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He watched as the blonde accepted the invitation from the heiress's father, eyebrow lifting as Hiashi subtly courted the future Hokage, offering to explain some of the more in-depth clan politics. It was a good offer Ibiki admitted, the Hyuuga can well positioned to give advice, and after Naruto had helped Hinata in a mission and begun training with her it was a favourable return. But something about the conversation unsettled him, and Ibiki did not like that feeling.

Making his way down the corridor to the Hokage's office he nodded at the duo catching Hiashi's next words clearly.

"Hinata would perhaps be able to explain clan expectations and duties for her generation better than me, leeway is more acceptable than my day."

All perfectly normal, helpful; alliances were built this way and advising began early for a Hokage, and for all the Hyuuga's stiffness and follow the book tendencies he was a devil when it came to politics. But there was something about the whole conversation that had Ibiki thinking .He didn't know and couldn't tell what but there was something.

For nearly three months Sakura had been moonlighting – with Tsunade's permission – with ANBU. It was exhausting and nerve wracking, but rewarding. Finishing her shift in the hospital or returning from a mission she would report to ANBU HQ and begin one of her numerous tasks. Obviously she checked the medical records and any injured ANBU that could not be seen at the hospital; once or twice she had stepped in on an interrogation with Mitarashi or Morino Ibiki to simply demonstrate her ability to heal a wound. Unsaid that this could be done for days making the criminals/suspects talk quickly.

But mainly she read reports. Her ability to realise white Zetsu's disguise and discrepancies in character's a strength Ibiki had quickly grabbed and honed in her. Showing her how to piece together the smallest bits of information into larger pictures, a puzzle Sakura enjoyed. Shikamaru was a tactical genius but Sakura loved picking out the pieces, it was like a surgery- find the problem causing the symptoms and deal with it.

The first few days – weeks had been tense for the Kunoichi, Ibiki's overwhelming presence dominating the small room, his closeness making her shift uneasily in her seat, his eyes calculating her observations quickly and decisively as he processed it. His first compliment, a gruff 'good job' had had her smiling for hours, telling Naruto enthusiastically about her day and the compliment she had received. But now she truly enjoyed it, easily chatting with Ibiki about the information they trawled through, a sense of pride and accomplishment filling her when she found out she was the only one other than Ibiki and Anko to be trusted with the level of information and security clearance.

Life was finally happy for she was also in love. Her blonde knuckle head of a teammate had finally grown up, realising her confession was true and after a few bashful dats they had been a couple for nearly ten months. They had discussed marriage - happily and certain, and Sakura had never felt so happy or sure.

It had been rocky, two years ago she had been with Kiba, the break up shocking her to the core. She missed her friend, things were polite and cordial but so changed at the same time. The pity in Hana's eyes, the matter of fact attitude of Tsume, the compassion and speculation of her friends, it all made her so angry.

But Naruto had changed that, it took some time, for a weeks she had been on tender hooks waiting for him to break up with her like Kiba, a wariness in her until she truly learned he didn't care, he loved her and for Naruto promises were for a lifetime. He made her laugh, smile, made her angry, teased her, and stopped her from being too serious. He loved her and she loved him. The last few weeks had been tough with Tsunade officially planning to retire in two years, Naruto's training had intensified. But seeing him so happy at the realisation of his dream made her happy and she couldn't begrudge him, even when he annoyed her or was over the top.

But sitting at the table in her favourite restaurant, face made up, haired curled and her most confidence boosting dress on, waiting for him for the last hour hurt. Her shoulders slumped and with a sigh she blew out the candle awkwardly slipping out of her seat, feeling all eyes on her and left the restaurant with her head held high. It hurt but Sakura knew he would make it up to her and being Hokage meant making sacrifices, sacrifice she knew all too well as Tsunade's apprentice. A note or a message would have been nice. There was only one thing for her to do now and it put a smile on her face.

Frowning Ibiki took in the sight of his assistant/collegue sitting comfortably in a chair he would have sworn was carved to create back aches, but Sakura sat legs curled up showing an eyeful of toned thigh as if she was lounging in the comfiest armchair. She certainly couldn't have looked more out of place if she tried Ibiki noted even as she read through a folder and drummed her fingers on the arm of the chair, high heels were discarded on the floor, make up and hair done to such an extent was a surprise and alluring but it was the navy dress that gave Ibiki pause. Nothing too revealing but eye catching and… Ibiki startled shaking his head and coughing lightly to get Sakura's attention, the surprise in Sakura's eyes bright and joyful.

