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Chapter 1:

Haruno Sakura was driving to her new boarding school with her mom. The air was crisp, the sky, blue, and the sun shining in all of its glory in Konoha, where she had just moved to a week ago. The weather was usually like this, save for the rainy season they had during the summer time every year.

Sakura's features were very unique. She had pink, silky hair that stood out anywhere, green, emerald eyes that shone all the time and a very cheery personality. Anybody would say that she is beautiful, mature young lady.

It was the first time she would be away from home for a whole school year and was both excited and nervous. When they reached the school, there was a huge sign that said "Konoha Boarding Academy." The main building was huge, two more buildings on either side of it for classes and the offices of the teachers. In the distance, you could see all the dorm room buildings, where the students' residences were, scattered around a huge green grass area. Beyond that, Sakura couldn't see but she knew the sports courts (like tennis and basketball) were there, as long as other things. She had done her research on this place.

Both her and her mom got out of their limo and took all of her luggage to the front of the building. Entering the huge main bulding and going to the Principal's Office, Sakura got her schedule, map and dorm number and key. Classes officially started 3 days from now, but Sakura wanted to get here early so she could unpack and get familiar with the school, as it was huge and she had never been here before.

Sakura had decided to come to this boarding academy because her parents, being big business owners, traveled a lot for meetings in different countries, were almost never home. Sakura decided that it would be easier if she stayed here than staying alone (despite the many maids/servants) or moving schools every 2 months.

Sakura's mom followed to her dorm room, helping her with all of her luggage as there was a lot. When they reached Sakura's new home, room 205, Sakura told her mother that she could handle it from there.

"You have to call at least every once in two or three days. If you any problems, know that I will be there for you, call whenever you want," her mom stated, tearing up a little.

"You know I will, Mom. And don't cry. It hurts me to see that, you know that. I love you so much," Sakura said, hugging her mother.

"I love you too, sweetheart. Take care of yourself," she said, hugging back.

Sakura nodded and once her mother had left, opened the dorm room and hauled her things in. She was having trouble and when she walked in, her foot got twisted in her backpack handle and losing her footing, she fell, on her face.

"Owww," she moaned.

She got up from the floor and balanced herself on her knees, rubbing her bruised nose. She saw a shadow on the ground in front of her and when she looked up, she was met with someone who had dark, onyx eyes and raven hair. He was rather cute, she thought, but then Sakura realized that he hadn't offered to help her up. Jerk.

Once Sakura got up and recollected herself, she stuck out her hand and said, "Hi! I'm Haruno Sakura."

He just looked at her, then her hand and walked away. Ugh, he really is a jerk. So much for hoping that I had a nice roommate. And why is he a guy? Shouldn't I be rooming with a girl?

She frowned at his back and said, "Okay then." Sakura controlled her temper, which was quite uncontrollable when she got mad. "Which room is yours?" she asked, not in so much of a polite voice as before.

He turned back towards her slightly and raised his eyebrows. She can actually talk to me without flustering or falling all over herself to get to know me? Wow. And talks back to me. Interesting…he smirked.

She raised her eyebrows in expectation of an answer.

Instead of giving an answer to her, he just walked out of the living room and went into a room, which apparently was his. Each dorm room had a living room, bathroom and 3 smaller rooms inside, for the three roommates.

Sakura sighed and rolled her eyes. "Jerk." Where's our other roommate?

Just then, someone came bursting through the door.

"HELLO! I AM UZUMAKI NARUTO!" the boy said, to no one in particular. He had blonde hair and cerulean eyes, with a big, goofy grin on his face.

Sakura just looked shocked and the "Jerk" boy, as Sakura nicknamed him, opened the door to see what was causing commotion. As soon as he saw the blonde haired boy, he sighed deeply.

Naruto seemed oblivious to this, but still noticed the boy. "SASUKE-TEME!" he yelled. "We're roommates again?!"

So that's his name? Sasuke? Sakura thought. She smirked a bit at the "teme," knowing its meaning.

