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Tsuki: And I'm back!

Bakura: Joy....

Ryou: Yay! Another happy one!

Tsuki: Not only is it happy but unbearably funny and embarrassing to the yamis

Yami: What?!?!

Neko: Oops did I forget to tell you dear?

Yugi: Yay! Embarrassing moments!

********** scene changes


"Are you sure that you can go to school today?"

Ryou sneezed again followed by a cough. "I'm fine."

"Aibou you look and sound like shit."

"Yeah, I love you too."

"Ryou just stay."

"Iie Bakura, I can't miss a day. You know that."

Bakura leaned against the wall, trying to think of a way to keep his obviously very sick hikari home. The boy could barely walk he was so sick. He took the teen's backpack, and turned him towards his bedroom.

"Go to bed now."

"But aibou!"

"Go on and rest, I'll fill in for you today."

"Bakura you don't know-"

"I'll manage."

He pushed Ryou gently towards his room. As Ryou slipped into a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt, Bakura went into his closet and changed into one of his aibou's school uniform. He came out and Ryou gently chuckled.

"What? I don't look that bad do I?"

"Aibou, if your going to be me you have to button the jacket all the way up to the top and make your hair more uh, tame."

"My hair looks fine." He said as he did the top three buttons up.

"But it doesn't look like mine. Come on."

He pulled his yami into the bathroom, sitting him down on the edge of the tub and getting a bottle of hair spray from the sink, then handing him a brush. Bakura brushed his hair down, mumbling about how he insisted his hair was fine. Ryou took the brush from him, spraying his hair down with the hair spray and brushing it into the style Ryou kept it in.

"There now you can pull it off."

Bakura stood up, looking at himself in the mirror. He looked exactly like Ryou. The only difference was that his eyes were harsher looking than his hikari's.

"You know it's amazing what hair spray can do."

Ryou started to laugh, which turned into a short coughing fit. The phone rang and he went to answer it, Bakura nagging at him to forget it and get to bed.


A soft cough was heard on the other end, followed by Yugi's scratchy barely audible voice.

"Hey Ryou, could you do me a favor."

"What is it?"

"Could you get my assignments today?"

Ryou coughed again, trying to get his words out.

"I would Yugi, nut I'm not going either. I'm sure Bakura could, we do have all the same classes after."


"Yeah, he's filling in for me at school today. Why don't you send Yami so it seems like you haven't missed a day either."

"hold on Ryou, I'm gonna ask him."



Yami walked into the room, setting a glass of water on Yugi's bedside table.

"Aibou don't yell, you'll only make your throat worse."

"Yami could you go to school and pretend to be me?"

"I thought you were going to get Ryou to get your work."

"He's sick too, and Bakura is going in his place so I was thinking you could go in mine too. You could help each other, we have the same classes."

Yami smiled slightly as Yugi tried to give him puppy eyes, but he was just to tired to make them.

"Alright aibou I'll go as you."

"Arigato Yami." Yugi picked up the phone, putting back to his ear. "Ryou, Yami said he'll go."

"Does he know the way to school?"

"Ummm I don't think so, he doesn't pay attention when I'm at school."

"Just send him over to my house, Bakura knows the way."

"Okay, arigato Ryou."

"No problem Yugi."

Yugi hung the phone up, grabbing a bottle of hair gel from the drawer in his bedside table, and tossing it at Yami.

"You have to put your four blonde streaks down aibou."

"Aibou, people won't notice them."

"Just gel them down into your bangs. Believe me, people in my school notice things as simple as new shoes. That reminds me, make sure to wear a pair of my sneakers, not your boots."


"Onegai Yami. It's just one day."


Luckily for Yami the previous school year Grandpa had accidentally got a uniform to big for Yugi, but it fit Yami perfectly. He slipped it on with a pair of Yugi's shoes then unhappily gelled his streaks down into his bangs.

"How do I look?"

"Looks like I had a growth spurt overnight."

"Yugi, seriously."

"Come here."

Yami walked over, kneeling down next to the bed. Yugi reached up, pulling a little piece of his other's bangs out and placing it in the center.

"Now you're me. Now get my backpack and get going to Ryou's. Don't forget to eat lunch either."

"Eat lunch?"

"People will worry if "I" don't eat."

"Fine, fine, aibou, I'll eat."

"And stay with Bakura!" He yelled down the hallway after Yami.

"Don't yell!" He called back. Yami grabbed Yugi's backpack, and left for Ryou's house.


"You have to eat lunch."

"Got it."

"And you have to pay attention and take notes for me."

"Uh, they'll be in another language but okay."

"You can translate them later. Don't go around calling people mortals and when the teacher asks you to do something, just do it, don't start anything. And don't hit anyone, especially Yami, who you need to stay with so you both don't get lost, don't walk around calling him Pharaoh either and-"

"Aibou, don't worry I can handle this. It's only one day of school.


Neko: If only you knew....

Yami: Knew what?

Tsuki: Exactly how school is.

Bakura: I went to school before back in Egypt, it's not hard.

Ryou: You went to school in Egypt?

Yami: And he failed....

Bakura: I did not!

Yugi: Well they'll be at it for a while. Review guys! Onegai? *puppy eyes*