"I thought you had a date tonight?"

"Me too, Naruto probably got caught up in a meeting." Sakura shrugged with a smile oblivious to the churning of something inside Ibiki; he truly hated that feeling.

"Your friends?" Ibiki asked knowing without prompt that the style and effort she had put into that outfit was not made to be wasted in an ANBU office reading reports.

"Missions or their own plans. Naruto organised this weeks ago so we agreed to all meet up the weekend."

He nodded slowly, stepping into the room and taking the folder from her hands giving it a cursory look before dropping it on the table behind her. Holding out his hand he looked at her sternly before she reached out and allowed him to pull her up. The top of her head came to chest and with a nudge of her shoes he smiled as she fumbled one foot and then the other into the high heels grasping onto his arms for balance.

Smiling slightly Sakura looked up at Ibiki expectantly now just at his shoulder her head wasn't tilted back any more, narrowing her eyes as the tall man tucked her hand into the crook of his arm. "Coming?"

Holding strong Sakura wasn't going to fall for that one too easy, she had heard of the last idiot who had done what Ibiki said in that innocent tone, ten feet down in a smelly swamp running from killer wasps and a tiger in the forest of death. "Where?"

"Even I know you shouldn't spend your birthday alone. Mytreat."

Seriously?" Sakura smiled, caught in surprise and amazement as Ibiki chuckled and grabbing her other arm began to push and pull her out of the room. "Before I change my mind and decide to give you extra work."

Oblivious to curious eyes she laughed and allowed him to lead the way, stepping apart as they walked onto the street and down the village to the eating districts. The silence was comfortable until Ibiki started towards Mac's and found himself alone, turning around he saw a solemn Sakura shake her head at him, one eyebrow raising in confusion. "This is your favourite restaurant; I have to put up with you and Anko blabbing about it the whole time."

"Yeepp." Sakura popped her p's in agreement waiting for the light to dawn. Ibiki didn't disappoint and Sakura was certain she heard his teeth grind before he scowled. "How long were you waiting?"

"An hour."

"Dammit Haruno." Ibiki shook his head, not sure whether to call her an idiot or very understanding; women in love were strange, they put up with too much shit. "He's an idiot."

Sakura smiled walking further down the road as Ibiki pointed to a fusion restaurant. "Sometimes more than others, but he's going to be a great Hokage."

Unable to argue the tall Shinobi nodded his head holding the door open for the pink haired Birthday girl and made his way to a curved corned booth allowing both of them to keep their backs to the wall and an eye on what was happening both inside and outside the restaurant courtesy of the large window on Sakura's right.

Their conversation began with reports, what could be spoken publically, then with Anko, ANBU stupidity and patient stupidity, with a surprising overlap that had them laughingly lightly or mostly grunting in Ibiki's case.

Finishing the last bite of double chocolate fudge cake Ibiki greedily eyed Sakura's, the Kunoichi taking her time and savouring every bite, she was eating it too damn slow.


The sound of Naruto's voice had the duo quickly looking up, a common weakness having distracted them from the blonde's entrance, as full of energy even walking he seemed to be bounding towards them.

"Hey what are you doing here? I nearly missed you except Hinata saw your hair as she was leaving."

Laughing slightly at his enthusiasm Sakura couldn't help but frown at the mention of the lavender haired Kunoichi who stilled harboured a crush on her boyfriend. "Hinata?"

"Yeah, I had a meeting with Hiashi-san on clan politics and what our generation are facing, it was really boring…."

As Sakura laughed and Naruto continued explaining his meeting Ibiki shifted in his seat, that feeling of something worming in his gut.

"But anyway we need to talk."

Naruto's tone sent warning signals off in Ibiki's head, the Shinobi amazed at how Sakura simply smiled and nodded at Naruto who stood and went to wait for her at the door.

"Thanks for dinner Morino-san."


Smiling Sakura reached out and squeezed his arm, quickly standing and with a wave leaving to join her boyfriend, leaving Ibiki to finish her cake and watch the two walk down the street, that something feeling growing.