"No duh, dobe," he answered in a low, smooth voice.

Naruto glared in response.

Sakura gasped in shock. "Wow, it speaks," she said sarcastically, getting a glare herself from Sasuke.

Naruto then just noticed Sakura in the room. "Hi! You must be our other roommate!"

He's so dense. But on the outside, she just said, "Yeah, I'm Haruno Sakura. Nice to meet you."

Naruto grinned. "Nice to meet you too!"

Sasuke sighed again and went back into his room, closing the door.

"You'll have to take that room in the middle, I am taking the one farthest away from the jerk," Sakura said, gesturing to the door which was on the opposite side of the room. "Sorry."

Naruto laughed. "Jerk, huh? I guess you've already figured that out. I don't care because I've roomed with him before, so it's fine!" Naruto exclaimed, a big smile plastered on his face.

Sakura smiled too.

Then, he said, "You know what? I REALLY love ramen!"

"Um…great to know," Sakura said. He sure changes topics fast.

Inside Sasuke's room, he just rolled his eyes and laid back on his bed, having that he already packed, closing his eyes. Why did I have to be roomed with the dobe and a klutz? This is gonna be another fantastic year, he thought sarcastically.

"So, what's his deal?" Sakura questioned Naruto, referring to Sasuke.

"Oh, he is really cold towards people and it looks like he's pretty much emotionless, but if he likes you enough, he'll open up on his own time," Naruto said.

Sakura thought. "Oh." I wonder what made Sasuke like that. "Well, I'm going to start unpacking."

Naruto nodded. "You want help with your bags?"

Sakura smiled. Well, at least I have one nice roommate. "Thanks, but no. I got it." After that, Sakura went into her room and got to work. They each had their own closets, nightstands and desks, so for the next hour, Sakura made her room look a lot like her personality. Her desk was littered with pictures of her family and friends, books and her everyday things cosmetics, with the exception of makeup, which she despised.

When she was content with "making herself at home," Sakura whipped out her phone and texted her mom, just to let her know that she was doing fine.

Hey, Mom. I just finished unpacking and I met my two roommates. They're both boys, and although one of them's a jerk, the other's really nice and sweet, but loud too. I'm doing fine, I hope you are too. I love you.

~ Saku-chan

After clicking send and resting her phone on her nightstand, she sat on her bed and read one of her books about medical herbs. She wanted to become a doctor when she was older, even though her father disapproved of it. Her father and mother were the head of the Haruno Industries. She was to run the company when she got older, but she wanted to become a doctor. Of course, what she wanted was never acknowledged. Her parents' intent was to make her become a great company leader, even thought that's not what she really wanted.

Sasuke had already unpacked. His desk was almost bare, with only a pencil holder with some pencils, pens and highlighters in it and a notebook resting on the surface. He just listened to music afterwards in the living room while writing in his notebook.

Sakura went to the living room to write, since she liked open and quiet spaces while writing. She saw Sasuke who didn't look up as she entered the room. She sat down on one of the arm chairs and wrote some of her story that she had been working on. It was based around a new girl who was at a new school. It was like Sakura was writing her own life story. She thought that if she wrote the story, it might help her with her own life.

She ignored Sasuke, but the silence was still deafening. After about 10 minutes of silence, she decided that she wanted to start a conversation since the silence was getting awkward. Naruto had left to make some ramen in their dorm building's kitchen, leaving the room in the complete silence.

"So, um…what do you like to do?" Sakura said.

His eyes flickered up to her, them showing that he was clearly irritated that his peace had been disrupted.

"For fun, I mean," Sakura finished lamely.

Instead of answering, Sasuke just narrowed his eyes at her and went back to writing whatever he was writing in his notebook.

Sakura sighed. This is going to be harder than I thought. "Do you like to write?" she asked and even though she got no response, she continued. "I love writing, stories and journal entries, but not poetry. I've tried to write some, but I just suck at it."

Sasuke just looked up again and glared at her, still not answering.

