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Chapter 4 New Look

"Mama, mama come on mama you gotta get up, I can't loses you too!" Her pup was close to tears so she released a deep rumble like purr. She reached out to her pup and pulled him close to her chest and wrapped her tail around both of them….wait… tail! Kagome shot up to her feet sending a relaxing kitsune flying into the air. She was still at the base of the Goshinboku but had a tail! The accusing appendage flicked itself up onto her shoulder like Sesshomaru's but proceeded to tighten around her neck. 'This thing has a mind of its own' Kagome thought. The suffocating miko wrestled with her own tail, trying out a number of wrestling moves that she had seen on Souta's video games. She ended up chasing it around, her inu instincts kicking in.

Kagome stopped her fight at the sound of someone laughing. Grasping her tail to hold it in place she turned her head to see her pup rolling on the floor with laughter "hahah mama….haha…you look sooo haha…funny" Kagome was happy to see her pup laughing but was very embarrassed she let her playful instincts take over. Glancing back at the possessed tail she gave an evil smirk.

Whilst her little kitsune was still laughing she used her tail to sneak around his back and tap him on his shoulder. He turned and saw nothing, his puzzled expression made Kagome giggle. Whilst he was still preoccupied she tapped his other shoulder, this happened three more times until Shippo jumped up and turned. Kagome had thought of this and with skill wrapped it around his leg and brought him up to eye level. The dangling kit was shocked but started to laugh with Kagome.

"It's good to see you are already getting used to your new body "Came a female voice. Kagome turned to see the blue outline of Midoriko smiling at her. "You knew this was going to happen?" Kagome questioned "I suggested it to your friends they were worried for you and wanted to help you in some way" Kagome gave sad smile. Her friends were always looking after her even in death.

"Now shall we start your bonding ritual it will be easier now you and inuyoukai, oh but maybe you should see your new look first" Midoriko giggle as she pulled a mirror out of midair. Kagome gave an excited yip, bit quickly clasped her hands over her mouth and turned to the older miko with a shocked expression "was that me?" Questioned the inumiko. "Yes it was Kagome. But do not worry it is a inu's way of showing excitement. At present you are like a pup learning about yourself and have little control. This is something that we must work on before you travel further in time. Now here take a look you look very beautiful" Midoriko gushed the last part, losing her usual mature exterior.

Looking into the mirror what shocked Kagome the most was her eyes. Her deep ocean blue eyes had changed to match eyes she knew very well. Inuyasha's honey golden eyes stared back at her. The golden eyes started to water at the thought of the inu hanyou who had gifted her, his powers. Kagome sucked in a breath refusing to cry she had shed enough tears and was going to be strong, she would make them proud.

In between her eyes on her brow slightly hidden from view by her bangs, was a crescent moon just like her beasts and Sesshomaru's. Her brow scrunched together as to why she would have the western crest on her forehead. She shrugged her shoulders and after some though brought it down to the fact like Inuyasha eyes she had gained his western heritage.

Progressing down her face, her checks were adorned with twin stripes over both cheeks. It was the same blue as her crescent moon and tint of her now longer hair and tail. She had pointed elven ears, fangs and claws which she thought would need a lot of getting used to, she had already cut her cheek. Thanks to her cut she also found she had demon healing abilities, this particular gift she was glad to have. She was always getting cut bruised and burnt. She had always been rather envious of Inuyasha healing abilities and tolerance to pain, though she thought half the time he was just to pig headed to show his weakness.

Looking down she noticed her school uniform barley fitting she had obviously grown in height. Her shirt tight around her bust, now shapely behind and hips which causes her skirt to ride up very high. With a blush Kagome tried to pull her skirt down.

