"A James Bond themed auction for the Reef Fund. It is so cliché and horrible."

"Would you please try not to hate everything already, we have only been here two minutes."

"Five. I'm counting."

People were dressed up to the eyes in glittering finery, eyeing stands depicting images of prizes or purchases that were available during the auction which was commencing in under an hour.

With the rest of the team, Danny walked beside Steve in his suit, eyes wandering over the tables and signs, "how is this any different to the silent auction the governor held last year?"

"This one isn't silent." Steve explained, "It requires people to actually put their hands up for money like a normal auction, you know where you buy cars and things…"

"Yes I know what an auction is Steven." Danny rolled his eyes, "I am just beginning to wonder why the governor invited us."

"Probably to thank us for all the hard work we do."

"By making us spend more money… I am so thankful…"

Steve nodded and pushed his lips together.

"You know I hate things like this."

Danny had lasted exactly five seconds without finding something new to complain about.

Catherine smiled, her arm through Steve's as she wormed their way through the crowded room.
"But you insist on wearing a suit and tie all the time, this is just another evening at the office for you." Steve raised his eyebrows at his partner.

"A normal evening at the office does not constitute me having to spend my own money on things I am not interested in."

"There is literally," Steve put a hand up as they stopped to collect champagne flutes, "nothing that pleases you."

He handed Catherine a flute of champagne and wrapped an arm around her back. As they marked their spot on the edge of the bidding floor, examining the tables around them and the brochures they held. Kono wore a brilliant blue dress, and Chin looked dapper in his tux.

"Nothing that invoices you pleases me." Danny corrected, all but draining his flute of champagne. Steve opened his mouth to retort but Catherine put a hand to his chest lifted an eyebrow, tilting her head back to gleam at him.

Kono and Chin laughed as Steve's free hand spread on Catherine's back. The deep navy dress she wore was low cut, but clung to all of her curves, her hair falling in loose curls around her shoulders.

"So you found anything here that you are going to bid on?" Chin asked.

"No ukulele lessons then?" Kono teased.

"Or football season tickets." Catherine laughed, looking between Danny and Steve.

Steve shrugged as Danny shook his head firmly, "Oh no no no… I am not getting sucked into this conversation, I am doing my bidding, if I do any, away from you lot, so you can't victimise me because it's me."

"You really think I am just out get you don't you…" Steve laughed.

"I don't think it I know it." Danny muttered.

"Have you seen this…?" Kono leant forwards to show Catherine a picture inside the brochure for the evening, "they are selling one of the necklaces Elizabeth Taylor once wore…"

"Really?" Catherine swallowed her champagne and leant close, "wow… you know I heard they sold a similar one in France for $200,000 plus…"

"On a necklace?" Steve screwed his eyes up.


"I wonder how to governor came by something like that?" Chin mused.

Catherine shrugged, "Perhaps it was donated…"

"Says here it was given by an anonymous benefactor to the governor's mother shortly before her death last year, and he knows she would have wanted it sold to raise money for the reef project." Kono held up the brochure she was still holding.

"And looking around the room…" Danny could see most of the men in the room being instructed by champagne bearing wives or girlfriends to take an interest in the photo of the necklace in the brochure, "It might be the object that has the most interest…"

"I doubt it…" Kono laughed and gestured with her hand to a tall dark skinned gentlemen across the room who had his arm looped around a young blonde woman in gold's' shoulders, but his eyes were periodically drifting to Catherine, "Check it out, he has barely looked away from you since we came in."

Catherine lifted her eyebrows, "Really?"

"Who?" Steve's eyes snapped around.

Chin blew air out of his cheeks, "that is Glenn, Governor Denning's son. Apparently he works for the FBI."

"What did he have you run his prints already?" Danny gestured between Steve and Chin.

Steve watched as Glenn cast what he hoped was a casual glance over his shoulder at Catherine again.

"How old is he, eighteen?" Steve straightened, his arm moving almost possessively around Catherine's waist, tilting her towards him.

"Nineteen according to Hawaii's most eligible bachelors." Catherine laughed, laughter which turned into a giggling scold as he held her ever closer, "Steve, stop it!" She hissed, poking him in the side.

Glenn the governor's son narrowed his eyes as commander McGarret lifted his eyebrows almost in challenge, arm around Catherine, and promptly turned back to his giggling date.

"I thought that you were Hawaii's most eligible bachelor?" Chin asked.
"I am." Steve said firmly, his competitive edge poking through as Glenn's eyes shifted once more back to Catherine across the packed room.

