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Chapter 2 another chance for happiness

Her kit came hobbling out of the forest surrounding the clearing. Kagome could barely breath she was sure her heart had stopped. "Kagome…mama…..Kagome" his small pain filled voice reached her ears and almost knocked her from her feet. She lurched forward arms outstretched, her hair whipped round behind her. Her feet couldn't move quickly enough her baby was ok and alive! As she reached him, he reached up with his small arms tears in his eyes that slowly started to leek from the corners. She picked him up and held him close to her chest, she was so scared he wasn't real and he would disappear in the blink of an eye. He tucked his head under her chin, his nose in the crook of her neck inhaling her scent and enjoying the warmth and comfort of his mother.

" did survive I saw you, then…then I p..purified the area?"

Kagome was shaking all-over and could barely get her words out between sobs

"Mama I thought id lost you, i….i thought I'd n…never see you again*hiccup* N…Naraku had you and I saw Inuyasha and the ground with lots of b…blood. Kirara protected me with her body then flew off *hiccup* we..we had to run, there was an explosion "he burst into more tears his eyes were now swollen and red his cheeks seemed to be permanently stained with streaks of tears.

"shhhhsh its ok I'm here….Wait! did you say Kirara…she's ok?" she questioned with hope in her voice. A small meow caused Kagome to spin around there in her smaller form was Kirara. Bloody battered but it was her. More overjoyed tears streamed down Kagome's face. "Oh Kirara I'm so glad to see you're ok, thank you so much for saving my baby" Kagome bent down and cradled Kirara to her just as she was doing with Shippo. This was what was left of her family and she was not going to let them from her sight. The miko clung to the two demons like her life depended on it. She started to walk back to the well and sat on its edge. Looking down she saw her sleeping kitsune curled in her long hair fast asleep. The small kit in her arms snuggled deeper into her grasping small fists of her hair making it known he was not going anywhere even in sleep.

Kagome had taken this opportunity to set Kirara down next to her and survey her wounds. Though her fur was matted with blood, she only had 2 substantial injuries one to her left ear and the other to her left hind leg. Kagome grabbed her yellow rucksack and proceeded to pull out antiseptic bandages. Though Kirara's demon blood would help her recover quickly Kagome was not taking any chances. Once Kagome was happy with her work she sat slowly petting her neko friend trying to think what she was going to do.

As she sat the sadness and guilt slowly started to creep into her mind again. What was she to do? Grasping the jewel that was on a cord around her neck she sighed and let the last of her tears slip down her face. A lone tear travelled down her cheek and dripped from her chin onto the shikon no tama. Unbeknownst to Kagome the jewel started to glow a soft blue.

A blue outline of woman appeared in front of Kagome. Slowly the woman approached and bent down to lift Kagome's chin. The touch did not startle Kagome for it was a warm touch, one of a mother or sister. Kagome slowly raised her head only to see the face of the one woman she aspired to be the most. "Midoriko-sama is that you?" the woman gave a warm smile that Kagome found hard not to return." Yes it is I dear one" a saddened expression came over Midoriko's face "you were not meant for such sadness Kagome, I am proud to see even in your great sadness your soul has remained untainted and pure" Midoriko gave a reassuring smile." What do you mean I was not meant for such sadness?" kagome looked worried, she didn't like the thought of her life already mapped out for her. She tried to reassure herself thinking it might just be a figure of speech. Midoriko sighed and gave Kagome a look that panicked young miko "you were not meant to come to this time" Kagome started to panic had she messed up the time line was she going to disappear into nothing because she had alter her own time too much. Midoriko saw the panic on Kagome's face and laid a reassuring hand on here shoulder. "Calm Kagome you were always meant for time travel. The mere fact your where born with the shikon no tama proves you were meant for greatness." Kagome gave a confused look and was about to reply to Midoriko's comment when she continued " meant for time travel you were but to this date, 250 years early my dear someone in the time you were meant for tampered with the well cutting the time you could travel to short" Midoriko paused to judge the girls reaction. Kagome was shocked she was not meant for this time? "The well would have fixed itself a while after you arrived here allowing to travel on further into the past. But by that time the jewel has been shattered and so your quest to regain the jewel shards began" Kagome looked dishearten at the thought of all the trouble she caused. Reading Kagome's face Midoriko gave the young miko a small smile "it was not your fault Kagome you should have not have come to this time. " Suddenly a thought struck Kagome" if I was not meant for this time was Inuyasha supposed to stay sealed to the God tree?" Midoriko seemed pleased with her concern "Kagome you were meant for the past, which you have not yet visited this time line we are on at present, might not happen if you use your knowledge to alter time." She took in Kagome's shocked face and gave a light giggle "I have come to retrieve you and set you on your true course. I must warn you there are key moments in time that must happen they are key to the future and must not be altered" "how will I know key points in time what if I change one?" Kagome yet again panicked. Midoriko gave a slightly exasperated look at Kagome's interruption "as I was saying the shikon no tama will help you. Your miko powers will sense when key dates approach." "Oh so sort of like animals sense danger? "Midoriko seemed to ponder the analogy " Yes like animals sensing danger, do not worry you will know when a time approaches they are usually large events so are not hard to decipher" Kagome sighed in relief but instantly froze when she felt her kit move in her arms. She had complete forgotten her baby she would never leave him even if there was a possibility of changing the current time line. As if reading her thoughts Midoriko said "your kit may travel with you, as will Kirara, though you will have to perform a full demon adoption ritual. That way there can never be to of the exact same demon in one time. You shall make a bond with Kirara one of mistress and protector the same that Sango performed before you" Kagome was saddened with the mention of Sango and was about to interrupt when Midoriko held up her hand to stop her "I will walk you through the ritual and give you basic training to protect yourself and your kit. Though I have no doubt that Kirara will aid you whenever needed" the small neko curled around her original mistress's leg purring her agreement. Midoriko bent down and scratched in between the fire cats ears enticing another purr. Surprisingly Kirara's purrs awoke Shippo as he sat up rubbing his eyes he failed to notice the blue outline of a woman smiling as she watched him closely. "Mama I'm hungry do you have any candy in your bag?" Shippo pouted and with his still puffy red eyes he looked extremely adorable. A quite squeak of "Kawaii" behind him caused him to turn, ready to make a remark that he was not cute. As his eyes met with that of the blue miko he visibly froze. "Shippo this is Midoriko-sama, she is going to help me become your real mother and set us on a new quest" Kagome smiled brightly at her kit. Shippo just gaped at her, seeming overloaded with thoughts of a real mother and the ghostly miko.

Midoriko giggled and said "are you a fox or fish demon?" with that Shippo shook his head and glared at the blue miko

still giggling Midoriko tried to compose herself with a cough " well you should return to the village explain what has happened to the village, collect supplies, eat, rest and meet me back here at midnight tonight, bring with you a shallow bowl of water and the following herbs" Midoriko continued to list a selection of herbs that would be needed, Kagome placed Shippo on the floor and proceeded to write all the herbs on one of the pages in one of her now useless text books. As kagome was finishing righting down the herbs Midoriko bent down to Shippo " It is also customary for the new son or daughter to present the parent with a gift of some sort. I suggest a freshly caught rabbit it would make a superb stew. For a strong hunter like you I'm sure that's an easy task" Shippo puffed out his chest and nodded. He tugged on kagome's sock and explained he was going to hunt proudly. The proud mother smiled and after saying farewell to Midoriko headed towards the village. She was not looking forward to explaining what happened and though found it a strain to let Shippo leave her side Kirara was watching him and she didn't want Shippo reliving the battle she would have to retell.