What a damn jerk! I am trying to be nice and he doesn't even respond! "Hey! I am just trying to be nice, could you at least answer?" Sakura said, voicing her thoughts.

Sasuke raised his eyebrows and scoffed slightly. "Hn."

Sakura rolled her eyes. "Gosh, you are so difficult to deal with." She gave up and went back to writing.

After a few moments, she heard, "Yes."

Sakura looked up from her notebook and said, "What?"

"Yes," he repeated.

"For what? Yes, that you like writing?" Sakura asked.

He simply nodded and went back to writing.

"About what?" she prodded, wanting to know more about him.

Sasuke shrugged. "Anything."

Sakura nodded. "Yeah. Same here, I usually just get an idea and I write it down and eventually...it becomes a story."

Sasuke stayed quiet, knowing that she still had more to say.

She shrugged, letting her eyes wander to the window where she looked outside. She could see the tennis courts and the basketball courts from here and she decided to look there, trying to avoid meeting Sasuke's eyes. "Writing is kind of an escape for me, like a refugee...from this world and all the pressure."

Sasuke looked somewhat surprised, well as surprised as Sasuke can look.

Sakura bit her lip, embarrassed that she had just said that. She hadn't told anyone that, only preferring to write it down in her journal of feelings and thoughts, and here she was telling this to a guy that she had met not even two hours ago.

But then Sasuke nodded, understanding.

Sakura slowly smiled at him and he smirked at her, and Sakura soon found that Sasuke doesn't smile, he smirks.

Then, Naruto came back into the room, with a cup of instant ramen. "Hey!" he said, opening the door.

Sakura inwardly rolled her eyes. Idiot! He ruined the moment! Not that I am disappointed, that conversation, or as much of a conversation that, doesn't change that Sasuke is still a cold-hearted jerk.

The rest of the day, Sakura just read her book and wrote in her journal and wrote some more of the story she was writing. At 5:00, she decided that she would explore the school and see where her classes were. She grabbed her schedule out of her backpack and stood up.

"Where are you going?" Naruto asked.

Sakura turned to him. "I'm going to go look around the school and get familiar with it," Sakura said, pocketing her cell phone.

"I'LL COME WITH YOU SAKURA-CHAN! I CAN SHOW YOU AROUND!" Naruto shouted, standing up and disposing his 3rd cup of ramen in the garbage.

Sakura's eyebrow twitched. Did he just call me Sakura-chan, he barely knows me.

Then Naruto said, "Do you want to come as well, Sasuke-teme?"

Sasuke just shook his head, not looking up from his notebook.

Naruto shrugged and grabbed Sakura's hand. "Let's go!"

Once they were out in the hallway, Naruto shouted. "So what do you want to see first?!"

"Naruto!" Sakura reprimanded. "Shut the hell up before you disrupt everyone in our building," she said.

"Heh, sorry," he said sheepishly.

Sakura just ignored him, shaking her hand out of his and turned around, walking towards the staircase, not caring if Naruto caught up or not, following the map that she had in her hand. She walked out of her dorm building and across the huge campus, to one of the main buildings where most of the sophomore classes were going to be held. Once she got inside, she looked at her schedule and tried to find the corresponding rooms. Only three out of ten classes that she had this semester were in this building. Sakura took out a map of the campus and noticed that her two medical classes that her father reluctantly allowed her to take were across campus. She groaned and checked her watch. 5:13. She still had time before dinner, which was at 7:00.

She decided to go, it took about 10 minutes to walk there. Naruto was trailing behind, complaining as to why they were walking there.

"If you are going to complain, why did you come in the first place?!" Sakura said, exasperated and annoyed.

"I'm showing you around!" Naruto defended.

"I am kinda doing this myself, Naruto! You're doing nothing!" Sakura yelled. He pouted and she sighed, rolling her eyes and continued towards the building.

The next hour, she made her way around campus, looking even at the buildings where she didn't have any classes. Then, she went to the library. It was huge. It was four stories high and very elegant looking from the outside.

