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The wedding of the Queen's head of security and the mother of his daughter was Genovia's biggest event of the year, second only to the birth of a new Princess. Finally Lars and Jackie and their daughter Diana were to be a proper family and as a wedding present, Mia and Michael had given the new family a wing of the palace which was to be there own. That way, they had their privacy but still felt like part of the royal family, which of course they were, in every way but in name.

Diana was ecstatic to be staying at the palace. Not only was she able to be with both her parents but also she was able to be with the man she loved. On the same day that her parents had become re-engaged, she herself had accepted the marriage proposal of Phillippe, the Prince of Genovia and heir to the throne. Their engagement was to be a long one as even now, eight months later, Diana was only seventeen and the Prince barely nineteen.

This meant that Diana did not become the very next Genovian princess.

She was beaten to the title by a new born child.

The latest member of the Renaldo family lay in her crib fast asleep as her loving parents looked on.

"How hard can it be to think of a name?" Michael asked his wife "The poor child is three weeks old and still nameless"

Mia smiled.

"Well, it's obviously not as easy as one might think or we would have come up with something by now, wouldn't we?"

There was silence for a moment and then she continued.

"I think it should be your choice what we name her. After all I named Phillippe. First name after my father and second name after you"

Michael looked thoughtful.

"Well, in that case her middle name should be Amelia, after you", his wife smiled at that, "but I really don't think her first name should come from my mom"

"Why not?" Mia was curious.

"Well, because, I was thinking, what about...Lilly?" he said, cautiously.

The child stirred in her sleep and the Queen picked her up.

"Of course, Lilly. After your sister, my best friend, and this little one's aunt - what could be more perfect?"

The baby's eyes flickered open and her parents smiled down on her.

"And so you are to be Lilly Amelia Thermopolis Moscovitz Grimaldi Renaldo" Mia grinned and Michael couldn't help but laugh.

"The poor kid's got more names on her own than some family's have got between them!"

Mia shot him a look and silenced his laughter, and a pair of tiny blue eyes watched it all.

"It doesn't matter" Mia told her husband, "whether she has ten names, one name or no name at all, she's our little princess in more ways than one, and she means the world to me"

"I know what you mean" Michael smiled again, "Our little Lilly" he said, looking down on her again, "Let's just hope she doesn't grow up to have her name-sakes attitude problem"

The couple laughed together as a light tap came on the door.

"Come in" Michael called and a maid appeared.

"Excuse me sir, madam, but there is a Mrs Pelkowski here to see you"

Mia and Michael exchanged shocked glances.

"Lilly's here?" they said together, before hurrying out of the room and down the stairs to meet their guest, their friend, their sister, the aunt and namesake of the young child that Mia carried in her arms.

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