Hey, Roxy Goth here with the final chapter of 'Donatello's Duplicate' my internet is down at the moment so I'm writing the bits from the episode from memory – so please don't kill me if it's wrong.

See chapter one for the disclaimer.

From "you sure are one happy handyman!" to "come back here and fight like a turtle!" is from the episode.

At the end of the week the four brothers were very gladly un-grounded. Straight away Donatello picked up the toaster and started working on it. He was fixing it on top of the TV, whistling while he did so, but neither Leonardo nor Michelangelo who were watching said TV complained, instead…

"You sure are one happy handyman." Michelangelo remarked.

"Why not? I'm doing what I like best. Oh-when I'm finished with this, I'll start on the washing machine."

"Well, Donatello, my son. It seems you have learned a valuable lesson." Splinter said from the kitchen door.

"I sure have sensei. I learned that one Donatello is one to many."

"My sentiments exactly." Next to splinter materialised another Donatello.

"Oh no! Not again!" Donatello gasped, swiping the toaster of the table.

"Gotcha!" Raphael laughed, pulling one of Donatello's spare masks of his and turning away from Donatello.

"Very funny Raphael…" Donatello ran after him, Bo-staff raised. "Come back here and fight like a turtle!" the pair of them ran off into the sewers.

Meanwhile Splinter started after them and then turned his attention back to his other two sons. "It would appear Donatello is missing the point."

Turning the TV of Leonardo said. "Missing the point?"

"Yes, my son. The valuable lesson was to talk to us when things get too much for him. Not attempt to build a clone."

"Especially not one that tries to take over the world." Michelangelo added, helpfully.

"Exactly. I believe it would be as well for you two, and Raphael, to talk to him and make him see this. Like, now."

Taking the not-so-subtle hint Leonardo and Michelangelo set of in search of the two middle brothers. They found them eventually, sitting against a sewer pipe, breathing heavily.

"Out of breath already?" Leonardo said, teasingly. "Maybe you need more training!"

"Leonardo, I swear, you even think about it and my sie will meet your shell." Raphael groaned, attempting to sound tough, but the twinkle in his eye gave it away.

Leonardo gave a quick smile, before rearranging his features into a much more serious look. "Seriously though, Donatello, we need to talk to you."

"Sure, what about?"

Michelangelo stared at his genius sibling in disbelief. "What about? Dude, you build a clone that tries to overrun the city with RATS and you want to know what we want to talk to you about?"

Donatello smiled, sheepishly at that. "Oh yeah…"

"Why didn't you tell us that the work was too much for you?" Raphael asked, getting straight to the point.

"I did! Do you not remember me telling you I only had six fingers?"

"Yeah, but we thought that was just you having an off day. We didn't realise you were at the end of your tether." The youngest explained.

"Yeah, how about the next time you feel un-appreciated you talk to us instead of going mad-scientist?" Raphael deadpanned.

Donatello chuckled and Raphael smiled slightly before adding. "No, but seriously, bob us over the head with your Bo to get our attention if needs be. Just tell us – got it?"

Donatello nodded. "Got it."

"Well then, dudes, now we've had this heart-to-heart – who's up for pizza?"

Everyone apparently, if the mad dash home was any indication.