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A few (not really) warnings: This story will contain both humor and drama, which means that some parts are meant to be funny and some to be right in the feels. So yeah possibly some small amounts of crack ahead but I'll keep it mainly realistic. If you can even call something like teleporting into another dimension realistic... oh well. I'm going to have fun with this and I hope you'll like it! It's mainly gay unless there are minor canon straight couples. Mainly Naruto/Sasuke with no specific top, we'll see what happens. Oh, and the title kinda refers to Sasuke because yeah, he's precious.

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The sun within me

Chapter 1: What lies ahead


"Hey Sasuke!"

It took Sasuke a second to realize that the person yelling at him was, in fact, not an intruder but rather Naruto, though by that point the knife was already securely embedded in his kitchen wall. Great, another dent to add to the already present four.

"Really Sasuke, you should be used to this by now! You need to relax a bit."

Turning his head towards the noise he watched the other ninja slump down into one of his kitchen chairs, one arm on the table and the other loosely hanging off the back of the chair. Of course, that stupid grin was spread over the tan face, stretching out the whisker marks.

"Or you could get it into your dense skull that I told you not to do that" he remarked, eyebrow raised and glare in place. "Are you going to pay for the dents in my wall?"

Naruto chuckled nervously, scratching his neck. He didn't exactly look like he regretted his actions however, so Sasuke decided to ignore his presence and continue with the making of his breakfast. He reached for the kitchen knife to continue cutting his eggs, only to remember it was that particular knife he'd sent flying a minute earlier.

"Next time I won't miss on purpose" he added as he pulled it out, sending Naruto another scathing look before returning to the kitchen counter.

"Oh come on, don't be so boring" Naruto complained, leaning his head on the arm already on the table, slouching further into his seat. "You should be happy that I'm practicing!"

Feeling a slight twitch in his lips, Sasuke refrained from making a rude comment. Well, exaggeratedly rude.

"We're not allowed to use teleportation within the village, or did you already forget? Dobe."

"Hey! It's fine to use it, Baa-chan is just being mean for no reason!"

"You teleported into her office without notice, thus causing her to spill sake over several important and irreplaceable documents" he droned, cutting a few slices of bread, trying not to think of the fact that this was the supposed hero of the village he had to remind for the hundredth time.

"Okay yeah, but that was one time, one time Sasuke! Plus it was ages ago, I can use it with no problems now!"

Sighing through his nose, Sasuke decided to spare himself the trouble of asking just how showing up unexpectedly had anything to do with Naruto's ability to use the jutsu. Glancing over his shoulder he could see the pout forming on Naruto's mouth, blue eyes scowling at him. Instead he grabbed the two sandwiches he'd made, throwing one on the tabletop in front of Naruto and sitting down next to him.

"What's this?" Naruto asked, voice dripping with suspicion.

"Nothing that would kill you, sadly."

Naruto kicked his chair, picking it up and all but shoving it into his mouth. Sasuke didn't have to ask to know he'd most likely only had a cup of instant ramen for breakfast. Why else would he show up uninvited with perfect timing for breakfast? For someone so scatter-brained he sure knew how to show up when there was food to be had.

"Can I skip the salad?" Naruto complained, still munching and eyeing the sandwich with a pained look on his face.

"It's all or nothing" he answered, pouring himself some juice and not bothering to offer some to Naruto.

"You're evil."

"Really, I had no idea."

First Naruto scoffed at him, then another grin lit up his face.

"That's nice though." When Sasuke gave him a look he continued, patting his knee gently despite knowing Sasuke hated it. "You using humor, I mean. You're making progress! Even if it's shitty humor…"

Sasuke placed his foot against Naruto's chair and pushed, satisfied when both chair and idiot fell to the floor.

"Dammit teme!"

"Hn. That's what you get for breaking and entering."

"Well I didn't really feel like walking" Naruto said, sounding slightly exasperated, still on the floor and waving his sandwich at Sasuke. "You of all people should understand that."

"Being lazy isn't my forte."

Why he even bothered humoring the moron he wasn't sure, but it must have something to do with the fact that he wasn't a morning person and couldn't care less about what he said and did.

He received a glare for that, before Naruto seemed to resign himself to stay in his current position on his back, legs hanging over the seat of the chair.

"Whatever. It's not like you're the kind of person to remember dates, anyway."