"Oh and what am I, your mistress?" Catherine laughed in mock horror, lifting her eyebrows.

Steve smirked at her, "Very funny."

"Alright ladies and gentlemen the bidding will commence shortly." The governor's voice boomed over the microphone. He stood raised on the stage before them all, and was smiling his senate-worthy grin.

Dutifully they applauded politely, before turning back to the brochure.

"The necklace is probably the only thing worth bidding on…" Catherine commented, "and even those diamonds aren't worth the amount of money they are going to go for."

"You could go on the holiday of a lifetime with that amount of cash." Chin agreed.

"As much as I love the Reef Project I would rather donate money by buying a round here, not," Danny pointed to the photo, "by purchasing a chain of rocks."

"Diamonds Danny." Catherine teased.

"It would be one hell of a valentines present through." Kono agreed.

"Commander McGarret."

The voice made them all turn around to see a middle aged man with thinning hair and a newly pressed black suit. He had narrow eyes and pushed a hand out towards Steve, who took it and shook it firmly.

"I am Roy Higgins, the new head of HPD, it is a pleasure to meet you commander." His stiff tone did nothing to reinforce his words and Steve put on his best polite and courteous smile.

"Let me introduce my team. This is Catherine Rollins, Kono Kalakaua, Chin Ho Kelly and Danny Williams." He gestured to them respectively.

"So what made you decide to come to this bit of rock?" Danny tried his best to smile but something about the new head of HPD Roy Higgins made his stomach twist.

"I retired from the FBI a few weeks ago but soon got bored annoying my wife back in San Francisco, I saw an opening here and jumped at it."

Something about the response was too rehearsed and it made Steve narrow his eyes.

"Ah," Danny looked to Steve, "someone who is clearly as built for retirement as you will be."

"I am not going to retire." Steve stated.

"Oh?" Danny lifted his eyebrows, looking between them all, pointing to Catherine, "I didn't know this. Did you know this? You?"

"Well I'm not surprised," Catherine looked from Danny to Steve, "I can't see him spending his golden years sat on the lanai with grandchildren at his feet can you?"

"No you are right; he is far more likely to be killed in action." Danny commented flatly, "Probably taking all of us with him."

"Well retirement isn't for everyone, certainly not for me." Roy commented again, almost looking to Steve in challenge, "I am sure you are used to the 'be all you can be' mantra."

"That is from the Army. I am a Navy SEAL." Steve stated firmly, "Catherine was a Navy Lieutenant."

"Oh I am sorry." The smile that came across Roy's face was sickly, and it made his face almost narrow into a sneer.

"It is fine, for those who aren't military it is an easy mistake to make."

The put down from the commander made the sickly grin move sharply from Roy's face.

He straightened, "the governor has brought my in to make sure HPD runs as well as it can, elevate some unwelcome pressure from your team, hand the work back to the real police officers."

"Well I can assure you Mr Higgins that my team does not need you to worry about us, in fact we do a completely watertight job solving crimes for the governor and keeping the people of this island safe." Steve cut him off firmly.

There was silence for a moment and the tension between the two turned suffocating.

Roy inclined his head with a sly smirk, "then let's hope that nothing happens to put the people closest to you in danger commander, while you are running around playing toy shoulders."

Steve's shoulders broadened impossibly and Catherine moved a hand quickly behind his back to grip at the back of his jacket, as though she hoped to hold him in place like a dog on a lead.

Roy's eyes snapped to her and he 'smiled', turning her stomach, "if you will excuse me 'Five O'" He almost laughed, "I should go and meet some more people before the bidding commences."

Roy stepped away.

As his back moved away from them Steve stepped forward instantly, "did that sound like a threat to you? Huh?"

"Steve." Catherine put a hand on his chest, "leave him. He is trying to goad you…"

"And it is obviously working." Danny commented, seeing the tension in Steve reach new heights, "seriously what is the matter with you?"

"Nothing." Steve reached for another flute of champagne, drinking it in one long drag, "Nothing."

Catherine turned her head and watched as Roy moved away through the crowded room. Her own eyes narrowed when she saw his eyes drift to the giggling blonde date of the Governor's son Glenn in the gold. Kono watched as she looped her arm around Glenn's shoulders, stretching up to whisper in her ear, yet her eyes caught Roy's over Glenn's shoulder, a silent exchange passing between the two that Kono couldn't fathom before Roy made his way into the crowd of people, disappearing from sight.

