Chapter 1 edited

Natsu thrashed in his covers as traumatizing scenes flashed through his mind. Memories of strange men, pain, and a deafening roar had him gasping for breath as he jolted awake. His breathing was erratic, and he clutched at his chest as he tried to calm down. Happy watched silently from the couch, not daring to move, lest he provoke Natsu into attacking. With every bad dream that Natsu had, an increasing level of hostility came with it. He had lashed out more than once at Happy in his fits of terror. Natsu groaned and curled his knees into his chest, trying to slow his breathing and slow his rapidly beating heart. After several moments, Natsu's breathing slowed, and he was left tangled in his blanket, his skin tingling with sweat.

He turned to see his closest friend nestled snugly among the cushions of the couch. The cute Exceed's brow was creased in worry, and he seemed ready to bolt if Natsu showed any sign of hostility. Natsu swallowed before taking a calming breath.

"It's okay, Happy; I'm calm now," he said, gesturing for the blue cat to approach

Happy carefully stepped forward, still weary around the frightened Dragon Slayer.

Natsu scowled. "I said I'm all right, damn it!"

Happy jumped forward, landing softly in Natsu's arms.

"Are you okay, Natsu?" Happy asked in his high pitched voice. "I can get you a fish to make you feel better."

"I'm alright; Natsu said, combing his fingers calmingly through Happy's soft fur. "I just need to go out for a minute, just go back to sleep Happy."

The little blue cat watched as Natsu dressed and pulled on his sandals. He worried about Natsu, he'd been having these dreams more and more often, and they obviously did something to Natsu that nothing else could. Natsu would always wake up like he had tonight, full of fear and violence and rage. It was scary to witness, and the blue exceed could do nothing for his best friend. Happy watched as Natsu opened the door to their small home and smiled at Happy, trying to reassure him; but it only made him more worried.

"I'll see you in a little bit Happy, get some rest while I'm gone."

With that, the Dragon Slayer shut the door softly and quietly pattered down their stone walkway. Happy watched him go and couldn't help but feel something ominous about Natsu leaving. He shook off the feeling, and tried to convince himself that the dragon slayer would be fine, He was from Fairy Tail after all!

Yet he still worried.

The little cat paced the entire length of their floor plan, thinking about what should be done to help Natsu. Natsu would never consent to see a Psychiatrist, there were some things he wouldn't even tell Happy, much less a total stranger. But maybe there was someone else.

Happy, sure of his plan, hopped out of their house's only window and flew as fast as he could toward Magnolia. He had to see her, she was the only one who could get Natsu out of his funk and Happy was sure, that if she couldn't help, then no one could.