'll ever be close to even be just a candidate."

"Nothing." Serena muttered, flushing, "Nothing at all."

Sammy interrupted impatiently, "Did you guys really see the Sailor Soldiers up close?"

"Yes we did, now shut up and go away!" Serena snapped frustratingly.

"But—Fine!" Sammy marched out of the room and slammed the door loudly.

"I should've left that kid at the airport with the stupid knife!" Serena fumed moments after, pouting.  

            There was another slamming of the door. Everyone silenced, jumped and looked around wildly.

            "Hey!" Mina said suddenly, "Where'd Raye go?


            "C'mon Wu-man!" Duo cried, running after his Chinese companion. "They just want a short interview."

            Wufei ignored this, and quickened his angry pace.

            "C'mon!" cried Duo again, throwing up his hands, "I mean, don't you want to be in the spotlight once in a while?"

            "No, I don't." Wufei responded, grinding his teeth.

            "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy!" Wufei teased childishly, grinning stupidly.

            Wufei rounded on him menacingly, causing Duo to halt suddenly and silence.

            "For your information." He began in a low voice, "This is not a game, nor a work! AND, I don't want to give an interview! Leave me alone baka!" He turned and kept on walking.

            "Hey, what about that girl?" tried Duo in a keen voice, "The raven haired babe?"

            "What about her?"

            "You know her, don't you?"

            "What makes you think that idiotic thought?"

            "I don't know, " answered Duo slyly, he had bravely decided to walk beside Wufei, "I saw that kinda look."

            "What look?" Wufei barked.

            "You know…" murmured Duo, "That kind of look…"

            "You're an idiot Maxwell."

            "Hey, maybe not."


            Raye marched angrily all the way back to her room and shut herself in. It was so annoying the way they are! The whole lot of them! Raye couldn't call anyone family now, besides Grandpa. Out of her clan, she trusted Aiko the most, and look at her! She turned on her, she's become her uncle's little zombie, and her warped up her easily manipulated mind just the way he wanted. And now he wanted to do that to her? Impossible!

            Raye paced angrily around the room, her arms laced at her breast. Surges of anger came upon her as she stared at the carpet floor in rage.

            Someone knocked on the door. Raye jumped in surprise, and then became angry.

            She stepped to the door and flung it open, getting ready to scream at the person outside.

            Without looking she screamed, "WHAT?!"

            "Whoa, they weren't kidding when they said you were a feisty one."

            Stunned Raye stared at the person who said this, it was a young man, towering over her by a foot maybe, with his black sunglasses (At night?), black t-shirt and baggy classic blue jeans.

            "Who the hell are you?" Raye asked coldly.

            "I could be your new best friend." He said with a roguish grin.

            "I don't need a new best friend." Returned Raye tartly, "Go away."

            "Ai, don't be so sure." The man said in an almost sing song voice.

            "Oh yeah?"

            "Yep, know who I am?"

            "Should I?"

            "Well, not really, maybe, yes…"

            "Don't know, who are you?"

            He grinned and mocked a respectful bow, while saying, "I'd be Ichiro Anami."

            This didn't make such a dramatic effect as he might've intended. Raye stared at him, slightly puzzled, then said, "Who?"

            "What?" he exclaimed incredulously, "They never told me about you?"

            "Wait a second," said Raye, running her thumb and index finger over her forehead, "Ichiro, that rings a bell."

            "It should," Ichiro muttered, sounding offended. Raye dropped an eyebrow with thought, and then seemed to hit something. She looked at Ichiro, slowly and slyly.

            "I know who you are now," said Raye, in a low menacing voice, "Aiko told me about you."

            "Good!" he cried, grinning, "Someone's smart!"

            "Now you can go away."

            Ichiro's grinned disappeared; he looked at Raye, looking somewhat stunned.


            "You can go away, leave." She repeated.


            "Because I don't want the pleasure of your company. And because I will beat into pulp if you don't, got it?"

            Both his brows raised, his ink eyes widened, but besides that, he looked impressed.

            He grinned, "You really are you're father's daughter."

            Raye slammed the door and dived into her bed.

            Minutes later, Raye heard the door creak open slowly, and footsteps coming in.


Ichiro, she thought crossly, I will kill you.

"Hey, Hino."

Raye sat up and yelled, "WHAT?"

Ichiro literally jump back, shocked, his glasses slightly a skewed. Raye noticed there were purple bruises around his eyes.

"I just want to tell you something!" he shouted at her when he came out of his shock, "Geez! Wouldn't hurt to just listen y'know?"

"Make it quick then." Decided Raye hastily, glowering at his glasses.

"Fine." He muttered irritably, "There's one more reason I won't marry you."

Raye gave him a sardonic grin, then let out a sharp sigh of disgust.

"First of all," Ichiro started, "As I said, I detest to marry you."

"Same here."

"Secondly, I have persuaded your cousin to tell me everything about you."

"Wouldn't be that hard huh," muttered Raye, "She's a little brainless little klutz."

"Thirdly, I am here to make a deal."

"What kind?"

"As I said, I know why you hate your father. I know what happened on L5."

Raye grinned at him with a fake sugariness. "Lucky you."

"I know who he is."

Raye froze at this sentence, and then unfroze to get out of bed, throwing Ichiro a suspicious glare.




"He works part time as a Preventer."

"And you are?"

"A junior Preventer."

"And you know him?"

"He doesn't talk much."

"But you know him?"


There was s long, silent and anxious mute, a pause in which Raye's eyes glazed in wonder. Ichiro was staring expectantly at Raye.

He cleared his throat.

"Raye," he said quietly, "I have to be back soon." Raye looked at him.

"But what can I do?" she asked weakly, slowly transcending down to her bed, "He probably forgotten me."

"Never hurt to try."

"Yes it does." She mumbled miserably. Now she looked at Ichiro expectantly.

"Can you?" asked she.

Ichiro grinned good-naturedly. "Sure. And what you have to do is not marry me."


His grin had gotten wider. "You really are amazing, Raye Hino. You're beautiful, fiery and smart."

"And you're so happy not tpo marry me," teased Raye, slightly smiling a real smile. He laughed and said passionately, "I've got another beauty that has stolen my heart."


He laughed again.


Ichiro was presently at the door now. He put his hand on the knob, and then looked at her.

"They lied to you didn't they?" he asked softly.


"Your cousins, your father, your family?" he said, "They told you he was dead."

"We all thought so. L5 blew up."

"Yeah." Ichiro opened the door, looking somewhat disconcerted, but before leaving, he looked at Raye again.

            Ichiro chuckled lightly. "Funny isn't it? That out of all the millions of people on L5 that could've survived, it just happened to be him."

            Raye grinned. "'Tis destiny."

            "Maybe." And he left.

            Moments after, Raye regretted about not asking him about his bruises hid behind the black sunglass. And then suddenly, she pitied him. He was in the same situation as her probably, manipulative parents, blind with money, making their lives miserable. Yes, Raye was now miserable once again. She was far off happier fighting off monsters.

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