In the same moment Glenn looked back to her, his eyes falling over her form, gaze only broken when duty called and his father stepped up to the mic once more.

"Ladies and gentlemen," his voice boomed through the room, "I hope you have all taken the time to enjoy the champagne and talk amongst yourself, but also to look at the fabulous prizes that are available in tonight's auction, with all money made going towards the Oahu Reef Fund, so please give generously."

There was a pause, filled with the expected clapping, allowing time for a young waitress to step atop the stage beside the Governor and his lectern, under the huge poster declaring the auction a "benefice to the Oahu Reef Fund," spelled out in a pattern of shells and gold coral which made Chin roll his eyes.

The young waitress then held aloft something which made the room fill with appreciative and wondering murmurs.

The glittering necklace from the brochure gleamed in the various lights which illuminated the stage.

"It looks even better in real life…" Catherine whispered to Kono on her right.

"I bet that is what Glenn the governors on is thinking about you, has he tried to add you on Facebook?" Kono whispered back with a barely repressed laugh, "He is still looking at you."

"Shut up." Catherine nudged Kono playfully with her elbow, rolling her eyes as she, like Steve on her left, clocked the site of Glenn staring at her pointedly over his shoulder.

"This is lot number one," The governor was speaking again, "an item donated to the auction in memory of my late mother, the owner of this necklace. It hosts twelve diamonds described as 'flawless', set in Silver and sapphire, worn by Elizabeth Taylor to her thirteenth birthday party and then sold for charity, as we intend to do tonight."

Amidst the next round of obedient applause, but Unbeknownst to the Five O team, new head of HPD Roy Higgins turned his head to look at the woman on Glenn the Governors son's arm.

She met his gaze and let out a small rueful smirk, before turning to a none-the-wiser-Glenn, who she kissed on the cheek and whispered in his ear.

Glenn chuckled and threw an almost cocky look over his shoulder at the towering Steve McGarret, who narrowed his eyes slightly in response as Glenn faced forward again.

"He is beginning to annoy me, keep throwing glances your way…" Steve muttered.

"Ignore him." Catherine rubbed his arm, "anyway I am the one who should be jealous, I have spotted at least thirty women in here who are undressing you with their eyes."

"No you haven't." Steve reprimanded her.

"I've counted thirty four now." She responded, looking pointedly at the young blushing waitress who grazed her hand against Steve's with staged carelessness as she took his empty champagne flute and replaced it with a filled once.

She scuttled away and Chin chuckled, shaking his head.

"We have had a lot of internet interest in this piece," The governor declared, "as your brochure explains the pieces have been available for internet viewing for several weeks, in order to attract the most attention possible, in the hopes of raising the most money for such a worthy cause."

More applauding.

"My hands are beginning to hurt." Danny muttered, "and we have barely even started yet. When is the buffet coming out?"

"After the auction of thirty pieces." Chin informed him.

Danny visibly paled, shaking his head, "Great."

"This piece would be a fabulous gift for that special lady, or a surprise for Valentine 's Day which I would like to remind all the men out there is next Friday…"

Dutiful laughing signalled by the governors break in speech to smile and chuckle easily.

"This is painful." Danny murmured.

"Or perhaps there are bachelors out there looking to spring it on a lady who they haven't come with tonight… good luck to you."

There was more laughing but Steve did not join in, not when he saw Glenn turn his head over his shoulder once again to look at Catherine.

The governor spoke loudly into the mic, "so due to the mass internet interest we will start the bidding in the room at Three thousand dollars."

There were mutterings and murmurings, and with exaggerated casualness, Glen lifted his hand into the air.

Chatter rose sharply as the governor clocked his son bidding.

A strange flicker passed over the man's eyes and he nodded, putting back on his poster smile and chuckling, "My son Glenn has inherited his father's impulsiveness it seems," his chuckle caught but only for a moment, "DO we have any other takers, looking for Three thousand one hundred dollars now?"

Danny shook his head along with Chin as Glenn grinned in triumph and the governor cast his eyes over the room, "No one is seriously going to…"

"I will!" Steve shouted, lifting his hand in the air sharply.

People gasped and chuckled, turning to look between commander McGarret, the governor and the governor's son, whose eyes had narrowed in fury at Steve.

"I stand corrected." Danny sounded like he was in pain, "what are you doing?"

"Steve." Catherine gasped.

