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Cersei laughed with the good news. She went to get Ned. "These are wonderful news Ned." She kissed her husband.

The lord of Winterfell moved away from his desk. Her husband was aging gracefully. He wrote some letters. "My love what is it?"

Lady Stark sat on his lap and kissed him hard. Ned kissed her back and tried to get his hands under her skirts. Cersei did not want to get distracted.

She broke the kiss but let him caress her thigh.

"The queen gave birth to another princess." She said.

Ned smiled. They had gone South two years ago for little Cersei's birth. Ned had rued the visit but was taken aback when he held his granddaughter. Cersei knew that her husband was smitten with the little girl. She was blond and grey eyed.

Cersei had taken a liking to the crown prince. Jaehaerys was Jon reborn but with violet eyes. The five-year-old charmed his nana and cried bitterly when she left North. "We must simply convince your mama to let you come North with your dragon.

The queen looked weary. It was true, Jaehaerys would ride Vhagar or so Jon told anyone who would hear him. Her son had looked happy. He was happy. Jon was in his element. Him and Daenerys ruled Westeros well and it showed. The fields were plenty, the people were happy and the dragons breathed fire to any enemies.

Cersei had been happy during that visit. They had gone and stayed in the Riverlands with Tommen and his children. Cassana gave him another set of twins; this time two little girls. It had been a delight to spend time with her grandchildren. Myrcella was a little lady. Tywin and Torrhen were wild and adventurous and the two babes were beautiful redheads. Tommen named them Joanna and Lyanna.

Rickon and little Ned had been ecstatic when they came back from the South. They worked well together but the young men were ready for the real adults took over Winterfell.

Ned kissed her neck. "Wonderful. What have they named our newest princess?" He asked softly.

"Jon must have named her as well. She is violet eyed and will be silver headed like her mother. He maned her Daena." Cersei said and kissed him.

Ned nodded. He was less interested in their newest grandchild. He seemed more interested in her tits and arse.

"Later." She said pulling his hands away.

"I thought you had told me the exciting news. Now, I want to excite you in other ways Lioness."

"Not that." Cersei said giggling.

"The queen has allowed Joanna and her children back in to Westeros."

"Steffon will stay in court with Jon. He will probably be part of the Kingsguard. Jon promised to give him a holdfast if he so desires. It seemed the boy inherited Stannis' personality and wants to be a knight protector." Cersei said with a huge smile.

"Joanna and Shireen will come North." Lady Stark said happily. "Rickon will be so happy."

Ned laughed and hugged her. "Rickon does not remember Joanna and has never met Shireen."

Cersei kissed his forehead, "no, but he will be happy nonetheless. Eddard's absence has been hard on him.

Their grandchild had taken over the Vale. He was wed as well. Cersei at least felt happy that it was Lyanna Mormont. She was strong and would make sure that Eddard did not dream as much. He did not like his bride so much in the beginning but things had calmed it seemed. She would not be surprised if the Mormont girl have him a child soon enough. At least Eddard liked that. Him and Rickon were in whorehouses and she knew it. Ned was livid when he learned. Cersei had rolled her eyes. All of her male children but for Bran had gone to that whorehouse.

Cersei decided that she needed to make sure everything was good for her Joanna. She left and Ned frowned. "What about this?" Ned pointed to the bulge on his lap.

Cersei laughed. "I'll kiss it better later."

She did. Ned pulled her hair and mounted her afterwards. She was satisfied and happy that night.

It was all ready for Joanna's arrival. Rickon promised to come back from Wolfhall that same evening. Her youngest child was the wildest, willful so very willful but loving.

Ned held her hand nervously. Joanna was his kitten after all. Their first little girl. Cersei was ready to hug her, to hold her tight.

She almost fell when her two girls came down the carriage. The two sisters, older but beautiful. They rushed to her. Arya wore breeches and Joanna a beautiful dress.

They hugged her quickly. Ned laughed and kissed his girls.

"Oh mother. How long I have waited to hug you once more." Joanna said with tears.

"Sweetling, you are so beautiful." She said and hugged her once more.

"Lady mother." Arya said with a smirk.

She hugged her girl hard too. The family went inside.

"Oh mother. I almost forgot. This is Shireen." Joanna said and introduced a willowy girl. She had bright brown eyes and a kind smile. Cersei could see how the greyscale had marred her face. She had beautiful eyes that made her face comely.

"Lady Stark." The girl said and curtsied.

Cersei hugged the girl, "you must call me grandmother."

Shireen smiled beautifully.

Ned and her listened to different tales. Arya was here in disguise. Daenerys and Jon knew but Westeros could not know. Gendry was across the Narrow Sea still. Their daughter would spend a few weeks North and then join Gendry again.

"Westeros is not for me." Araya repeated. "I am happy. I am free and I have Gendry."

There would be no grandchildren from them. Arya made it perfectly clear.

Joanna changed the topic. "You must go South once more. Cersei is such a delightful little girl. Jon dotes on her and Daena." She finished.

