Mystery Science Theater 3000: Nobody Likes Hamdingers

Dr. Forrester (to Frank and Mike): I'm going to take a shower. Frank, I need you to help me wash my back. I don't want to be too hard on the newbie just yet. As for you, Mr. Telson-

Mike: It's Nelson.

Dr. Forrester: Whatever! You can take a quick lunch break.

Mike: Thanks.

(Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank leave the room)

High-pitched Voice (to Mike): Psst…Hey Mike!

Mike: Hey…you're one of the cute robots up in space with that guy! What's your name?

Gypsy: My name is Gypsy. We've got a huge problem!

Mike: What is it?


Mike: Gypsy! Calm down and tell me what's happening.

Gypsy: Well, about thirty minutes ago I heard them say that they were going to kill a little jump suited fool after the movie! He means so much to us! So you see, Mike? That's why we need to bring him down!

Mike: That's amazing Gypsy. Well, we've gotta do something. Here's a manifest for the Satellite of Love. Maybe there's something here that can help.

Gypsy: Oh yes! Please! Please! Please!

Mike: Alright, I assume you tried to gain control of the escape pod in Dock 14?

Gypsy: Yes I tried-THERE'S AN ESCAPE POD IN DOCK 14?

Mike: According to this, there's a single, occupant, escape pod called the Deus Ex Machina.

Gypsy: How could I not see it? Dumb...stupid...dumb...

Mike: I wouldn't blame yourself, Gypsy. Apparently, it's in a box marked "hamdingers".

Gypsy: Well no wonder we didn't see it. Nobody likes hamdingers! So how do we get him down?

Mike: I don't know. These clowns must have control. Let's try this thing. Here it is: "The pod is controlled remotely at the Tektronik panel." It must be this thing. "If direct access from the satellite is desired, a security key must be inserted into the panel and the sequence must be entered."

Gypsy: Frank's got to have the key! He loves keys!

Mike: Great if Frank has the key, how do I get it? Hey Frank, can I borrow your keys?

T.V.'s Frank: O.K.!

Mike: Let's see... ...I hate these things. It says "DIRECT ACCESS INITIATED" You're on your own Gypsy! Uh oh.

T.V.'s Frank: Hey! What did you need my keys for?

Mike: Uh…your lights were on.

T.V.'s Frank: Oh...okay…HEY! I don't have a car!

Mike: Then what'd you give me your keys for?

T.V.'s Frank: I dunno? I thought I left my lights on…

Mike: I'm glad I didn't waste time shutting off your imaginary lights.

T.V.'s Frank: Well, I'm sorry.

(As Frank walks away, Mike winks to Gypsy)

Gypsy: I'VE GOT CONTROL! Ooh! I've got to get moving!