Half an hour later Sakura looked at Naruto dumbly. She knew she looked stupid, sounded stupid even, but she couldn't help it, even if it was the third time hearing it.


"Sakura we want different things, it happens."

"No we don't. I want the same things you do." Sakura gasped, her heart racing a marathon as she whispered. "We were talking about getting married a few days ago."

"I want kids." Naruto stated, his shoulders back, sure in his opinion and standing strong, his blue eyes soft as he looked at his girlfriend. Ex-girlfriend.

"So do I."

"But not your own."

"What! Naruto you know that not true." Sakura hissed, her heart breaking even as she stood to face him, tears gathering and slowly one by one spilling down her cheeks.

"You always said you wouldn't have kids and I was fine with that, or I thought I was. I want my own kids; pass my name to them, my techniques."

"Naruto , I said I couldn't, not-"

He stepped up and resting his hands on her shoulders and silenced her with a kiss to the forehead. "I love you Sakura, but I need someone who can give me what I want."

Eyes wide Sakura fell back onto her seat, unseeing as the tears fell down her face, disbelief filling her as she tried to breathe. In and out, in and out. She felt more than saw Naruto stop at the doorway one thing going through her head. "It's my birthday."

Blinking she looked up just in time to see the shame flitting across Naruto's face before that gnawing emptiness began to overwhelm her and heard his muttered 'Happy Birthday' before the door opened and clicked shut.

The pain was all consuming; the disbelief that he would hurt her like that after he promised her. Three hours later just as the clock showed one am Sakura was certain of one thing.

He had broken up with her, on her birthday.

The bastard.

Rubbing his eyes Ibiki shook his head, he should have gone to bed hours ago but the feeling of something had had him returning to his office and going over more reports. The slamming of a door and bang of a body hitting a wall had him standing only to raise an eyebrow as Sakura pushed open his door and entered the room.

Looking a vast sight different from a few hours ago. Her shoes were gone, bare feet walking on his carpet, her hair had begun to fall out of its curls and her red eyes were ringed with mascara, whatever makeup was left on her face was rubbed raw. Hours of crying were obvious and the something feeling Ibiki had suddenly became dread as emerald eyes met his.

"The bastard broke up with me. On my birthday." Spitting the words Sakura clanked two large sake bottles on Ibiki's desk and flopped onto his spare chair. "Why are you such bastards?"

Reaching into a drawer Ibiki quickly took out two glasses and with a swiftness of dealing with the Hokage uncorked a bottle and poured two drinks, pushing one towards Sakura before downing his in one shot, eyeing the door with a sigh. "What did he do?"

"One he actually forgot my birthday

But he said we wanted different things. He wanted kids and I didn't". Tears ran unchecked down her face, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she struggled to speak snorting and gulping down her sake. "The bastard knew the truth. I was honest with him Ibiki and he said it was fine. He promised. He promised me and he did the same thing as Kiba."

Standing Ibiki went to the other side of the desk and crouched down pouring them another drink before asking. "Sakura?"

"He said I didn't want kids, that I wouldn't give him kids, that I didn't want to have them."

Understanding filled Ibiki and setting down his drink he opened his arms just in time for them to be filled with a sobbing Kunoichi as he whispered. "You can't have them."

He shook as he held her sobbing wracked her body, holding her tight as he tried to comfort her, her sadden words pulling on heart strings he didn't think existed anymore.

"I told him that was why Kiba broke up with me, that the Clan name had to be carried on by blood. How much it had hurt, how long it took for me to get over it. Naruto said he didn't care, that he loved me and we had options. We were talking about getting married."

Tears began to soak his coat, Ibiki moved slowly shifting Sakura in his arms to sit on the ground against his desk, the tears washing away mascara to show rings of tiredness under emerald eyes. Listening to the young woman Ibiki began to growl angrily, the something feeling he had had all day solving itself in his head.

"Your right, He's a bastard."

A sob of laughter emitted from under his chin. "Blood doesn't make a family Sakura, and if you love someone enough it doesn't matter, any real man knows that.

"Then why didn't they?" Sakura asked painfully.

"Because their boys, their idiots."

With that Sakura's tears intensified, Ibiki reaching up with his free hand to pull down the sake bottle and making himself as comfortable as he could. It would be a long night.



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