Arya nodded, "They are good rulers. Nothing like me and Gendry ever could."

"The queen was gracious. I have been offered to stay in the here or in the Westerlands."

Cersei smiled. "Your brother must have spoken on your behalf. Osha and Tytos are there now."

Joanna nodded, "I am sure but I have decided to go back to Essos. There is nothing more here."

Ned frowned. "You have us Kitten."

"Oh papa, I know but I have realized that I like my life there. Shireen has accepted to come back with me. Steffon will be fine as a knight. It is all he's ever wanted to be." The woman said back.

"Arya will escort me back to Essos." Joanna finished.

Cersei said little else. She nodded but was displeased. It was all she had, little glimpses of her children. Letters and visits here and there.

She sighed. They spend more hours hearing about their adventures. Rickon came back late with Lan growling at Nymeria and Lady.

"You are all littermates." Cersei said loudly.

Lan perked up and smelled the girls. They smelled him back and played like pups.

Rickon looked at the strange women. "So you are my sisters. I remember I had two not three."

Her boy kissed Arya and Joanna. He gave Shireen an appreciating glance. "I am your niece." The girl said.

Rickon nodded and kissed her gloved hand.

Cersei sensed difficulties then. Rickon was interested in the Baratheon girl.

The lady of the castle let the girls back in her rooms. She put Shireen in Tommen's old quarters. They were the farthest from Rickon's.

Ned consoled her that night. "They grew up." He said simply when she cried at the bitterness of the situation.

"I long for the days when they were all little and with me. They all called me mamma and could not live without me." Cersei said sighing.

Joanna and Arya tried to make up for lost time. They rode horses with Ned. Cersei spent time with the girls too. They talked about their lives in Essos. Joanna had a lover; a mercenary turned merchant. Cersei smiled when the girl blushed and told her he was part of the decision to go back. Lady Stark would be sad to see her girls go.

Cersei looked at the girls turned women and realized that Ned was correct. They were grown and out in the world.

The day came when they had to say goodbye. It was the farewell feast when Rickon stood up. "I will marry Shireen." He said simply.

"You cannot. She is your niece." Ned replied immediately.

Rickon frowned, "She is not. Joanna raised her but she did not birth her."

"You barely know her." Joanna laughed.

Rickon frowned once more. "She is mine and with child."

Cersei turned to look at the girl who paled considerably. "I am not with child."

Her youngest child smirked, "you could be for all we know."

Cersei was glad that the feast was a private affair. "Shush child. Do not be impertinent."

Ned looked angry. "You took her virtue."

"I did." Rickon said simply. "I will marry her."

Joanna frowned, "hold your horses. Shireen, do you want to be wed to your uncle?"

"He is not my uncle." Shireen replied. "Yes, I want him too."

Cersei smiled, "very well. We shall have a wedding."

"When?" Rickon said. "Tonight suits us." Shireen nodded.

And so, her youngest was married. He would run Wolfhall.

Cersei giggled like a young child that night when Ned entered her. "That is not the reaction I was expecting."

"Oh my quiet wolf. This is not about you. I simply remembered tonight's bedding. Rickon almost broke Tormund's nose.

"They boy has a jealous streak." Ned pushed in and made her gasp.

Cersei nodded and let herself be carried away by her lord husband.

She rested on his chest and slept late the next morning. They would see Joanna and Arya off that afternoon.

Cersei did not cry when the girls got in the carriage. She was resigned. They would have letters.

Lady Stark dreamed of Bran. Happy Bran running to her and hugging her. Her boy told her that she would have another little Bran to cuddle. Shireen was with child.

Cersei spent many hours reading and writing letters to her children. Ned enjoyed being read to. Naturally, Cersei spent hours reading them out loud to her husband.

"Dearest mother,

You and father must come to King's Landing. Jaehaerys has learned to ride Vhagar. He flies all day. He says he will come to see his nanna soon. Cersei is growing more beautiful every day. Daenerys says that she will be ready to have proposals next year. I forbade it. My little girl is not but ten years old. Daena is so much like my Daenerys. She is curious and has taken a liking to Balerion. Meraxes lets me ride her as well. I think she will let Cersei on her one of these days.

Lots of love


"Dear mother,

You must come to the Riverlands. The twin girls have missed you. Cassana also longs to see you. (Unlikely, Cersei thought). I will send Tywin to you next month. He needs to be fostered in Winterfell. Myrcella will leave us soon. She is promised to the Martell boy. Torrhen will visit the Eyrie this summer as well.



"My dear mother,

Arya and I send our love. I am so happy that Shireen gave birth to her little Bran. Please help her. She is a bit nervous. I am happy to report that Steffon is very happy as Kingsguard. He is learning so much from Jon and his men. Arya and Gendry visited last month. They will travel to Ashai for some work. I told her not to but you know her. She does not listen.



Cersei was grateful that her children wrote and that Rickon was so near. She was busy helping run the castle and the letters were perfect balm for her soul.