Midoriko laughed at the flaming red miko, but took pity and with a wave of her had the garment began to grow and change. The green of her collar thinned and stretched to form the edge of a white haori. The sleeves widened losing the green cuff and gained red stitching to match those of a miko grab. Her red necktie stretched itself to become and obi around her petite waist. Her skirt grew and stitched together become a green miko hakamas. What shocked her most was the surprisingly light metal shoulder armor that grew from thin air. It was layered like the armor she had been standing on at the grave of Inu no taisho. It even had small spikes that she thought she'd have to watch. Knowing her she'd hurt herself on her own armor. It also held the western moon on the lowest segment and was intricately engraved all over.

" There that's much better at least now you won't have all the men ogling that ridiculously short skirt" Midoriko chided." But I liked my uniform" Kagome mumbled "Now that's all settled shall we begin the bonding ritual?" "Yep oh yes please, then Kagome can be my mama for real" Shippo exclaimed so excited he was jumping around. "Ok kit calm down and we'll begin" a slight grow erupted from Kagome as she mumbled "pup not kit" her eyes briefly flashing red.

At that moment in time as Kagome reflected on what she looked like she realized she looked like a full inu youkai "Midoriko –sama why don't I have cute hanyou ears like Inuyasha had?" "That is a simple question with a long answer Kagome. Youkia are Power based beings that would have all originally been like Kirara with two forms. But both representing there animal, element or power. Over time some youkai evolved, as humans started populating the earth to blend in better. It proved better protection than their smaller forms, but takes a lot of tis why some youkai look like animalistic humans.

When a youkai is born it is created in two stages first is its power also known as youkai. As a let's say pup is conceived a small portion of both parents power is given to the new life. The physical stage follows the development of power, changing the physical form to accommodate the power.

In the case of the hanyou only one parent has the power, so the body changes to hold half the power hence the deformities, mainly based in the ears" " why doesn't the one parent simply fill the new life with the full amount of youkai instead of half?" questioned Kagome " they do that's where a problem is caused. During the last period of the pup in the womb the demon parent's body reacts the pup only having half the power. So forces the full amount of power on a body that can only cope with half. Like with your modern magnets there needs to be two forces to push against each other and keep balance. Without an opposing force the hanyou's youkai will become out of control and so will have to have a seal like Inuyasha Tessaiga.

In your case you have taken the half of Inuyasha's power and toped up the other half with your miko powers. Making you full inu-miko. Though you are actually by definition a hanyou, as a hanyou is being of two bloods, like you demon and miko.

You have no puppy ears because you had two forces when you were transforming earlier. Had you not been a miko, or had very little power. You would have ears like Inuyasha and would need a seal."

Midoriko let Kagome ponder this thought she was sure Kagome knew most of this from the slayer and monks memory.

As Midoriko's eyes wandered they landed on the kit and grew as she gasped. The poor thing though slightly cleaner was still missing his fur jacket and ribbon leaving his hair free. His remaining cloths were muddy and had dried blood in places. The inu-miko following the blue miko's line of sight, also gasping when it finally clicked that her pup was neglected and in a poor state. Eyes turning completely crimson she pounced on her pup and gave a low growl purr. She stared to lick the mud and blood off Shippo's face. Shippo was shocked at first but let out a contented sigh as he lent into his mother, enjoying the attention she was giving him. Kagome started on his hair nipping and tugging at any stubborn knots. Kagome came back to reality half way though and sat frozen tongue hanging from her moth looking at the amused face of Midoriko. A small purr from her lap brought her attention to Shippo. He sat curled up head inches away from her mouth. Realization hit her like atone of bricks, she proceed to wipe her tongue as a gagging noise left her mouth. She didn't want to offend Shippo so bit her lip and tried to forget what had just happened

"Though your kit""Grrrrrr""I mean pup is clean perhaps he would like some new clothes?" The kit in question rubbed his eyes and mumbled "New clothes sound nice *yawn* but can they be the same as these Midoriko-sama my papa gave me these and it all I have left of him" "Kawaii" was the only response form the miko as she gave a wave of her hand. Shippo's clothes didn't change apart from becoming clean and the reappearance of his bow and jacket. There was only one minor change and that was to the pattern on his haori instead of leaves there was a mix of leaves and crescent moons.

