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Tsuki: Yay! And we continue on! *Pouty face* only to be getting held back by the writer's block.

Ryou: Specifically the green writer's block.

Bakura: These hikaris...everything has to be color coded for them.

Neko: Well if stuff wasn't they would die of falling off cliffs and things like that.

Yugi: Are you calling us hikaris baka?

Yami: Hai *smacked by Neko* I mean uh...iie.


Bakura: Oh Ra.

Neko: What are they gonna do?

*The hikaris pull out Tsuki's Yami Torture Device Box, put on some gloves, and pull out a bunch of pink thing*

Neko: Ah! *Grabs Yami's arm* Run they got pink things!

Bakura: *already running* You guys best hurry up!

*Neko and Yami run off as the hikaris begin chasing their yamis around with various pink objects*

Tsuki: How's this color for ya?!



"You two get back here so I can kill you both!"
"Don't leave me behind!"
"Run faster Pharaoh!"

"I can't!"

"Great time to learn to!"

"Well excuse me for not being a wanted criminal always on the run!"

"Just wait till I get my hands on you two! There's no way I'm serving that detention by myself! You can't out run me!"

With a sudden burst of speed, Yami goes running past Bakura. "I only have to outrun Bakura!"

"Hey I'm not dealing with her! Quick where's our next class?"

"History, room 327, take a left and the hall intersection."

"Left, right?"




As they came to the junction in the hallway Yami ran off to the left, Bakura to the right. Tea stopped, sighing. "Oh forget it, I'll get them at lunch."

*****************************************(At Yami's end of the hallway.)

He slid to a stop, sneakers squeaking on the floor. "Is it still following us?" He turned to hear Bakura's answer, only to find him gone. " Oh great, I lost the wrong thing." He looked down the hallway, noticing Bakura sliding to a stop at the other end of the hall. "For Ra's sake, can't he get anything right?"

******************************************(Other end with Bakura)

Bakura turned to face. "See I tol- What? Where'd he go?" He peered down the hall, seeing Yami walking his way, hands in his pockets. Bakura sighed, deciding to meet him halfway. When they met in the middle, glares were promptly exchanged.

"I said left."

"Iie, you said right."

"Iie I said left."

"I asked which way and you said left, I then asked left, right? and you said right, so now I was assuming that we go right!"

Yami blinked at him a couple of times, just staring at Bakura.

"Don't look at me like that Pharaoh."

Yami turned, trying to hold back his laughter. "You are baka, com eon we have a class to get to."

"It was a simply misunderstanding!"

In history class...

"And what a wonderful day for history! (A/N: Yikes, someone enjoys history a bit too much) Today class we will be discussing the art of mummification in Ancient Egypt."(Of course Egypt, what else.)

"Finally, something I understand."
"We will first discuss some of the Pharaohs and other various aspects of this wonderful civilization. Please open your textbooks to page nine hundred and ninety-two."

Yami listened intently as the Pharaoh's of Ancient Egypt, just waiting for this name to pop up. Bakura on the other hand, sat slumped in his desk, grudgingly taking notes for Ryou, and tapping his pencil impatiently when he wasn't, waiting for a change in subject, but when Yami raised his hand, he knew it would last all period.

Oh by Ra, can't he keep his mouth shut, I want to leave this hellhole.

"Yes Yugi?"

"Sensei, why isn't Pharaoh Yami mentioned in the textbook?"

"Pharaoh Yami? I don't believe there was a Pharaoh Yami."

Bakura hand to put his hands over his mouth to contain his laughter. The look on Yami's face was priceless, even for the tomb raider himself.

"But sensei..."

"Yugi, I'm sure that if there even was a Pharaoh Yami, he must not have been that important. After all like you said he's not mentioned in the textbook."

Bakura almost fell out of his chair and died from laughter. Yami glared at him.

"Don't say a word Tomb Raider..."

"Not important..."

"Shut up!"
"Ego hurt?"

Yami crossed his arms, narrowing his eyes as Bakura continued to gloat.

"Not important, oh that's a good one."

So they spent the rest of the class with Bakura having bouts of suppressed laughter, and Yami simply glaring at the textbook.

Later at lunch......

"Hey what's wrong Yami? And why is Bakura actually...laughing?"

"He's not in the history books!"

"Shut up..."


"Want to know why? Because he's not important!" The hysterically laughing tomb raider almost fell out of his chair for the second time that day.

"Would you let it go!?"

"But it totally avenges all the hate I feel for you because you were Pharaoh, but now-" He burst into laughter again, going into a coughing fit from the lack of air. Yami suddenly got up, leaving the table.

"Oh...come on...quit being...a....sore loser."

"I'm not, I'm leaving you to your death."
"Huh?" There was a tap on his shoulder, and Bakura turned around to come face to face with a very angry Tea. "Uh, ohayo?"

"Don't you ohayo me."

Bakura jumped up, running after Yami. "Yami don't leave me here with this thing! It's not right!"


Tsuki: Short, hai, but blame that on the green writer's block, and school. Ra, make summer come faster. *continues with the other hikaris, still threatening them with pink things*

Neko: That's it! *Bares fangs*

Hikaris: AH! RUN! *drop pink things and run off.*

Neko: *takes off after the hikaris with a baseball bat.*

Bakura: Think she can handle it on her own?

Yami: Of course she can, she's Neko after all. I swear she's scarier than you are...

Bakura: Wow she's good.

Yami: Ummm, well I guess I'll say it. Onegai review guys. *stands all sexy like and smiles*

Bakura: Quit trying to seduce people into reviewing...