Wake me up Later

16. Sunrise

Nico di Angelo slowly opened his dark eyes. It was early in the morning, way early. Everyone was probably sleeping, like usual. Still dark out, not as dark as night, but it was still okay to Nico - who preferred the dark. He was a morning person much as he was a night person, he was pretty much sleep deprived. His ADHD will kick in sometimes, making him stay up two days straight and collapse somewhere in China.

He stretched, grabbed his sweater, and headed outside. Each step he took seemed to weigh more than the last, making him hunch. He opened the door of his cabin and the familiar cold air hit him. He could see the bright streak of light coming from the horizon.

He inhaled and walked to the back of his cabin. He crawled to the roof, the breeze was much colder up there.

He could see the dark blue of the sky turning lighter. He breathed in, breathed out. Then the sun was out, its rays warming up his cold body slightly. He could see the purples and blues fading, turning into pinks and yellows and sky blue.

He didn't like the sun very much or big bright spaces, but he appreciated breathing in and out – happy he survived another day to see the next begin.