When they went inside, Sakura gaped at the rows and rows of bookshelves. She was about to explore more when Naruto said, "Why are we here?! Who likes reading?!"

"Shh!" Sakura berated. "This is a library, idiot! You can't speak too loudly in here. And for the record, I love reading!" She scolded in a harsh whisper.

Naruto frowned. He hated reading. He didn't want to read anymore than he had too, and here Sakura read voluntarily? "I'm leaving." Naruto said.

Sakura sighed in relief. Good, now I can stay here in peace. She looked at her watch 6:54. Damn it! I wanted to stay here and gawk at all the books, but we have to go to dinner. Oh, man and, I didn't even get to finish looking around.

"Wait, Naruto," she said, making him turn back around. "I'm coming too." She answered his confused expression with, "We have to go to dinner soon and I don't want to be late for the first day. There's going to be an important announcement then."

Naruto only nodded and the two walked back together, for once in silence. When they got back, Sasuke was heading out. They all walked to dinner, reaching right on time.

"Hello students!" A female voice rumbled through the dining hall as Sakura and her roommates tried to find a seat in the busy hall. It was their principal, Tsunade. "Welcome back for another great year!" She paused because some students cheered. "For those of you who are new here, I am Tsunade, your principal. Official classes will start three days from now and clubs will start a week after school begins. You can see what clubs there are any time you want by going to the main administration building and the first week of school will just be to see if you are okay with your classes or not. Sport tryouts start two weeks after school begins. If you have any problems with your roommates, academics or anything like that, call our help desk and we can send over a 'helper.' I...have nothing else to say, so enjoy your dinner!" she said.

The students clapped and cheered. Sakura sat down next to Naruto and Sasuke sat on the other side of Naruto. In front of them, another trio sat down. Two were boys and the other was a girl. One of the boys had two strange, red marks on his cheeks, representing upside down triangles and his teeth looked somewhat like fangs. A small dog rested on his head. The other one had a stoic expression on and you couldn't see his eyes because of the dark glasses that were covering them. The collar of his jacket came up to his mouth and he looked very mysterious. The girl had a very timid and shy expression. She had white orbs as eyes and long navy colored hair that reached the middle of her back.

Sakura smiled at her, and she smiled a small smile back. Sakura was going to ask what her name was when someone sat next to Sakura.

"Hello!" A person in a green spandex suit, which looks as horrifying as it sounds, said. "What's your name?"

"Um, Sakura," she replied. "Haruno Sakura." She was unsure who he was as she had never seen him before. He had insanely bushy eyebrows and a bowl hair cut.

"Oh, what a perfect match with your appearance!" he stated. Then he pointed to himself with his thumb. "My name is Rock Lee, but you can call me the 'Handsome Green Beast of Konoha'!"

Sakura laughed nervously. "Well, um…yeah."

"LEE!" someone else called, who looked like an older version of Lee, making Sakura even more freaked out.

"Coming, Gai-sensei!" Then, he turned back to Sakura and grasped both of her hands in his. "My youthful cherry blossom, I will finish this conversation later." Then he was gone in a flash. Sakura just blinked and shook her head to try and clear the image of his huge eyebrows and bowl haircut. Sakura turned back to the shy girl who witnessed the scene and was giggling and said, "Hey. My name is Sakura. What's yours?"

"H-Hyuuga Hinata," she stuttered.

"Oh, that's a really pretty name."

"Th-Thank you. I-I like your name too."

Sakura smiled and nudged Naruto, telling him that he should introduce himself too. He was too busy eating food to notice the people in front of him.

"Ow! What?" he turned to Sakura and when she gave him a knowing look, he sighed and turned back to the three people in front of him. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto! I love ramen and martial arts!"

"Uchiha Sasuke," Sasuke said monotonously and briefly.

The boy with the two triangles and brown messy hair spoke next. "Inuzuka Kiba," he said with a smile. "This is Akamaru," he said, gesturing to the tiny dog that sat on his head. Akamaru barked in greeting.