"Three thousand two hundred!" Glenn's voice filled the room and Danny put his hands over his eyes.

"I can't watch this."

"Commander McGarret, three thousand three hundred?" The governor looked back to Steve.

The head of Five O grinned competitively, looped his arm for all to see around Catherine's shoulders and lifted his champagne flute into the air by way of a toast, "How about three thousand and five hundred dollars to make it even?"

Catherine looked around in embarrassment as people gossiped and gasped, Glenn once again lifting his hand in immediate response, "Four thousand!"

"Steve stop…" Cath looked up to beg him, "please this isn't funny…"

"Five thousand!" Steve shouted.

The governor looked to his son; hands braced on the lectern now, "Glenn?"

"Six thousand!"

His sons cry made the governor push his lips together to quiet his fury, before gesturing to Steve, "commander McGarret the bidding is with you."

"Steve stop, once more I ask you… this is ridiculous, you can't spend thousands on a necklace…" Catherine tugged on his hand but he wouldn't look at her, instead choosing to call back.

"I bid seven thousand Mr Governor Sir!"

Catherine dropped her head to her hand and wished the floor would swallow her up.

"I said tonight was a bad idea," Danny was muttering, "Anything involving him ends in disaster, even something that is for charity, although to be fair," he leant across Catherine to assure her, "I think this has less to do with you and more about wanting to show 'Glenn the Governors nineteen year old son' that throwing his money around and having a rich daddy doesn't mean he can touch Steve's things…"

"We are now bidding at eight thousand dollars with you Glenn." The governors eyes were fighting not to look angry as he stared at his son, "that is eight thousand dollars that will be paid to the Oahu Reef Fund upon purchase, eight thousand dollars."

"Make it nine!"

Glenn's response caused more talk in the room and Steve chuckled slightly at the stir this was causing.

"He's just a kid with a crush. Let him have it." Catherine hissed, "Please Steve this is embarrassing."

Steve stared finally looked down to her, staring at her as she drew in a breath, her hand tight around his wrist.

"Its thousands of dollars," She whispered, "and it's a necklace we don't want… don't spend that much money on competitive spite with a kid…"


Steve stared at Cath, watching as held his gaze, imploring him to stop being stupid.

"Steve?" The Governor questioned.

Drawing in a long breath Steve shook his head, looking up at the governor, "No."

A ripple of surprise went through the crowd and Danny and Catherine alike, who had never thought that Steve would back down, not for lack of trying.

"Glenn can have his prize." Steve declared, "I don't need to spend that much money on a necklace. Enjoy it!" He called across the room to Glenn, "Give it to a woman in your life."

As he spoke his arm gently rested on the small of Catherine's back and she relaxed.

Glenn's eyes blazed and the governor straightened, smacking the hammer down on the lectern.

"Sold, to Glenn Denning's, for the total of nine thousand dollars."

There was an awkward pause of five seconds, before people started to clap and cheer.

Glenn Denning's made his way up on stage to collect his prize, his date on his arm.

Her blonde hair nearly blinded the audience under the lights as Glenn shook his father's hand.

The governor pulled him close, "and how exactly do you expect to pay for that?"

Glenn stiffened, but only for a moment. He chuckled and leant back in, "I rather think that is your problem father, it is your Reef Fund after all."

With that he tugged his hand from his father's grip and turned to the waitress to lift the necklace from her hands, holding it aloft in the box.

People clapped again and a few cheered. Glenn laughed and held his arm out to his date. She took it, stepping close, "would you like me to hold that for you?"

Glenn laughed in her face, "Having spent nine thousand dollars on it, what do you think I am stupid, it cost more for this evening than you did."

Her face turned stony but it disappeared almost instantly, as she leant close to kiss his cheek, whispering in his ear, "then perhaps we should go out to the patio and I can congratulate you properly."

The woman who was his date must have been five years his senior, nearer Catherine's age than his own.

His face lit up like a little spoiled boy at Christmas and he nodded, taking her by the hand and walking away.

As they turned through, one hand fell behind her back and her two of her fingers extended, making a careful gesture behind her back to the audience, all of whom did not see it, except for one man who was waiting for it.

In the audience new head of HPD Roy Higgins scowled and drained his champagne, turning and striding from the room.


Catherine was returning from the ladies room when a soft bang to her left, followed by a creek, made her stop walking. She narrowed her eyesand turned to see the fire exit door open, and banging softly in the wind.

