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Rowan POV

Only a few hours after Kadence went to school, the phone rang. I thought nothing of it at first and went on sipping my tea while watching PBG. That is until Aunt Cindy picked up, hung up soon after, and made a dash for the door.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Nothing. I'll be back," she said urgently.

Where was her usual cheerful tone? She would've normally said "just a bit of trouble, but nothing I can't handle! Be back in a few!" I knew something was up.

"No, really, what is it?" I asked nervously.

"I really have to go, sweetie," she sighed exasperatedly, "Please just stay here,"

"…Is it Kadence?" I finally asked.

She opened her mouth to speak but hesitated for a moment as if she were trying to decide to tell me the truth or not. But I knew she was lying so I got up from the dining room table and grabbed my jacket.

"I'm coming," I said firmly.

I had gone through a lot of depression in the past 24 hours but I was willing to get back in the saddle if my friend was at stake! Aunt Cindy looked like she was about to protest but I was already walking out the door for the limo.

Kadence POV

I sat at the desk of the school's chairman as he shouted and yelled at me. I had had this before: sit in front of the principle and get shouted at about representing your school and blah, blah, blah! My fists were still bruised from bashing in that jerk's face. Suddenly, the door burst in and Rowan's aunt stormed in! I had never seen her this angry before! She ordered my out of the office to have a word with the chairman. Once I was outside, I was met with one of the people I didn't want to see that day: Rowan. She looked pissed too.

"Why did you do it?!" she demanded to know.

I could take a scolding by almost anyone, but Rowan was a friend, and it's hard to have a friend tell you off. It usually means you let them down.

"…Do what?" I asked, avoiding eye contact.

"Why did you become…that person again?!" Rowan's voice cracked a little, "I thought I'd never have to hear about…Crazy…well…I thought you'd never get into trouble like this again.

"Pot calling the kettle black, huh?" I suddenly shot back with a cruel smirk, "I thought I'd never have to see you go back to your old, depressed self but you cracked!"

"At least I didn't get assault charges pressed against me!"


"W-what?" I breathed in shock.

"Yeah, news flash, bitch! You can't beat people up like you used to at home! We're dealing with rich people with top notch lawyers! You beat up an incredibly powerful couple's son, and you think you're just going to get off with a few detentions! We're talking court, here! And I pray to God you know something about the legal system in Japan!" Rowan shouted.

I had never intended it to go this far. How stupid was I?! Without even thinking about the consequences, I just let my anger control me, like it always used to. Now not only me, but Rowan would pay for my actions. I felt tears form in my eyes and Rowan dropped her head, getting very quiet all of a sudden.

"I'm not saying I don't want you fighting my battles, because that's what friends do," she said with a whimper in her voice, "But I'm also not saying you should let your anger control you,"

More silence. Rowan turned away from me and took a seat in the office waiting room chairs. Finally she spoke.

"I never should have brought you with me,"

It hit me like an avalanche. My one and only friend, for the first time in her life, didn't want me by her side. She didn't want to be at my side either. I suddenly felt very alone.

"R-Rowan…" I tried to talk to her but the door to the chairman's office opened.

Aunt Cindy stood in the doorway.

"I have much more to discuss," she said, her voice shaking in anger, "But to get the legal issues out of the way, the Hitachiins have agreed to drop charges…"

I felt a weight fall off my shoulders.

"…On one condition," Rowan's aunt went on, "The twins want to see you both and talk this out with you,"

I have to meet with Kaoru?! There's no way he'll still want to be with me after I pummeled his brother! I panicked.

Rowan looked just as terrified. She'd have to meet with Hikaru and I could tell it wouldn't be a pleasant meeting. Aunt Cindy went back into the office where the low murmur from behind the door started back up between her and the chairman.

Rowan POV

Eventually, Kadence was called out into the hall to talk with one of the twins.

Wait, we're meeting with them separately? Oh God, I hope I get Kaoru. I thought to myself.

But of course, fate kept throwing Urakih and Kazuli back together. Hikaru walked through the door, sporting a double black eye, a head bandage, and a fat lip. I couldn't help but stifle a laugh at his sorry state.

"Shut up…" I heard him mutter as he looked away in embarrassment.

"Well I guess we have to get this talk over with so you won't press charges," I sighed reluctantly.

"Yeah…I just can't press charges against a friend and Kaoru can't press charges against his…" his voice trailed off awkwardly, "And anyways, once Tamaki and Kaoru found out just how hard I was pushing you they figured I got what I deserved,"

"Yeah, you did," I seethed.

