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Chapter One: Escape

The evening was silent. Blissfully so – a rarity in young Aiden Andrews life. Of course it wouldn't last soon. Her mother, Bernadette, would be home soon. She was out finding the next "meal ticket" to get her through the week on booze and cigarettes. Aiden reveled in the quiet atmosphere while she could as she moved the broom lazily over the kitchen floor, listening to the soft scritch, scritch the bristled made over the aged linoleum. Her long, pale lavender hair was pulled away from her face and her too frail form was covered in a pair of simple jeans and a thick sweatshirt that hung over her. The effect was unflattering and she knew it, but she didn't care. She had no one to impress and the alternative…well, the alternative was far less appealing in her opinion.

A door slammed, followed by the obnoxious trill of her mother's bawdy laughter. Aiden looked up from her sweeping. Ice blue eyes stared coldly at the drunken couple stumbling their way over the threshold.

"Aiden, hun," Bernadette hiccupped. "Be a dear and do the dishes after you're done sweeping. Then you can get your scrawny ass to bed."

The man beside her, grossly overweight but obviously rich if the expensive suit and glitter of gold at his wrist were any indication, leaned over and whispered something in her mother's ear, sending the bleached blond woman into another round of ear splitting giggles. Then they were up the stairs and slammed into the seclusion of Bernadette's room. She was going to be entertaining yet another lust driven man this evening.

Aiden visibly shuddered and grabbed the remote from the kitchen table, turning the television on and pressing the volume button up several times. She took the broom to the closet and threw it in, her chocolate brown tail slashing the air irritable behind her as she turned back to the sink.

It was her birthday today. But did her mother care? No, she was too busy making her money off of men who could care less about her well being. Aiden was 20 now. That meant she had been her mother's maid for 20 years. The day she was born, oddly enough was the only day of her childhood that she could remember vividly. It wasn't normal for a child to remember that far back, but Aiden had never felt normal so the whole thing rather fit what she thought of herself.

She could remember how they had tried to hand her to her mother who was sobbing, screaming over and over again for them to take the child away. When Bernadette saw the tiny appendage protruding from Aiden's backside she had gone hysterical, labeling her daughter, her own flesh and blood, a freak.

Aiden bit back angry tears and brushed hastily at her dark lavender hair, tucking it behind her ear. She took a deep breath and reminded herself of the plan she'd decided on not so very long ago - the plan to get out of this hellhole and get as far away from it as possible. No more ungrateful "mother." Not after tonight.

"Again, crime has struck in Orange City. At 4:15 this afternoon a group of high school students were held at gunpoint by five men who demanded an outrageous sum of two million dollars in exchange for the hostages. Fortunately, the cities hero Saiyaman showed up and was able to put a stop to the threat before anyone was hurt."

Aiden glanced at the television, allowing a small smile to transform her hardened features as she watched a young man dressed in dark spandex and some kind of green shirt. A white cape flowed behind him as he gave the camera an award-winning smile. Sunglasses and a long white cloth tied behind his head covered what would be his most revealing features if anyone were to try to discover his true identity.

Must be nice to be so carefree, Aiden thought, going back to her dishes. The news wasn't all that important. She would be in the midst of it soon enough, hopefully by tomorrow.

A loud thud resounded from upstairs and Aiden turned the volume up even more, trying to drown out the offensive noises. Her tail wrapped itself around her too thin waist protectively. After tonight, she would never have to deal with this again.

Upstairs, doing her "job", Bernadette was oblivious to the fact that her daughter not only planned on leaving, but had been working, going to school, graduating, and had just been accepted into Satan City University. What better invitation did she need to escape the hell she was living in now? Yes, tomorrow would be the first day of her new life.

She finished the dishes and watched the water drain, then turned to shut the television off and immediately froze. Once again they were commending the hero's of the earth who had saved the planet from destruction when a creature named Buu had threatened their existence. In the background, arms crossed over a muscular chest, was a man whose face she would never forget.

The first time she had seen him she had been pouring her mother another glass of scotch when there he was, on the television, eyes as black as death and wearing a look that could have probably scared the hell most men. They had been doing a special on the World Tournament. Bernadette had grabbed her roughly by the neck and forced her to her knees in front of the television.

"Do you see him? Do you?" she had screamed, her voice slurred from the amount of alcohol she had sucked down. "That is the man who stuck me with a freak like you for a daughter! You want to be mad at someone...be mad at that asshole for bringing your sorry ass into this world!"

"Oh, so...he's the one who gave birth to me?" Aiden had questioned in a voice deeply laced with sarcasm. It had earned her a hard blow to the back of her head.

"Don't you talk to me like that you ungrateful bitch! I am you're mother!"

Some mother, her mind snapped resentfully. Aiden had slowly got to her feet. "I'd be willing to bet that you can't even remember his name," she sneered. She had left before her mother could say one more hateful word to her.