She looked up and down the corridor she stood in, the voices and music from the main auction room to her right sounding muffled through the door.

Seeing no one in sight, around her or out of the door, Cath narrowed her eyes and stepped out through the open fire exit door into onto the patio area of the south lawn of the Governor's mansion.


"Can I at least look at it..."

Glenn-the-governor's-son's date stretched up on her toes to nip his earlobe, hands on his broad arms, "come on…"

"How many times do I have to tell you?" Glenn shoved her away almost roughly, causing her to stagger on her glittering, gold, too high, heels, "Hands off. I just spent thousands on this!"

His date narrowed her eyes and tossed her head, pushing her lips together, "fine."

She turned and marched away, her heels clipping on the stone as she rounded the corner of the building, the opposite corner to where Catherine was heading.

Glenn eyed the necklace in his hands, turning it over and over.

Yet even in his half drunken state he froze when he heard the click of a gun cocking.

Something hard pushed into his back.

"Don't move." The rough voice spoke through a ski mask, "hand it over."


"Hey… you look like you have lost a limb, what is wrong with you?" Danny returned to the group to see Steve casting his eyes around, trying to appear relaxed but struggling.

"The governor's wife keeps smiling at me…" Steve muttered, "And she keeps waving, and Cath's not here…"

"Ahhh I see… you are struggling with social interaction, can't say I'm surprised." Danny lifted his eyes, "and you have just admitted that you really can't live without Catherine, I am sure she will be thrilled…"


"Hand. It. Over."

The sharp voice was only just behind Glenn, and the barrel of the hand gun the shooter held was pressed firmly between his shoulder blades.

"Not likely." Glenn scoffed, glancing over his shoulder and fighting to hide the terror in his eyes, "do you have nine thousand dollars to trade for it?"

Cold blue eyes glared out at him from behind the ski mask, a golden gun glinting in his hands.

"Hand it over. Now." The shooter snarled.


The sharp high voice made the shooter and Glenn both spin, turning to see as Catherine picked up her skirts and ran across the lawn.

The shooter spun and kicked his foot out hard. He sent Glenn down in front of him and held his gun out.

The shot rang through the air.


The sharp sound of gunfire made everyone in the room flinch, and some cry out in panic.

"Was that gunfire?" Chin demanded as he ran up to the group, already drawing his gun as Danny and Steve did the same.

"It's coming from outside!" Danny spun.

"Yeh and where is Catherine?" Steve demanded as they pushed their way through the crowd of people to sprint to the stairs that led out to the lawn.


Glenn- the-governor's son lay on his back, gasping and groaning, hands clutching at the bleeding bullet hole through the center of his chest. His eyes rolled back into his head and he made a choking noise.

IN his hurry to grab the necklace from Glenn's cold hands, the shooter caught his golden gun on his knee as he bent over, and ti went spinning from his hand.

He turned and bolted, racing towards the bushed at the south end of the lawn.

Catherine skidded across the ground to Glenn on her knees, tearing her dress and ripping it slightly as it hindered her movements.

She grabbed the golden gun off of the floor and lifted it, pulling the trigger.

It made a click but did not fire.

She tried again, in vain, as the shooter disappeared into the bushed, necklace in hand.

As he disappeared from sight she looked down at the gun in her hand, opening it and finding it empty.

She threw it aside and pressed her hands over Glenn's wound. The man was not moving.

"Glenn!" She shouted, "Glenn look at me!"


She swallowed, pressing the tips of two fingers to his neck and sighing shortly…

Someone started to scream.

Her head snapped around to see Glenn's blonde date stood with her hand over her mouth, barely stifling her blood curdling shriek, "You killed him, you killed him!"

Then there was a crowd.

The governor was shouting, grabbing hold of his wife who was screaming too, "Glenn, Glenn!"

HPD surrounded her, knelt beside Glenn's body, his blood on her hands as she had tried to save his life.

Seven HPD officers made a circle around her, guns pointed.

Head of HPD Roy Higgins pushed his way through, his sharp blue eyes locking on her, "Catherine Rollins, throw the put your hands up behind your head…"

"What?" She gasped, "I didn't kill him, there was a shooter I…"

"What is going on here!"

Steve's thundering voice shattered the cries and gossips in the night air and Catherine looked up as she stood, making to walk towards him through the line of HPD.

