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I've got love songs in my head, killing us away. I've got love songs in my head, killing us away

She tells me I'm a pretty bullet, i'm gonna be a star some day
Mother says that we should look away, she tells me I'm a pretty bullet

An Imitation Christ

I've got love songs in my head



Tom took the keys out the ignition, and turned around, hand nudging his daughter's leg. She jumped slightly, eyes fluttering open and she took her earphones out, before her gaze shifted to the large house out the window. Her eyes narrowed, deciding that the house looked even worse than what she saw in the picture. Her father stepped out the car, motioning for her to join him, which she did with reluctantly. Shutting the door behind her, she walked towards her father, who knocked on the door. The two looked up, taking in their potential home. While Tom smiled, impressed, Andrea just rolled her eyes, muttering to herself.

She missed her old home, it was real, the people there kept to their own business, they didn't care what went on with their lives. Though this house and neighborhood, in her mind, reminded her of the street on Desperate Housewives, where everyone knew everything about the people there, and she was sure, that things went on behind the fake smiles and home-made cookies they gave as house warming gifts. But sadly, they couldn't go back to their home, her mother had gotten it in the divorce, she didn't even bother fighting for Andrea. As long as she got some money, a car and the house, she didn't care about anything else.

Her father swung an arm over her shoulder, pulling her into him, trying to get her as exited just as he was. He knew that she was upset about leaving her friends and home, but he saw this as a new start for them.

"I love it! Don't you like it, sweetie?"

She send him a sarcastic look,"Great. So we're the Addams Family now?

"You'd make a good Wednesday!"

She smacked her father on the arm, laughing before the door opened and a small, middle aged woman, dressed in a blue stood in front of them. She wore a fake smile, confirming Andrea's thoughts on the people, before she gestured for them to come inside.

"Welcome, i'm Marcy. You must be the Jackson's. Please, come on in and i'll show you around."

The two entered the house, and while her father spoke to Marcy, following her around the house, Andrea took her own tour. She preferred to be alone while checking things out, also the sound of Marcy's voice made her want to scream in agony. Dark eyes observing the colours on the windows and walls as she walked through the rooms, Andrea came to the decision that it looked better on the inside than it did on the outside. It was needing an update, but nothing that couldn't be fixed. Her father's voice called her into the kitchen, breaking into her thoughts, and she entered the room, instantly sensing something was off.

"What's up? Found out someone died?"

His eyes widened,"Uh...yeah. Turns out there was a murder/suicide. That's why it's so cheap."

While her father wore a disturbed look, Andrea chuckled darkly, sitting next to him on the counter. Marcy raised a judgemental eyebrow, and when she saw this, Andrea sent her a dirty look, instantly shutting her up. Tom ran a hand over his face, looking over at his daughter for some sort of reaction. Her opinion mattered to him, he would never make her stay in a house that freaked her out. In her opinion, the house hadn't made a good first impression, it looked old and had no character until the murders were brought up. It made a good story to tell her friends back home during their next chat on Skype.

"It's not like they're gonna haunt us, right? Also, its so cool! We'll take it."

"Great! The last family left pretty quickly, they didn't even take most of the furniture with them."

Tom stood up, letting out a sigh of relief, happy that they wouldn't have to find another house and mostly that he wouldn't have to spend more money on one. While Marcy and her father began the paperwork, Andrea decided to check out the upstairs. Slightly pouting when she saw the stairs and how much there were, Andrea started to move up them, she was tired and all she wanted was to sleep. Suddenly she felt something cold brush her cheek, and she flinched, shaking. Her eyes widened, and she snapped her head left and right, shocked to see nothing there because it seemed so real. The teenager stood on the top step for a few moments, trying to control her breathing before she turned a corner, into the hallway of rooms.

Maybe it was just the wind...yeah...the wind, nothing creepy at all.

Settling her mind, Andrea turned her attention to picking a new bedroom.

Pretty...pretty...pretty girl.

