Tmnt: Donatello's duplicate, remake.

Roxy Goth here, Donatello's Duplicate is an episode from the 80's, more specifically series 5 episode 12. What I've done is to remake the episode from Donatello's point of view. It's going to include some orc's, which are part of Donatello, and some cutting down and filling in on some of the scenes. I'll tell you when.

I do not own Tmnt or anything associated with it, although I do own my OC's.

Oc's = Danielle [Decimal] – does the movement. Very serious sort of girl. 15 years old. Good at maths. Gets frustrated frequently with Tello and Don, but does her best to not lose her temper with Alice.

Don/Donny – does the talking. A bit goofy but ultimately serious, loves winding Decimal up. Good at science. Peacemaker, good at calming everyone down.

Tello devil. – Donny's bad side. Very good at history, but sees school work at a waste of time. Gets frustrated with Don and Decimal at times, but never loses temper with Alice

Alice angel – Donny's good side. Very airy sort of girl who spouts out random facts when it suits her. Gets nervous around new people and doesn't understand a normal thing that most people would be accustomed to e.g. don't touch that it's hot.

On with the story!

Chapter one. Breaking point. [First part is made up. From 'after fiddling around…' onwards is from the episode]

"DONATELLO!" Donatello sighed as Raphael's yell reached his ears. What had his idiot brother broken now? The microwave, the oven, if it was the toaster again, he'd kill him.

Grabbing his toolbox and storming into the lair, he grumbled to Raphael. "What?"

Giving him a confused look, Raphael replied. "Whoa, what's eatin' you? The TV's broken again."

Donatello sighed, as he took his place behind the TV. Meanwhile in his head…

"The TV. We should have guessed. The TV hasn't been broken for a fortnight – its turn was coming up." Decimal muttered as she moved the body's hands.

"Don't say that – if that's true next it'll be the oven." Don moaned.

"If it is I'll whack whoever breaks it with my bo-staff." Tello grumbled from Don's bed.

"Our bo-staff." Alice corrected, instantly.

Tello sighed. "Our bo-staff. Yeh right. Sorry." The four of them were a weird sight, Don and Tello look just like the actual Donatello, only Tello was wearing a red mask. The girls however looked different, although they both had green skin, they had black hair, Decimal's pouring down her back in curls, and Alice's a short straight bob. Decimal wore a red top and skirt, while Alice wore a white one.

After fiddling around for a few minutes, Donatello was irked to hear. "Oh, hurry up and fix it will you, Donatello? I'm missing a classic movie! Surf zombies from zuma."

"Can't you see I'm doing the best I can?" Don snapped, into the microphone that controlled Donatello's talking.

"Frankly, I can't see anything." At hearing this decimal narrowed her eyes; that meant the TV was still stuck on static. Great.

It was at that point Michelangelo decided to join the party, holding a decidedly burnt pizza in his left hand. "Yo, Donatello? The pizza oven needs serious help."

On hearing this both Don and Decimal looked at each other, and Decimal made to make the body stand up, as Don reached for the button that activated the microphone. "I wish you guys would give me a break – I've only got six fingers!"

"What's the problem, fella's" Leo asked, strolling into the lair, holding something that Donatello assumed he'd have to fix later, but at that point couldn't be asked.

"The problem is that every time something breaks down, I'm expected to fix it!" inside the head, Alice looked at the emotion meter; anger was in the red zone, a rarity. It wasn't her, so seeing as it was only her and Tello who had the ability to influence the emotions…she glanced at Tello, who looked ready to jump up and smash something, or someone. Well, at least that explained it.

"Hey, it comes with the territory – you are the resident genius." Raphael shrugged.

"Exactly right – I'm a scientist, not a handy-man." Donatello collected his toolbox and stood up.

"Bad careers choice, dude, handy man rakes in 65 bucks an hour." Michelangelo said.

"Come on guys, Donatello does more than his share around here." Leonardo protested, stepping in.

In the head, Don and Decimal grinned at each other, and even Tello managed a smile of appreciation. Still smiling, Don pressed the button. "Thanks for sticking up for me, Leonardo." He said, warmly. "I owe ya one." Decimal extended the hand for a hand-shake.

Instead she got a toothbrush and an equally warm. "Fix my electric toothbrush and we'll call it even."

"THAT DOES IT!" Angrily, Donatello the toothbrush to the ground. "This handyman is officially on strike." At this he stormed out of the lair, hearing behind him.

"Touchy, touchy, touchy." From Raphael.