"You stay there." Higgins thundered, "Put her in cuffs…"

"You step away from her." Steve was marching towards him, "what the hell is…"

The sight of Governor Dennings' son lying flat on his back, shot in the chest, his mother and father crying with a crowd of wealthy onlookers watching as one of Five O, notably Commander McGarrets girlfriend, was being pushed and pulled between officers as they put her in cuffs behind her back.

Cath's wide eyes met his briefly and he stared at her, feeling his heart snap in his chest.

Fury pushed through him and he rounded on Higgins as Danny, Kono and Chin, along with captain Grover, looking formidable in large tuxedo, towered behind him, "let her go now…"

"I think it is all fairly obvious what has happened here Mr. Governor sir." Higgins was speaking loudly, for the benefit of the onlookers as though he was in stage. He gestured to Catherine who had her hands cuffed behind her face, her dress torn and dirty around her knees, and two HPD officers holding her elbows, several others pointing guns at her, forming a wall between her and Steve, "Ms. Rollins was upset over Commander McGarret not buying her the necklace. She clearly tried to woo Glenn into giving her the necklace but he refused so she shot him, making to steel the jewelry."

"If that is true then where is it?" Catherine snapped, "You say that you caught me in the act, then where is that necklace if I shot him and stole it?"

"Answer that Higgins!" Steve shouted, "You can't can you? Because Catherine didn't do it..."

"I am not at liberty to discuss case information with you commander." Higgins rounded on Steve in fury, not stepping through the HPD armed officers that separated them. He inclined his head firmly, "I shall interview Miss Rollins in private back at HPD as we take control of the investigation."

"Five o handles high profile homicides on the island." Steve declared in similar defiance, "Let Catherine go."

"Not any more they don't!" Higgins shouted, "Our chief suspect is one of your task force it would be highly inappropriate for you to run with the case." He pointed jaggedly at Catherine.

"Let her go, you have no way to tie her to the murder." Steve was shaking his head, full of rage.

"Her finger prints are going to be found to be all over the murder weapon." Higgins almost spat, before he turned back to Catherine, holding his hands open to mock her, "Deny that miss Rollins if you can."

Catherine straightened, feeling a twist in her gut as she so clearly remembered trying to use the murder weapon to shoot the shooter. She swallowed and shook her head, "I can't."

"Ah." Higgins laughed shortly.

Danny lifted his hands to run them down his face and Chin held Kono's elbow.

"I picked up the gun to try and shoot the shooter as he took off with the necklace." Her words gained volume and pace as she spoke.

"Or did you let him go?" Higgins rounded on her. A crack shot from the navy such as yourself should surely have been able to shoot a fleeing attacker, who happened to so carelessly leave behind his own gun."

"It was obvious I spooked him." Catherine shouted, "He took off as fast as he could but the gun wouldn't fire, there was only one round in it from the start."

"A shooter no one else saw?" Higgins scoffed, "Highly unlikely."

"There must be CCTV on his part of the lawn..." Steve declared as like his, Catherine's eyes flashed around.

"Be quiet commander this is not your concern." Higgins threw at him.

"You are refusing to listen to the testimony of a suspect who is one of my task force that is my concern." Steve thrust a finger towards Catherine as his voice grew to a bellow.

"This is not your investigation." Higgins shouted, "Interviews will be conducted down at HOD I assure you of that. Book her." He gestured to his officers.

"What! No!" Steve shouted marching forwards.

"Steve, Steve!" Danny shot forwards, grabbing Steve's arms and towing him backwards. He wrenched his arms free but Grover grabbed him, "Higgins let her go!"

"Catherine Rollins." Higgins read the riot act as Catherine was dragged by both elbows across the lawn towards where the blue lights of several police cars and an ambulance waited, "You are under arrest for the murder of Glenn Dennings. You do not have to say anything..."

"Higgins let her go!" Higgins!" Steve bellowed, "Get off me Grover now I swear to god… Higgins!"

"Steve calm down, stop!" Danny put his hands up.

"Don't you worry governor sir, ma'am." Higgins nodded to them as he stopped before them, " I will see that this shooter is delivered the sentence she deserves.

"She isn't the shooter!" Steve shouted, "Listen to her! Higgins! Governor Sir!"

"Steve stop before you get yourself arrested too." Grover struggled with him, "Steve!"

"Catherine…. Higgins!" Steve bellowed, still fighting to get free of Grover's arms as across the lawn, Catherine was pushed into a HPD car, the door slamming shut as Higgins marched over, climbing in with an officer.

Steve thought his head would explode.