Tate watched the young girl open doors of rooms to see what they held inside, quietly following her, stopping himself from reaching out again. He'd been eyeing her since she entered the Murder House, instantly feeling some sort of connection. It was her eyes that drew him to her. As she moved about the house, he had only seen her frown, never smile and even when she did it was fake, he could tell. Her eyes showed so much emotion, mostly anger and tiredness. It made him want to know why.

That was his first sign that she held some hurt. If Tate Langdon was good at something, it was reading people, he could always sense weakness. He didn't have to know someone at all to read them, that's why he had figured Andrea out so fast. It was both a gift and a curse. She was the type of person to suffer in silence, which was the opposite to him. He acted out, Tate never thought before he did something. He wanted to know why she was suffering. He had slipped up when he touched her cheek on the stairs, he couldn't help it, the pout she gave before she climbed them was so adorable. Though, he had made sure that she couldn't see him, he wasn't ready to show himself yet.

"Dad! Found my room."

She slowly stepped down the stairs, leaning against the wall as he took in their bags,"You know, that Marcy was right. There's a bed in my room, it'll do for tonight. I can keep the bed frame, though I would like a new mattress and stuff, I don't want to know what went on in there. They must have left in a hurry..."

"Hit the jackpot, huh?"

Andrea rolled her eyes again as her father got on the phone to the movers. Her mother had told them that she wanted all their things out by the end of the month, and had agreed to allow the movers in the house to get their stuff. She had turned into something that Andrea couldn't even describe, it was as if she never wanted any evidence that they were ever there. It hurt at first, but soon it turned into anger and resentment towards the woman who she used to be close to, who she used to call Mum. The teenager shook her head, as if it would get rid of the thoughts and focused on redecorating her new bedroom.

"Right, thank you..."Tom put the mobile phone into his pocket,"Our things will be here tomorrow. Turns out, your mother had already called them and even paid more money to get our things packed up into vans already. Literally everything, that includes your bed, don't worry."

His smile dropped and gaze shifted to the floor, trying to seem strong but sometimes, she could tell that it was forced most of the time. Walking down the rest of the steps, Andrea looked up at her father, and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him into a rare hug. He sniffed, returning the embrace. They stood there for a few minutes, not talking until he broke away, wiping his tears away. Again, his mask came up, and the fake smile returned.

"Hey! How about we order a pizza and you can find a movie online we can watch? We can use that until we get a new TV, even though i'll be the one using it most of the time, your never off that laptop of yours. How does pepperoni sound?"

She nodded and while her father searched the phone book for the number of the pizza place, she grabbed some of her bags, which mostly held clothes, toiletries, her laptop and chargers since her mother had practically kicked them out, then jogged up the stairs. Kicking open the door to her new bedroom, Andrea dumped her stuff on the bed, before opening the blinds behind it, backing off to take a good look at the room. It wasn't bad, it was comfy and after making it her own, she could get used to it.

Her body froze when she felt fingers on her cheek again, making her heart race. The touch was soon gone, but it felt like it were still on her skin. Her breathing hitched as the touch moved across her collarbone. It felt as if someone was standing in front of her, but she couldn't see anything. She screwed her eyes shut, and tried to regain trust of her breathing.

It's your mind, An, your mind. You haven't slept in ages...it's all in your head.

"Andrea? Honey, change of plan. We're gonna go out, I found this Chinese place. Fancy it?"

Her eyes opened and she cleared her throat,"Y-Yeah, Dad. I'll be right down."

Andrea grabbed her jacket off of the bed and quickly left the room. She didn't notice the pair of eyes that were watching her go. Tate had watched the conversation between Andrea and Tom. He should have known that it had something to do with her mother since he hadn't seen a woman with them. He looked out the window as they got into the car and drove off, giving him a chance to go through some of the bags she had taken up. Turning back to the bed, he sat down and carefully went through them, taking out, what he assumed, her laptop. He had never seen one before, he had used something like it when he was younger, but nothing like the one he was holding. His was a big box-like thing. Tate sat it on the bed, observing it, and tried to figure out to turn it on.

"Shit, things have changed...now...which button turns the fucker on?"