Sasuke actually frowned at that. Naruto seemed less cheerful today, but on the other hand anything less than blindingly smiling and emitting nauseating happiness was depressing when it came to him.

"It's my birthday tomorrow." Naruto rolled his eyes when no recognition appeared in Sasuke's eyes. "The one year anniversary of winning against that tree and shit? Remember? Tomorrow you're free to do whatever you want."

Oh. Sasuke had almost forgotten about it. Somehow time had seemed to pass quickly and not at all since he came back to Konoha. How his sentence had gone from execution to life in prison to one year of community service he didn't know, but he could bet his rinnegan that Naruto had had something to do with the decision-making between the latter two. Which basically meant that tomorrow, he was free to leave Konoha if he so wished.

"So… what are you going to do?"

He hadn't noticed Naruto watching him with apprehension, worry even.

"I mean, I know you said you want to be Hokage, but…" Naruto bit his lip, grimacing a little.

Becoming Hokage was a nice idea at the time, but even Sasuke didn't think he had the charm to stop half the village, or ninja world for that matter, from thinking of him as the missing nin that defected from the village and joined not only Orochimaru, but Akatsuki as well.

"I'm sure I could give you a run for your money if I felt like it" he said, taking another calm bite of his food.

"Right. So what are you going to do, then?"

He took his time chewing, swallowing carefully and wiping some crumbs off his mouth. Honestly, he hadn't thought too much about it. There was the whole issue with Itachi, and he wouldn't like to see Konoha ever sinking that low again. Probably leaving the village wasn't going to send a good signal to everyone expecting eternal peace out of Naruto's divine guidance.

Or it was more like, having Naruto chase after him again would be pointless.

"If I left you'd just pester me to come back" he finally said, trying to brush the question off like it was no big deal.

"Not if you had a good reason for it."

He glanced at Naruto, his tan face serious and possibly not too happy about his own words.

"I don't" he shrugged, eating the last piece of sandwich and standing up, picking up his glass of juice while keeping one eye trained on Naruto to see his reaction.

"You mean you're staying?"

The hope shining in blue eyes almost made Sasuke cringe. He didn't really understand why Naruto insisted on caring so much about him, or whether he was around or not. Sure, there was the whole reincarnation thing connecting them, but he preferred not to think about it. He'd simply come to the conclusion that it was kind of how he felt about Itachi and left it at that, not ignoring it but not encouraging it either.

"If I didn't you'd probably trip on one of those empty ramen cartons and die and who'll become Hokage then?"

With Naruto's eyes watering like that he had to avert his eyes. This wasn't how he'd planned to spend his morning at all.

"Okay" Naruto said, voice a little hoarse as if he tried to rein himself in from getting too emotional, which Sasuke couldn't understand since Naruto being emotional wasn't exactly strange.

He'd cried a lot when the war was over after all.

"Okay" Naruto repeated to himself, taking a deep breath, and Sasuke could feel his chakra calming down again. "Well Kurama's a little pissed 'cause he thinks Konoha isn't big enough for two bastards, but don't worry I've got room for you both."

Sasuke had to turn and give him a deadpan look at that. Naruto had a tendency to not notice the crap he was spewing, and that sure found a place in the top ten.

"I'm off to work" he dismissed him with, placing his glass on the counter and starting for the door.

"Wha- Wait up! I'm coming with you!"

"Obviously" Sasuke muttered, letting the moron pass through before he did a last check that he had everything he needed before stepping out and closing the door behind them.

As they made their way towards the Hokage tower, Sasuke realized why Naruto hadn't felt like walking before. Every hundred meters or so they were stopped by someone, friend or stranger, everyone wishing Naruto an early Happy Birthday and asking him about his plans, and telling them how they were going to mourn the people that died but of course also wanted him to not have a depressing birthday.

"You've got two anniversaries on your birthday, after all, neither too happy" an old woman had said, shaking her head with a hand placed comfortingly on Naruto's arm.

Sasuke pulled him up on the roofs after that, thinking they wouldn't encounter anyone up there, especially since there was a general prohibition about using that route now when they were still doing construction work and you couldn't be entirely sure everything was held up enough to withstand the occasional jump powered by chakra.