"Aburame Shino. I like insects," he said, almost in the same tone as Sasuke.

He looked very mysterious and kind of creepy, but Sakura shook it off and smiled at him. And even though his mouth wasn't in her vision, she had an instinct that he was smiling too. Well, you can't judge a book by it's cover.

"Nice to meet you all." Then she added, "Are you all in a room together?"

"Yeah," Kiba said, the other two just nodded.

"Cool. So how do you like it here?" Sakura asked.

"I LOVE IT!" Naruto exclaimed.

Sakura sighed. "I wasn't talking to you, Naruto," Sakura said, irritated that he can't shut up for one minute.

Hinata just giggled shyly and said, "T-The rooms are really nice a-and um…I-I like the classes I have this semester too."

"Yeah. I like my classes too, they seem like they are going to be fun," she paused for a moment. "Did you guys take a walk around campus yet?"

Shino nodded, indicating that he has already. Kiba just said, "Yeah! It is huge!" He seems a lot like Naruto, really loud. Sakura thought.

"I-I didn't get the chance to," Hinata said.

"Oh, well how about we go together?" Sakura suggested. "I finished most of the campus, but I didn't get to go to the main library and a few other buildings, however. I really wanted to explore more of the library; I love reading."

"R-really? M-Me too," Hinata said, excited that she had found a potential friend.

Sakura smiled at her.

The rest of dinner went by with Naruto eating almost everything there and Sakura yelling at him for being an idiot. Hinata giggled at Naruto's childish antics and Sasuke and Shino just sat there, not saying a word. Kiba and Naruto seemed like they wee going to be good friends, with both of their loud mouths.

At the end, Sakura and Hinata walked around campus and compared schedules. They had the medical classes, world history, calculus, AP chemistry, AP biology and physical education together. Sakura took French as a language, while Hinata took Spanish. Also, Sakura wasn't in art, like Hinata was, but in Computers, where you learn things about coding. Also, everyone had lunch together.

As they were walking around campus, they got to know each other better. Hinata's dorm room, room 202 was across the hall and one door to the right from Sakura's, room 205. Hinata had a younger sister, Hanabi, while Sakura was an only child, well now she is...

This was both of their first years at Konoha Boarding Academy. Hinata had been home schooled until then, and now decided to go to real school to try and be more confident with herself as she hated her stutter, but Sakura reassured her that with Kiba and Naruto around, she'll do better in gaining more confidence.

The both of them loved reading, writing (though Hinata could write poetry fairly well, too) and watching movies. When they reached their last stop, the library, they both gaped at it. Even though Sakura had seen it before, she still was amazed by the structure and the elegance of it.

When they walked inside, they looked at most of the different genres the library had to offer. Almost any book they wanted to read, any topic they wanted to research about was in front of them. They spent almost hour at the library, getting to know most of the sections. Both of them were sure that they would be coming here a lot over this year, whether it was to research, study or simply read in the comfy armchairs that were placed almost everywhere they went.

At around 9:30, they decided head back to their rooms as it was getting late and the both of them were tired. They walked together to their dorm hall, only to find Sakura's dorm room was opened slightly and loud voices could be heard. Sakura and Hinata both looked at each other, before walking inside carefully.

It seemed that Kiba and Naruto were bickering about something, while Shino and Sasuke were just watching them with irritation displayed on their faces.

When the two girls walked in, Kiba had just insulted ramen and Naruto gasped dramatically. "How dare you?! Ramen is amazing! IT IS THE KING OF ALL FOOD!"

Kiba rolled his eyes. "NO, IT'S NOT!"


This went on for about a minute or two later and Sakura was beginning to lose her patience. "SHUT UP! BOTH OF YOU!" she yelled. "You both are causing such a ruckus and I don't want to get in trouble the first day that we're here! So shut up, before I make you!"

Naruto and Kiba immediately stopped bickering and cowered in fear. "O-Okay," they stammered.

