Title: Awakening

Author: Armitage374

Rating: Rated: M

Genre: Humor/Sci-Fi

Published: 06-08-14, Updated: 06-08-14

Grammarly check: 02-13-16

Chapter 1: Project File

Original posted on as part of the april 2014 miniNaNo challenge: March 4th 2014 project file on roughtrade. org


20.000 years ago or so, someone used early humans as labrats on Mars. Didn't end well.

1200 years ago, one of the descendants of said lab rats crash landed in Norway along with a monster and ended up getting the girl, the kingdom but not the happy ending.

40 years ago, scientists found an alien transportation device in the Nevada Desert, called it the ARK, ended up on Mars, found the abandoned science experiment and continued it, not stopping to wonder why A: The ARK was been buried and B: Why the experiments had clearly been abandoned. And then there was the guy whose arse ended up in another galaxy due to turbulence.

10 years ago, the Earth scientist finally managed to recreate the alien experiment, promptly lost control of said experiment, had to call in special ops. to deal with it and that didn't end well either.

20 days ago, someone woke up an ancient King complete with an entourage of kids, lost control of the situation, called in John Kennex and partner to deal with it and well..

2 hours ago John Kennex ran full tilt past his mad woman of a twin sister, his equally mad partner, both bent over double laughing and into the forest followed closely by an ancient, reawakened King with 24 chromosome pairs who was also horny as hell.

Life, John Kennex aka John "Reaper" Grimm decided, sucked like a turbocharged hover on steroids.

How come no one warned him that C24 came with both a heat cycle and a bond mate?