She couldn't stop fidgeting.

Her leg's never shopped shaking.

She took sips of her water every two minutes.

She played with her hair, rubbed her hands together, and cleared her throat so many times.

She was an internal mess of emotion. Anxiety pushed through her veins through out the entire dinner, but no one seemed to notice.

Maybe she was keeping up better than she thought. Asami made eye contact with her a few times, trying to read her best friend about the news they had received only the day before.

Her and Mako were only in their early twenties. They had barely any real life experience with anything, and yet Korra was about to bring a child into the world. They barely even talked of children, always pushing off the conversation for 'later in life'. Korra had no doubt he was the man she was spending the rest of her life with, but officially making that commitment right now was.. terrifying. She didn't even know if he really wanted kids!

After the dinner was a free for all. Pema was cleaning up with Tenzin, Bolin and his new fling were hanging out on the deck, Asami and General Iroh were on the couch talking with Mako and Beifong, while Korra hung around the airbending kids.

Her racing mind was so greatful for them; they're a great little distraction. Meelo and Ikki were slowly building up their pretend world, Jinora was keeping Korra up to date with her latest romantic-thriller, and Rohan was snuggled up in Korra's lap drawing on the table in front of them.

The smallest airbaby was now almost three. He was the sweetest little boy Korra had ever met. He was so loving in his actions and thoughtful with his small vocabulary. Korra wished that if she had a son, he would be a little like Rohan.

Suddenly, the boy jumped from Korra's lap and ran over with his drawing to where Mako was sitting.

The little boy's smile was evident behind his pacifier as he proudly showed Mako the scribble filled picture of three people.

"Oh wow, buddy! This is amazing," Mako exclaimed, taking the picture from the tiny hands. "You, me, and Korra, huh? Wow this is great."

Rohan stood infront of the officer, beaming with a three year olds pride.

"This is for me?" Mako asked, his grin widening as Rohan nodded his head eagerly. "Thank you so much!"

Rohan then ran off and back into Korra's lap, taking a fresh sheet of paper and beginning to scribble another masterpiece.

Mako was beaming, folding the paper gently and tucking it into his coat pocket before continuing the conversation they had prior.

They couple had caught eyes, and Korra smiled brightly. Mako returned the smile before answering a question Beifong threw at her most promising officer.

Korra kissed Rohan on the top of the head, thankful for the perfect timing.