I Miss You

There she stood; even more beautiful than ever before, if that was even possible. She was wearing simple clothes, some jeans and a yellow tank top, but she was breathtaking, he missed this feeling. This feeling that consumed him, he longed for it, and she was the only one who could ever ignite the fire in him. He never even realized how much he missed her, until this very moment. He couldn't move, he couldn't speak, he couldn't breathe, and all that he could do was watch her and nothing else.

She hadn't noticed him yet; she was looking at the sky because today it looked exceptionally beautiful, the blue started to mix with the yellow of the sun, it was just so amazing she started smiling. All of a sudden she felt shivers down her spine, something she had felt many times before, but only with one person, and she knew he wasn't there, he couldn't be. She took a deep breath, and started to slowly turn her head to see who was behind her.

When he noticed she was starting to turn her head, he was startled, for a minute he didn't know what to do, but a smile started to appear on his face, he was excited to see her reaction and at the same time terrified. It was taking so long, he felt like he died a hundred times before she finally locked her eyes with his. He stopped breathing, waiting for what was to come.

At first she was shocked. She didn't know what to think, words wouldn't come out of her mouth, and she could see that his beautiful smiling face was starting to turn into a face full of confusion and fear. There he was, the big bad hybrid, panicking because he didn't know how she would react. Her lips started trembling, and suddenly she started laughing.

He didn't know what was happening, first she was silent and then she started laughing like a crazy woman, even though he loved her smile and laugh, he was shocked to see it happen in this situation.

She finally stopped and looked him in his eyes once more, at first she was serious but then one of her radiant smiles graced her face. And all that she could blurt out was "Klaus".

He trembled at the sound of his name leaving her beautiful, plump lips, eyes closed. Oh, how he had missed her, her smile, her laugh, her angelic voice, he couldn't believe she was right there, so close he could touch her.

She looked at him, savoring what she had said, like it was a long lost treasure he had finally found. He still loved her, as much as before, if not more, and that made her so happy that took her by surprise. She hadn't realized but she longed for him, he had left a hole in her she didn't even know was there. But she could feel it being filled every moment he spent with him.

He finally opened his eyes, to see her still there, standing and smiling, and with that came the realization that this was actually happening, that she hadn't run away from him. He smiled at the amazing woman in front of him and at last his voice worked again "Caroline".

It was her turn to revel in his wonderful accented voice while he called her name. She always felt so special when he did that, it almost seemed like he was singing her name.

Her face shined brighter than the sun, she had the most astounding smile he had ever seen. And it was because of him, he did that, she was smiling for him, he felt fulfilled in a way he never was before. He started walking towards her; he couldn't contain himself any longer.

When she noticed what he was doing, she started doing the same, she wanted to run to him, but at the time she wanted to savor this moment, she wanted this to last forever.

They reached their goal, for a while they were completely still. They were inches away from one another, they could smell each other, and they could feel each other even though they weren't touching. He touched her face with his hand, caressing her. She closed her eyes enjoying how loving he was being, but she grew tired of waiting, it was enough. With a hungry look in her eyes, she grabbed his face and finally kissed him, but it wasn't rough, they both wanted to take it slow. They wanted it to be different from the other time. They had all the time in the world this time, and even though they both missed each other, it didn't matter.

Caroline jumped out of her bed; she was sweating and didn't understand what just happened. She was confused, wasn't she with Klaus? She then realized it was all a dream and her happiness vanished.

Klaus opened his eyes unsatisfied and angry, it felt so real, how could it be just a dream?

"Klaus" – she mumbled sadly

"Caroline" – he said devastated

Both of them suddenly realized that they could do something about it, and so they did.

*Ring Ring Ring*