"Besides, what was the argument even about?" Sakura asked.

"Uhhh..." Naruto said.

"To be truthful, I have no idea. It was down to just plain insults," Kiba said, honestly.

Sakura smacked her forehead. Idiots!

"And you two didn't care enough to stop them?" Sakura asked Shino and Sasuke.

Shino shrugged. "I didn't feel like getting involved with their stupidity. I can already feel my IQ going down by being in the same room as them."

"HEY!" Naruto and Kiba yelled.

Sasuke opted to not say anything.

Sakura shook her head in disappointment.

"Okay, well. I'm gonna go. So, BYE!" Kiba said, for some reason all cheerfully, going out the door.

Shino followed soon after without saying a word.

"G-Goodnight, S-Sakura-san," she bowed deeply.

"You don't have to be formal with me and drop the '-san,' please. It makes me sound old," Sakura said.

"I-Is S-Sakura-chan okay then?" Hinata asked.

"Of course, Hinata-chan," Sakura smiled and Hinata smiled back. "Good night."

After Hinata had left, Sakura grabbed her pajamas from her closet and went to the bathroom. She came out five minutes later with her pajamas on, her hair pulled back out of her face, and her face washed. Then going to her room, she retrieved the book she was reading and her notebook. Then she went to the living room and settled down on the huge, comfy armchair, leaning her back against one of the arms and swinging her legs over the other, then putting a pillow behind her to make herself more comfortable.

Sasuke was in the living room too, watching something on his laptop with headphones on, sitting on the floor.

She started writing more of the story she had started a couple of days ago, when her peace was interrupted by Naruto, who was lying on his stomach on the couch. "Saaaaakkkuuuuuurrraaaaaaaa-chhaaaaaaaaann," he complained.

Sakura looked up, irritated. "What, Naruto?"

"I'm booooooorreeeeddd!" he shouted.

"Then do something!" Sakura said back. "Do you see Sasuke or me complaining that we are bored?"

Naruto sighed, turning over so that now he was on his back, looking at the cieling. He had a ball in his hands that he was chucking up in the air and then catching repeatedly. "What do I doooooooooooo?"

"I don't know, read or something."


"Naruto, for the second time today, I DO!" Sakura said, referring to the library incident.

"Well, I doooooooooonnnnnn't! So what do I dooooooooooooooo?"

"Naruto, if you don't stop stretching out your words, I will decapitate you!"

"What does deshapifate mean?" Naruto questioned.

"OH MY GOSH! SHUT THE HELL UP! You can't even pronounce words correctly! Decapitate means to cut someone's head off, AND I WILL HAVE NO HESITATIONS TO DO SO, NARUTO! So if you want to live, SHUT UP!" Sakura snapped.

Naruto pouted, but nonetheless shut up. Sakura went back to her story writing. Sasuke, who had begun to write again, just kept on writing and not caring what had been going on between the two idiots as his roommates, but he did adorn a slight smirk on his face.

Sakura stopped writing after she felt tired and wrote a quick journal entry in her journal, explaining what happened today, people she met and things she did. At around 11:30, Sakura went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. When she got back she said, "I'm going to bed, it's been a long day."

"Hn," Sasuke replied. Naruto didn't say anything because after making another cup of instant ramen, he had fallen asleep on the couch.

Sakura went back to her room and plopped down on her mattress that was covered in a quilt that was white with a cherry blossom tree growing from the bottom left corner out. Checking her phone for any new text messages, she saw one message, from her mother.

That's great, Saku-chan! But TWO BOYS?! Are you serious?! BE CAREFUL, SAKU-CHAN!

Sakura smiled at her mother and texted her back, ensuring that she'll "be safe."

After putting her phone back on the nightstand, she climbed under her comfy mattresses and turned off her table lamp, laying back on her pillow and falling asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow. After all, it had been a long day.

Sasuke stayed up for a little while longer, watching one of his favorite TV shows on his laptop. After he had changed and brushed, he fell asleep at around 1:00 A.M.

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