"It's not that it bothers me" Naruto started, a frown on his face as he glanced to Sasuke. "It's just that it feels a bit weird, my birthday was always the worst day of the year, well except when I travelled with Ero-sennin, and now it's going to become some national hero holiday?"

"I thought they were all talking about mourning" Sasuke felt the need to point out.

"Yeah, I know, but the schedule is to spend half the day mourning the dead and then there'll be a huge party in the evening."

Sasuke hadn't heard about that before. Must have been one of those times he'd tuned out Tsunade's constant nagging.

"Sakura-chan said she'll go with me. As friends, I mean, so I don't have to be bothered by 'eager young women who want to marry me'."

He said the last part in a mock, quoting tone of voice, and Sasuke gave him an uninterested look.

"Am I supposed to care?"

"Well duh, I'm popular now!"

"Good for you."

Sasuke really didn't care. It was only to be expected that Naruto would be treated as a hero when they returned, much like had been the case when everyone on the battlefield woke up and found out what happened. For his own part he'd be much happier if no one paid attention to him, not because it really bothered him that people were suspicious of him, but because Naruto seemed to take it as a personal insult whenever someone threw a comment their way. Really, he had been reported as a criminal with a fairly decent record, even if he couldn't honestly bring himself to believe that killing Danzo was anything short of an outright favor to Konoha.

"I think you still beat me when it comes to girls though."

Naruto didn't seem particularly sad over this fact, and Sasuke didn't understand why he was still talking.

"For an almost eighteen-year-old you sure talk about immature topics."

"What the hell!" Naruto growled, shifting his weight as he landed from a jump and used the momentum to try and kick Sasuke in the side.

Sasuke avoided it easily, running a little faster instead as he ignored the fuming blond. He could vaguely recall a time when he used to claim his life goal was to kill his brother and then revive his clan. Other people might think he meant it in a physical, have-sex-and-then-babies kind of plan, but he was fairly certain his young self had meant it in a more innocent, reputation kind of way. Bring back their pride, or something. Maybe now that he knew the truth it was better to keep his Uchiha heritage on the down-low.

"Try to behave in front of the Hokage at least" he said when they landed in front of the building, entering after nodding at the guards.

"Fuck you" Naruto muttered, bumping into his shoulder, disturbing Sasuke with the fact that they were almost the same height, even though he shouldn't be so surprised since Naruto hadn't been that far off the past few years or so.

He sometimes missed the times when Naruto was just a little runt, it was so much easier to push him around when he didn't go into bijuu mode simply to prove a point.

"Baa-chan, what's my mission today?!"

Tsunade slammed her fist onto her desk, glaring harshly at the two of them entering her office uninvited.

"Just once, Sasuke, do you mind teaching him how to knock?"

Sasuke looked out the window. Not his problem.

He could hear her grumbling something about the two of them, but chose to ignore that as well.

"Oh come on, what did I ever do to you? Did someone break your bottle of sake?"

Sasuke fought the urge to smack his hand over the idiot's face. How he was going to be able to function at diplomatic meetings remained a mystery to him.

"I swear to god, you two will bring me an early death" Tsunade muttered, rubbing her face tiredly.

Which was a little ironic in Sasuke's opinion, considering how the both of them were the incarnations of the two brothers who actually started the whole mess with conflict in the ninja world, bringing not only Tsunade to the brink of death several times. Though, being a cynic, Sasuke was sure it would have happened eventually anyway.

"Just send your clones to the same places as yesterday" Tsunade continued, crossing her arms around her bosom and sending him a contemplative look. "As for you, I guess you'll get today off."

Naruto's eyes widened before he pumped his fist in the air, letting out a victory shout.

"Awesome, I'll send them off right away."

Too used to it Sasuke barely twitched when the room suddenly filled to the brim with Naruto clones, exiting through the windows and door as more appeared. Sometimes he sort of hated Naruto's amount of chakra. On the other hand, having a couple hundred of Naruto's clones doing most of the work meant that Konoha was almost back to its original capacity, with a few additional improvements. No Uchiha compound, for example.

"But, you'll have to think of a speech to give tomorrow."

Naruto's triumphant look turned into chagrin, and some of the clones patted his back as they passed him.

"A speech? You're kidding me! Have Kakashi do it or something!"

"Naruto," Tsunade began, face stern and screaming lecture-to-come, "If you're going to become Hokage you need to be able to speak in front of crowds, not to mention make them follow you and trust you. Just speak from the heart and you'll be fine."