She also wrote to Tyrion who complained of her sons and Tytos. "Wild beasts the lot of the them. Only Jaime has any sense. I never thought I would say those words." Her baby brother wrote.

She could not believe when little Jon married a bastard girl from the Westerlands. Many said that she was Robert Baratheon's grandchild. Tyrion railed and cursed just like father would have. Sansa put some sense into her husband and intervened on her son's behalf. According to the little dove, Tyrion had wanted to disinherit the boy and have Tytos run Westerlands. It would have worked had Tytos not been in the Riverlands marrying Joanna Stark. That disaster was avoided when Sansa cried and theatrically stated that she would go to the Eyrie and throw herself from the moon door to end her sadness.

Tyrion gave in. He could never resist Sansa's tears. So Jon elevated Marlene Hill to lady Lannister.

Life in Winterfell continued. Her children visited. Jon brought his girls one year. Eddard loved little Cersei. The girl was positively his favorite.

Cersei Stark second of her name was lively and possibly as shrewd as Cersei the first.

Daena was adventurous and loved the snow. She played with everyone but missed her mama terribly. Jon would come alone sometimes as well. The queen did not go North. Cersei knew there were too many bad memories in Winterfell for the dragon queen.

Eddard had come to visit and help with Winterfell for a few months last year. Ned had a horrible cold that had him on bedrest for weeks. He was fine now but it was a reminder that they were older now.

She kissed Ned goodnight and held him. He kissed her temple.

"Jon wrote." Ned told her.

"He always writes to me. What does he want?" Cersei asked.

"Advice. Steffon is in love with Cersei." Ned said.

"It cannot be; Cersei is a child." Lady Stark replied.

"She is not." Ned laughed, "she is nine and ten."

Cersei giggled. "We are old people Ned."

Ned kissed her. "We are."

"Does our queen fear that Steffon will try to overthrow Jaehaerys to put Cersei on the throne and proclaim himself king?" Cersei hammered quickly.

"She does." Ned replied. "Jon vouches for Steffon's good intentions. Daenerys wants to wed her to Jaime of Tarth."

Cersei frowned, "impossible. She replied, that boy is a sword swallower through and through."

Ned laughed heartily. "That he is, besides Cersei has found a way to seduce Steffon. She is with child. Jon is beside himself."

"No reason to worry. Have her marry Steffon. She should give him the Stormlands. It is his birthright after all. Besides no one has claim to those lands. Daenerys' unsullied just run it. Let Steffon guide those men." Cersei said logically.

"The queen fears an uprising against Jaehaerys." Ned continued.

"She should not. Jaehaerys is smarter than Cersei. He is loved. All he needs is to marry one of his cousins in the Riverlands or Eddard's daughter. She just turned ten and five. She would be a perfect match.

"Lyanna is more beautiful." Ned replied.

"I will write to Daenerys myself." Cersei finished.

Jaehaerys and Lyanna Stark were married in a beautiful ceremony.

Cersei and Ned were in attendance. Cersei looked regal, most of her children were in that wedding but for Arya who was in Ashai still and Bran who was beyond the wall. Shireen was heavy with child and stayed back but little Bran and Rickon traveled with them.

Cersei and Ned sat and saw as Jon danced with Daena, "She would do well with Bran."

Ned laughed and kissed her hand, "Stop your meddling."

Cersei kissed his cheek. "Could you have thought that we would be so lucky?"

"You always wanted to be queen did you not?" Ned said.

"I did but I would not change anything to be there. Because of us there is a Stark on that throne. Jaehaerys Stark and Lyanna Stark." Cersei said while drinking some wine.

Ned smiled back, "I am very grateful that I convinced Robert to take Catelyn instead of you."

Cersei kissed him on the lips. "I am happy you brought me Jon and fucked me hard when your friend visited our home."

Tommen and Jon drank too much. They howled with Shaggydog and Ghost. Rickon joined them, soon all the male Starks howled along with Ned who howled louder still.

Daenerys laughed. "He used to do that when the children were little." Cersei laughed along.

Cassana and Lyanna Mormont nodded. "Tommen did that as well."

"Jon did too." The queen said happily. Cersei was sure all the women married to Stark men sported teeth marks on their necks at some point.

Ned came back and placed her hand on his lap. The old Starks made their excuses and found their quarters. Their eldest son and queen could not meet their eyes the next morning. Queen Daenerys had placed them next to the royal quarters. As it happened the Lady and Lord Stark of Winterfell were still pretty much in love and still fucked.

Jon and Tommen were somber. "It is just like when were younger and they were trying for Bran." Jon muttered.

Cersei smiled unapologetically. She wore a long braid. The women could guess why. Lady Stark surely had Stark love bites. "I happen to love your lord father."

Ned laughed and kissed her lips gently. Cersei was happy. She was content with her life and happier that she would spend the rest of her remaining days with her Ned; that man she once thought cold. Ned ended up being the best gift. He helped her find happiness.