Now that she was alone, Aiden had a chance to really study him without worrying about having her face pressed against the screen. So that was her father? Interesting man. Very dark looking. It didn't look like he was a very sociable person, which was fine by her. At least now she knew where she got it. How would he react if he knew he had a daughter? Aiden shook her head sadly. It was best not to think about that right now. She had too much to think about as it was.

She reluctantly turned off the television. Listening to make sure there were no noises coming from her mother's room, Aiden turned out the lights and climbed the stairs to her room. She was reaching for her doorknob when something crashed against the wall behind her. Aiden whirled around and gasped, her bright blue eyes widening with fright.

At the end of the hallway stood her mother's "friend." His beer stained shirt hung open over his bulging, grotesque stomach. Beady eyes filled with lust assessed her with growing interest, raking over her body. He lifted an arm, dragging the back of it over his mouth and grinning.

The hair on Aiden's neck stood on end. Her skin crawled and revulsion spread through her. The trembling started as diminutive tremors rippling through her and became larger with each passing second that he stared at her. She knew she should run – barricade herself behind her door where he couldn't reach her and yet…she couldn't seem to get her legs to move. Fear held her rooted to the spot.

"Hey there…sweetie," the man slurred. Sweat beaded in large dots over his forehead and upper lip. "Your ma got tired but I paid her a pretty large amount of money for a good time...and I intend to get my money's worth."

Aiden's breathing turned into harsh, terrified gasps. She quelled an alarmed squeak, reaching behind her for the doorknob.

"Take it easy on her Ed," her mother's tired, callous voice drifted into the hallway. "The freak is still a virgin."

Something menacing entered the man's dark eyes.

Run Aiden! Now!

Her mind seemed to finally grasp the danger of the situation. She heard the voice and obeyed it, spinning around, throwing her door open and quickly ducking inside. Her heart pounded with deafening thuds in her ears as she tried to shut the door. But Ed was much faster then she had given him credit for.

His massive bulk barreled into the door, sending Aiden's smaller form sprawling on the bedroom floor. Mind reeling with fear and a desperate need to get away from the disgusting man, Aiden scrambled backwards, her arms and legs refusing to cooperate and get her up off the floor.

"That's right darlin', Keep struggling. I like it when they're scared." Ed went down on his knee beside her, closing a meaty hand around her throat.

Panic swept through her and Aiden screamed, trying to thrash her way out of the man's hold. "Stop! Please…please don't," she cried, tears of dread rushing down her pale cheeks. "NO!"

His other hand came up, fingers like greasy, over plump sausages gripping at her shirt. He gave a vicious yank and the fabric ripped. The offending hand gripped her breast and squeezed painfully. Aiden cried harder, her throat raw.

"Mm, soft and tight…not at all like yer ma'."

She felt his hot, alcohol laced breath on her neck before his open mouth came down on her skin, wet and revolting. Aiden whimpered, fighting the urge to throw up. Ed moved to straddle her, pinned her hands above her head. She started to give up, started to watch the dream of escaping this place slip away. Then his knee landed on her tail.

Blinding pain shot through her, replacing the consuming fear. Spots swam before her eyes. Then something miraculous happened. The unknown fighter that has been trapped within her for years was set free. Her fist shot out, connecting with Ed's quivering double chin and sending him flying back into the wall. Awkwardly getting to his feet, Ed stared at Aiden. Beady eyes bugging out he bellowed, "You little bitch!" He made another advance on her.

Aiden was up in a second. She crouched low and growled deep in her throat. The sound stopped the lumbering fool in his tracks.

"What the hell is going on here?" Bernadette stumbled into the room; not bothering to tie shut the robe that hung over her aged, lacking figure. She glared at her daughter. "What did you do now, freak?"

Aiden gave them a feral smile. She may be a freak, but at least she was a freak that could protect herself.

"Answer me now!" Bernadette demanded.

Aiden slowly rose to her full height. She shook her head back and forth. Then she turned, grabbing the bag that was hiding under her bed. She had packed it last week and it had been under her bed, waiting. Before they could stop her, she leapt out the window onto the fire escape. Her mother's angry screaming sounded hollow in her ears as she climbed the ladder to the roof. Once there, she ran to the other side, her shoes slapping against the pavement. Freedom was almost hers. She could practically taste it, sweet and full of promise.

At the ledge she paused, dragging in a deep, ragged breath. Lord, it was a long way down! But Aiden knew she could do it. She had been working on this for months. Yes, flying was going to be a piece of cake. Besides, her father and the rest of those men at the tournament could do it. So could she.

The wind dried her tears and cooled her fevered skin. She wanted a shower more than anything right now, but that would have to wait. She took a deep breath, stepping onto the ledge. Closing her eyes, Aiden focused. She was rewarded when her feet left the ledge and a sense of weightlessness overtook her. With a small, triumphant grin, she opened her eyes. Crystal blue orbs glanced at the ground far beneath her. Ahhh...freedom. Nothing could possibly feel this good. Clutching her torn shirt over the gentle swell of her breasts, she flew in the direction of Satan City…her new home.