"Now shall we begin? Place the bowl of water in between the two of you" Kagome turned and walked to the spot she had first spotted Inuyasha sprit and was glad to see the bowl of water and herbs still waiting for her. Picking up the bowl she turned and walked back to Shippo, noticing she didn't had to watch the water as her graceful walking cased the water to barely stir. As she placed the water down and sat opposite Shippo "place the herbs into the water one at a time, letting each one sink to the bottom before adding another". Slowly Kagome added the herbs until she was at the last one. Midoriko held her hand up to pause the inumiko. "Kagome I must make you aware during this ritual, your beast will probably surface. Do not panic it is natural. Your beast must accept Shippo as your pup, if it has not done so already. It is also a form of introduction and a chance to learn each other's sent. Though your beasts behavior might appear threatening at some point, this is natural she is asserting dominance and showing the pup his pace, showing her as alpha female. Do not fight it let instincts take hold. She is a part of you and will not harm the ones you consider family" The blue miko gave a reassuring smile and gestured for her to continue. Taking a deep breath and smiling at a slightly worried but excited Shippo Kagome place the final herb in the bowl.

As soon as the herb hit the bottom of the bowl the water started to boil, purple steam rose to surround Kagome and Shippo. The fog seemed to draw Kagome's beast out. Red eyes soon glared down at Shippo as he let his eyes drop to the floor. A small pleased growl came from Kagome's throat. She circled the kit as if looking for a flaw. As if seeing something she lunged forward. Her fangs elongated and she heard Shippo squeak and go slack, she pressed her fangs to his neck. Shippo bared his neck further and Kagome growled in acceptance of his submission. Kagome gave a quick lick to his neck then inhaled his sent engraving it to her mind. Slowly she released the kit and returned to seat opposite him. Midoriko's voice rose through the fog "you now must bite your hand allowing blood to flow. Then claps your hands together letting your blood mix and lower your joined hands into the water" Kagome bit her hand first, thankful for her new fangs. Then held out her hand to her son who did the same and clasped hands with her slowly lowering their hands into the water. As soon as their hands were fully submerged the water started to turn a bloody red and seemed to be absorbed by their hands. As this happened their hands smarted to glow following the lines of the veins in their arms. It was each other's power and youkai traveling through the others bloodstream. Kagome's arm was and intricate web of blue power just like Shippo's fox fire. Where as Shippo's arm was a mix of pink and green. Using the knowledge given to her by Miroku and Sango she could only deduct that she was a poison related inu. It made the inumiko happy to know her son would be immune to poisons as well as miko powers. If trained properly he would become a great warrior, and strong mate. 'He's not even my son fully yet and I'm trying to get grand pups out of him *sigh* I'm turning into my mother"

Slowly the glow diminished on their arms as did the fog. They sat there in silence staring at one another. Kagome observed there was no change to herself or Shippo except for his tail. It had changed from a sandy color to match his hair with a black tip.

Her eyes snapped to Midoriko as she spoke "Shippo I think its best you give your gift now" the kit stood and backed up not letting his eyes leave his new mothers as a sign of respect. Losing eye contact after a bounding ritual could give the impression he thought her unworthy of being his mother. Reaching the edge of the forest he bent and picked up the large rabbit that he had caught earlier and started to walk back towards his mother. Slowly he held up the rabbit and lowered his eyes showing his alpha respect.

Kagome's instincts took over though she remained conscious. She took the rabbit that was still warm and used her claws to skin the rabbit and bit into the tender raw meat. It was like nothing Kagome had tasted before, instead of being repulsed like she thought, she wanted more. Kagome gave a content growl, signaling to Shippo she accepted the gift and he had done well. Slowly Shippo raised his eyes. Kagome pulled him into her lap and presented him with what remained of the rabbit they ate together for the first time as mother and son and a pack.

Midoriko stood observing the small family with a content smile. She would allow them this time, as it would be some time before they could share a moment like this again in peace.

Turning the pair she said "get your rest tomorrow we start your training" and with that the blue miko walked off into the forest.