It was Saturday morning, when a raven hair boy who's name was Tony woke up from his sleep. He looked himself in the mirror and smiled to himself, he was a mess but he was still proud and didn't care unlike his twin siblings Marc and Megan Clark. Tony began to find his yellow plaid shirt and his jeans. He quickly puts the on and hurries downstairs to breakfast. "Morning Lee" Tony said as he passed his older brother. "Morning lil T" he glanced back at him. Tony sniffed the kitchen and smelled some waffles and bacon and eggs. Those were his favorite food of all time. "Mmmm, when are we ganna eat?" Tony says beaming his emerald eyes. "Uh, as soon as their done" he says back. Tony goes to the table and wait for his plate when he here's his two siblings come down "morning" they both said. " morning" Tony and Lee shouted back. They all went to the table and waited as Lee came and gave each their breakfasts.

When they finished breakfast, they left quickly to school.

By time they make it to school, everyone is scattering in the hallways trying to get to their classes, making it hard for the Clark's to make it to their lockers. They hurry and get their stuff out their lockers and say good bye to each other and hurry to class.

Tony finds a seat in the middle row and plops down trying to catch his breathe when he sees his friend, Jack Henderson. Jack and Tony had been friends since the 1st grade.


Tony was running with his car when a boy who looked to be Caucasian with dark hair appeared to be in young Tonys way. "Hey watch out" Tony said impatiently. "Sorry, I got bored" the boy said. "We'll move" Tony said in a rude tone. The boy began to get angry than Tony and the boy tackled each other (not in a fun manner) until a teacher pull the two away from each other and took them to the office. When they got to the office the teacher explained to the principle of what happened. "Why are we fighting?" The principle asks folding her hands. "He started it" Tony pointed out to the lighter boy next to him with his arms folded "nu uh" the boy said. "Ya huh" Tony said back. "Until you two can apologize, I'm suggesting keeping you two in the office" the principle said getting up to leave. The door shuts behind the teacher leaving the two alone in the office in silence. The silence lasts for 5 to 10 minutes when the Tony finally broke it "hey, I'm sorry". "No I'm sorry" the boy said waving his hand in front of Tony. "We'll I'm sorry to" Tony said feeling bad. They both forgive and give it another awkward silence. "I'm Tony" Tony began to say "you?". "I'm Jack, Jack Henderson, I'm new here" the boy said, finally giving his name. Jack than takes out his action figures and looks at them "you play with action figures to?" Tony said beaming. "Duh, who doesn't" Jack said with an awkward expression. "Can I see it" Tony asked nervously. "Sure" Jack says, giving Tony the small figured toy. Tony looks around at it and looks at Jack and starts to say "Jack, you. Are. My. Sole. Mate". Jack than looked up at Tony with a goofy grin and said "and you are my sole mate to" than Tony and Jack start to talk more about the action figures and before they knew it, they were already good. For the rest of their school year, they were now officially best friends.

(Flashback over)

"Hey lil T" jack shouted "my bro" Jack shouted. "Oh hey Was up" Tony said, giving jack their original handshake. "Did you hear about a new kid" jack asked curiously. "No?" Tony replied questioning"why" "oh, I heard a lot of people say theirs supposed to be a new student" jack said. Jack and Tony talked on when suddenly, they see a new kid with blonde and brown hair with a blue shirt and Paige pants approach them "is the seat taken?" The new kid asked, pointed to the seat at Tonys right side. "Uh, no" Tony replied "I guess you could sit there". "Thanks" the new kid said "I'm Justin Barack, you" justin introduced himself. "I'm Tony and this is my friend jack" Tony managed to say "nice to meet ya" jack waved and glanced back at Tony. The three start to chat when their teacher, Mrs Ferk comes in "class it's time for me to teach" she says "it's my turn to talk" that's then all the bit terming children stop speaking so the teacher can talk.

After class Tony leaves followed by his friend Jack and Justin going to lunch. "So what's it like here" justin asks walking around "do you guys like this school" justin glances at Tony and Jack. "yea" Tony says "we've been here since the first day" jacks says laughing. "Let me tell you" Tony starts to say " you will love this school". "I hope I do" justin says with hope in his voice. "I've been to 6 different schools because I haven't liked any of them" justin says feeling bad. "We'll chill, this will probably be the best school you've ever attended" Tony says putting is arm around Justin's shoulders. They all walk in silence to the lunchroom

They make it to the lunchroom and immediately see Tonys three siblings. "Tony, come over here" Lee yells waving his hands. "Nah, I'm going to stick with jack and the new kid, justin" Tony says turning to a different lunch table. He than thought of how upset his siblings must be that he ditched them. They sit at the far table in the lunch room without getting their lunches. It's a long awkward silence between the three until jack breaks the silence "so we eating lunch or what?" He questions "I'm awfully hungry. "You can eat" Tony says. "Wanna eat ,justin?" Tony glances at justin, who was on his iPhone. "Nah, not hungry" he says, waving his hand off. "So anything to talk about" Tony asks justin, desperate for a conversation. "Oh, we just moved to south dale from north junior high, my mom got a job over here as a manager" justin says happily describing his reason for moving. "What does your mom work for?" jack jumps in and asks randomly "china, surbs smoothies, chocolate factory, carnivals,". "No, no, no, and no" justin laughs "my mom works for a community for new electronics" justin explains "she and some people come up with new ideas such as apps, new technology, new themes, and names for any electronics". "That's cool" Tony beams up. "I know right?" Justin said, with an unbelievable expression. They all talk more until the end of lunch bell rings, allowing children to scatter all over and leave for their last period class.