Ages ago, Our World never existed. Or rather The World- As We Know it- should have never existed in the first place. Our Species was -IS- an anomaly, yet we thrive in this Fragile world left behind by an elder age, engulfed in War and consumed by their End. This "War" Was waged by 3 Factions. Noted By Symbols Emblazoned upon Their holdings. One was a sun, an obvious allusion to the "Light Side".Another Was the moon, a sign of allegiance to the night. Yet another was the Raven, as a symbol of Deceit. Many Species saw the rise of these groups. And The Humans were among those who, while not a faction on their own, Divided, and each allied with a Major Faction. Some Sided with Celeste, Whose Goal was to Bridge the gap in Realities Left by the War. As with any War, The Fighting spread. Many Worlds were conquered, Many more Destroyed. Five Worlds in particular were more ravaged than All others. From the Ashes of these Worlds Rose Six Heroes. The First Hero to Be known was The Maelstrom. He had been cursed with the Stigma of the Ninth Beast at Birth. The only Attacks This hero had ever needed was a Cloning technique and a Ball of Energy that Spiraled in a way that gave him his Namesake. The Second Hero Rose Not long after the Maelstrom. He Was Called the Protector. All that was ever learned from the survivors of the protectors Blade was that He was Like the Shinigami Incarnate. Never Hesitating, Never Afraid. An Almost Instinctual Grace of Blades. The Next Hero to follow was the Warrior. She Had lost everything To protect all that she loved, a gamble that fell short, though she never stopped fighting. The Fourth Hero Came from a world similar to The Warrior's. He was called the Outcast. He Fought, not to save the world, but so he had purpose. These four Heroes, none having much in common aside from goals, Banded together with the help of the Digger and the Immortal. These beings fought to put an end to all three Factions War. Facing armies and Gods, They created a New World. That is why Our world should not exist. WE were forged in Blood, Built by Corpses.

Now This is only the First prologue of somewhere around eight, Completion rate is going to be extremely low until I can find some
writers to take over the production(not completely) for four of the Crossed-over series.

Singing off,