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Chapter 1: "Lost Memories"

Beast boys P.O.V

No this wasn't supposed to happen! She wasn't supposed to get hurt! It's my entire fault and now she's gone. I should've been there for her. I said out loud as I punched the wall with my fist. I manage to bend it, I was so mad.

My heart was beating intensively; I was worried for my secret love. Not really a secret because, I did declare my love for her a few weeks ago. But the thing was we hadn't informed our team yet. We were planning on it, but now she's gone. Anger rushed through my veins. One stupid mistake, it took for her to vanish out of my life. But why her. I thought.

One Hour Ago (Normal P.O.V)

They were all gather in the living room, discussing about a mission they had to do today. They waited impatiently until the leader spoke.

"Okay, this is the case we are about to investigate. It is very dangerous, so we must open our ears. Something in Jump City has been killing people." Said our fearless leader.

"You mean like a serial killer?" asked the green changeling

"Yes, this thing has been killing random civilians, and leaving marks on them. Mainly on their neck, they investigated the marks so it looks like it is a male. That has been doing this, mainly to women.

"Like a vampire?" asked the empathy showing no concern into the topic.

"We don't know yet. That's why we must investigate the last place he was found. The Jump City's Museum, that has been abandoned more than 10 years, that's where they have been reported trails of blood from his victims." Said Robin

"What's this vampire you speak of?" asked the alien princess with a questionable look

From her question the green changeling decided it was his turn to speak. He got up and exaggerated saying "Well Vampires are known as sucking on people's blood and they are immortal." He finish saying and took a sit. Leaving a scare princess gasping from his answer.

"Is this true Robin?" asked the princess looking at her leader

"Well, that's more of a fantasy then reality." He tried to explain

But as soon as does words left Robins mouth Raven decided to speak up.

"We have powers, I'm half demon, Starfire is an alien, Cyborg is half robot, and beast boy can morph into animals. Are we a fantasy to you?!" she remarked then she got up and headed to her room.

She left everyone surprise by her sudden outburst. They decided to leave her, so she could cool down a bit. About an hour later they decided to meet up again in the living room.

Raven kept quiet, she didn't want another conflict between her and her leader. They all gather into the T-car and they headed to their location ready to investigate.

(Time Skip)

About an hour past, the sun began to lower down. Leaving a nice slow breeze of air come, no one actually talk they all kept quiet until they arrived.

As they arrived it was creepy, the building looked as if it was ready to fall. There was no light what so ever inside. Robin was the first one to speak, everyone turn their attention to their leader. As he gave directions for everyone to spread out and look for evidence. As they all walked into the building behind each other, Beast boy decided to steal a kiss from Raven. "Be safe," whisper to her.

Raven reacted too late, as she looked around to look at her boyfriend he was already inside the building. Raven was zoned out; she decided to shake it off as a small smile appeared on her face. Now it was her alone outside facing a gray old building, with broken windows, and fallen parts of the roof.

She decided to go in, as she was the only one outside. When she walked in, she received goose bumps. An amount of air had hit her; she wrapped herself around the cloak and began walking deeper into the building.

Several of minutes she had been walking, she looked at her communicator. Nothing showed up, she decided to use the light to see in the dark. Drops of water were heard, she felt as she was being watched.

She decided not to think about it and headed deeper into the building. Not even minutes later her leader spoke. "TITANS WE ARE UNDER ATTACK EVACUATE THE BUILDIONG IMMIDIUATLY!"

"Robin? I have achieved my goal I am outside," informed Starfire

"Someone has summon poison gas, we need to move out now!" yelled Cyborg over the communicator

"On my way" said the changeling

Everyone made it out except Raven who was lost. She thought about breaking out the building, but it would cause the building to fall down.

"Raven where are you?!" Robin asked impatiently and worried

Her heart rose to feel and hear someone behind me I turn around and saw no one.

"We are not alone" She tries to tell my team.

"Ra.e..whe..re..ar..y..o?" robin asked once more but the signal was getting caught off.

She knew it was Robin repeating the question.

"Raven? Oh how delightful sounds familiar." The mysterious voice said

Raven didn't dare to move, she froze right on the spot. She knew once simple mistake could cost her life.

"Now, you wouldn't happen to be the daughter of Trigon, the demon girl? You don't know how long I've been craving her blood." Spoke the mysterious voice as it came closer to her.

Raven was still clouded with many emotions; she knew something was going to happen. Before he could get any closer, Ravens emotions burst out. She sent a wave of black energy towards the vampire, impacting him into the wall. With that Raven took a run for it, She ran, she ran for her life. She hoped that it wouldn't be the last time she would see her friends.

Raven knew better than to think that, but somehow she got scared, frighten for her life. As she reached the entrance she could see that impatient teammates waiting for her. She tried to catch her breath, as the gas was affecting her breathing. She felt very dizzy as her energy began to drain.

Her teammates saw her, but before she could get out two strong arms dragged her away from the entrance. She screamed in surprise.

Beast boys P.O.V

"Raven!" I yelled as I saw two arms take her away. I was about to run for her but my leader stopped me.

"It's too late, the building will collapse in seconds now" Robin informed me

"We just can't leave her!" I said frustrated

Seconds later we heard a loud crash, we turn our attention towards it. The building indeed had collapsed and smoke was coming out. My eyes widen in shock, I was too late.

"Let's go before we get intoxicated!" Cyborg said sadly heading towards the T-car.

Angrily I got in; I hope Raven would be okay.

Ravens P.O.V

As two arms yanked me back in, I struggled to get away from its grasp. He threw me to the nearest wall harshly, I manage to break the wall and I fell down, and rolled over a hill. I was aching in pain. I couldn't even think correctly.

When I began to roll down the hill, I manage to see the T-car leave. The building was down, since he had thrown me out full force. I manage to stop rolling, and I tried to fly. But I soon crashed down, because the same person attacked me once more. I began falling down into a different building.

I tried to get up, so I could find a way to get back to the tower. But I heard a laugh, the vampire was laughing at me. My eyes were closed I kept them shut, he walked over to me.

"I didn't know the daughter of Trigon would be these weak." He teased

I threw him as far away from me as I could. I got up as quickly as I could even though; I knew I would collapse soon. It hurt, my body was bleeding wounded, I needed help. But where were my fellow teammates?

I flew out into the city; I honestly didn't know where I was going. But I was sure that I had lost him, lower and lowers my altitude got. I began crashing down; I landed in the sand next to the ocean.

I felt the cold wind hit me with its breeze, I would be complaining but my energy was drained. I began to close my eyes. Hoping that this would all be a dream and that tomorrow will be better. But who was I kidding? That's only if I make it alive today.

My mind began to fill with darkness.

Authors P.O.V

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