Naruto groaned, pushing his hands down his pockets, attempting to make the blonde woman change her mind with begging eyes.

"No excuses" she warned, eyes narrowed at him. "Make sure he's prepared" she added towards Sasuke, who raised his eyebrows and waited for further instructions.

Usually she sent him off together with one or a few of Naruto's clones, making him do his share of work. The original Naruto was kept for Hokage lessons, though he wasn't sure if they actually meant him learning anything or if it was just an excuse for Tsunade to skip doing the paperwork herself. At least that's how it was according to her student.

"Alright, you're dismissed" she said, and he followed Naruto out of the window despite the Hokage's protests.

"Aah, so nice to have a day off!" Naruto smiled, stretching his arms above his head once they'd landed on the ground.

"You still have to think of a speech."

Naruto cringed, grimacing again. Then he seemed to cheer up, turning towards Sasuke with enthusiasm.

"I can do that later, let's go train instead!"

Logically, Sasuke knew he should disagree and have the dobe do his work first, but on the other hand they hadn't practiced in a few days and he could feel the crescent mark on his left palm itching at the thought.

"Fine" he agreed, and they made their way out of the village.


A couple of hours later, in the middle of cursing the fact that she let Naruto go without doing any work, Tsunade got a visit from Inari.

"Umm, excuse me Hokage-sama, but Naruto's clones disappeared and they haven't come back yet like they usually do."

She frowned at him. Whenever one of Naruto's clones disappeared he'd notice and send a new one, unless it wasn't necessary.

"Should he have?"

"Well, it was all twenty of them in one go, and it's not like there was a reason for them to be dispelled. Tazuna said I should check with you."

She nodded, clasping her hands in thought.

"How long ago?"

"Maybe fifteen minutes."

She opened her mouth to answer when another knock was heard from the door, and one of the women in charge of the gardening squad entered.

"Naruto's clones disappeared, I was wondering if-"

"Yours too?" Inari exclaimed, a little excited that something was happening. His usual job helping Tazuna with the construction work wasn't very eventful, and could get a little dull after a year or so.

"And this was fifteen minutes ago?" Tsunade asked the woman, who nodded. "I suppose he's training with Sasuke, maybe something happened. Inari, do you mind checking on them?"

Inari nodded, happy to get a break, and eager to see Naruto in action. He'd gotten to see some of the jutsu Naruto had used during the war, but not all of them since they were too powerful to use close to the village. He ran the whole way, trying to make use of his chakra now that he was starting to learn a few things about ninja stuff. If he could, he'd like to be one as well despite starting ten years late. Anything to be able to work with Naruto, the person he'd looked up to as a hero even before he became famous and recognized.

It took him maybe twenty minutes to reach the area specially designated for Naruto and Sasuke, the only sounds he could hear being a bird or two chirping. He entered a large clearing, crooked and singed trees surrounding it. There were broken branches scattered here and there, most of them full of kunai and shuriken, and some of the holes in the ground looked deep.

"Naruto?" he called, walking over the trampled grass and trying to see if he could catch a glimpse of something orange.

Maybe he was hiding? He kept a close eye on the ground, making sure he didn't step on any traps or fell down a hole, coming to a stop when he found Sasuke's katana reflecting sunlight to the far left of the area from where he stood. That was weird, he didn't think Sasuke would carelessly leave his sword out in the open like that. Walking up to it he pursed his lips in thought, contemplating what to do. Figuring he should wait for a bit he sat down next to the blade, legs crossed and face towards the bright sun.

Breaks weren't bad, anyway, and it's not like he was actually worried about Naruto. If anyone could get out of trouble it was him.

Maybe ten minutes later a shadow fell over his closed eyes, and looking up he found Kakashi staring down at him with a serious face.

"You didn't see them?" the silver-haired ninja asked, crouching down to his level and scrutinizing the katana.

"Nope. It's just Sasuke-san's sword."

Kakashi nodded, thinking for a few seconds before standing up and pulling the blade out of the ground, weighing it in his hand.

"Let's go back, they probably teleported somewhere and will come back later."

Inari nodded, thinking he'd check up on Naruto later that day and ask where they went.

The problem was just that, later that day, Naruto still hadn't returned…

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