Rather than shoot me a nasty look or bark right back at me like he usually did, he only looked down in shame as if he agreed! I couldn't help but feel a little sorry for him, a miniscule amount of sympathy, but I quickly brushed it away.

"And…" he said, "I just wanted to say I'm…"

"Oh puh-lease!" I interrupted him, feeling the usual competitive rage I felt around him, "We've hated each other since the moment we met and you worked me to death, playing with my emotions the whole time! You even took my first kiss and now you think I'm just going to believe you're TRULY sorry?!"

"I am!" he shot back but not with his competitive voice, but with a pleading voice.

Was he starting to give up the battle like I had?

"Also, we didn't hate each other since the moment we met," he pointed out.

"If you're talking about Realmz, it doesn't count. We weren't being our true selves. It's just a game!"

This really seemed to set him off and he took an aggressive step closer to me. When he realized he was getting mad again, he took a deep breath and put on a more calm face, much like Kadence would when she was actually controlling her anger.

"Every word…" was all he said at first, "I meant every word I put into that chat box, Rowan. I-I wanted to be your friend. I…wanted…you, I guess,"

I found myself speechless. This jerk had been nothing but rude to me but now he was opening up and recognizing his true feelings!? I knew this had to be too good to be true. Yet, I knew he was telling the truth. I immediately wanted to tell him I had felt the same way but it was too late for that. He had his chance when I was at his mercy, doing his homework for him and being his slave. But because he decided to shun me, there was no way I was giving him a second chance.

"I meant every word I typed too," I admitted softly.

I noticed his hazel eyes sparkle with hope, a hope I was about to snuff out.

"But that was before I learned what you really are!" I said quickly.

As predicted the hope in his eyes faded away. I walked right up to him and stared right into his double black eyed face (and looking back, I realize how much sexual tension there had been throughout our semester. I always seemed to get really close to him when I wanted to tell him something important, and so did her).

"Someone who isn't worth it," I snarled, "If I had to go through all that HELL: fighting, bickering, shouting, being a slave, DEPRESSION…If I had to go through all that just to get back to the Urakih I know and lo…then you are NOT. WORTH. IT!"

"Rowan, I was only pushing you away for so long because I couldn't come to terms with the fact that I was falling for someone I was enemies with!" he tried to reason with me, "I didn't mean for…"

"Well mission fucking accomplished!" I cut him off again, this time tears starting to form in my eyes and my voice cracking up, "You successfully *sniff* p-pushed me away!"

With that, I turned away from him, feeling hot tears dripping from my eyes. I only wished he'd go because I didn't want him to see me like that.

"R-Rowan," Hikaru said softly, reaching a hand out to my shoulder.

I slapped it away then realized he could see me crying. Quickly, I wiped the tears from my eyes and tried to get myself together again. I couldn't show any weakness, I couldn't let him win.

"And I want my Realmz stuff back!" I snapped.

There was only so much shit I could take and only so much shit Hikaru could take and I think he had had it with me. His face grew serious and I saw the old Hikaru I always fought with.

"You know what? No, I'm keeping it, meinu!" he yelled back.

Rage grew inside me like boiling water, making my fists ball up. At first, I wanted him out of the room, but now there was no way I was letting him leave the room without my Realmz stuff!

"Stop calling me a bitch!" I cried.

"Fine, Freckle Face!" he shot back.

That was it! I wasn't about to let him call me something I heard every day at home! I flew at him, a fist ready to leave another shiner on his face. But he easily stopped me by grabbing my arm, a firm hand holding it in place. I tried my other arm, but he stopped that one too. I was nowhere near as strong as Kadence, or as tall as her. He held me in place while I tried to shake free so I could give him another beating. I swear, the sexual tension was so thick you could cut it with a butter knife and make toast!

"Nice try," he cooed, his breath hitting my face and making me blush a bit.

Damn. I was still so weak. Then, the door opened and Kadence walked in. When she saw Hikaru holding me, her Crazy Kadence eyes lit up again but Hikaru quickly let go. I noticed Kadence taking deep, shaky breaths, trying her very best to hold her anger in. She merely stared down Hikaru as he fled.

"What was he doing to you?" she demanded to know.

"I tried to punch him but…" I sighed, "I guess I'm not as strong as you,"

"Besides, he already got his punishment," she growled.

"How did it go with Kaoru?" I asked.

There was a silence before Kadence simply muttered, "I don't want to talk about it,"

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