Author's Note: From a series of prompts on tumblr. A What If AU where Rumple and Belle fell through Zelena's time portal instead of Emma and Hook.

Belle stood up from the hard forest floor where she'd landed. Rubbing her neck and glancing around she let out an exasperated breath. They were definitely not in Storybrooke anymore.

"Are you alright?" She asked Rumple, who was standing a few feet away from her cracking his back.

"Fine, sweetheart," he said, straightening up. "Just a bit of a rough landing. Are you alright?"

Belle nodded, dusting leaves off her tights.

"Where are we? Are we back home in the Enchanted Forest?"

"Not where, sweetheart," he said, pointing at something behind her back. "When."

Belle followed Rumple's gaze to a wanted poster tacked on to a nearby tree with the likeness of Snow White. Fantastic. They were at least thirty years in the past, back before Regina's original curse.

"How do we get back?" Belle asked the obvious question. She and Rumple had planned a clandestine wedding in the woods for this evening after the little prince's coronation. They already had Archie lined up to officiate, and her father had promised to give her away. She wasn't missing that appointment for the world. Of course, she now had thirty years to wait until her wedding day. And if they made it back it might be as though no time at all had passed. Belle's attention was called back from the dubious nature of time travel to Rumplestiltskin.

"It should be easy enough," he answered. "We just need to get to my castle. I should have the means for a return trip there."

Belle arched an eyebrow at her fiancé. "Won't you be there? Isn't that some kind of paradox?"

Rumple just shrugged. "I'll simply explain the situation to myself. I know things only I would know. It shouldn't be hard to convince me."

"Because you're always such a reasonable sort," Belle teased.

Rumple rolled his eyes. "Well I know I won't react well if we break in," he said. "Now listen carefully. It's very important that we — "

"Don't change anything," Belle interrupted. "I know the basic structure of time travel fiction, Rumple. By all rights, we should just sit on our hands until we die of old age because our being here at all seriously disrupts the timeline. Unfortunately, the sun would burn out before you did, and I don't relish dying an old maid. So lead on."

Rumple just looked at her in stunned silence for a moment before shaking his head.

"Fine, but first, let's try to look a little more inconspicuous."

With a wave of his hand, Rumple's tailored suit that he was so fond of in Storybrooke was replaced with the leather breeches, dragon hide coat and boots that were typical of him in this land. Feeling the tingle of magic around her own body, Belle glanced down to see that her clothes had been replaced with a simple brown peasant's dress. A simple brown peasant's dress with a very tight corset and low bodice that left very little to the imagination.

She glanced up at Rumple with a disgruntled expression. "Really?" she asked, gesturing at her cleavage.

Rumple just smirked at her. "You look fantastic, sweetheart."

With a huff Belle started toward the road. At least Rumple had seen fit to give her sensible boots. She didn't much relish traipsing around the forest in her platform heels.

"Well? Aren't you coming?" she asked her fiancé who hadn't moved from the clearing the time portal had deposited them in.

"It would take several hours at least to reach my castle on foot," Rumple said. "Imagine the irreversible damage we could do in that time. Just this once, we're using magic."

Before Belle could even think of an argument, he'd walked up behind her, seized her by the waist, and they were gone in a puff of purple smoke.