It was a sunny day in the Mushroom Kingdom, just like any other. Peach was out in the garden picking flowers for Mario, who had recently broke his leg in a karting accident. Wario had come up to the castle to complain about being "ripped off by the royal taxes", even though they were the same ones everyone else paid. The castle guards were having a hard enough time keeping the farting behemoth out.

Meanwhile, Barry, a blue-capped toad and one of the castles many advisors, had come out to the garden with an urgent issue.

"Princess! Word is, Bowser's in town. But this time we've got a plan. Use this!" Peach had looked up to notice he had a small ! block, green with pink lettering. "You know how Mario has a metal cap that will allow him to turn into metal? I made a crown for you! Try it on."

She was a little hesitant, Barry had always devised 'plans' on how to prevent her from being kidnapped. They rarely worked, save the time Cackletta came to the castle to steal her voice. What's the harm? She thought to herself. Mario uses these things all the time. She gave the block a quick little punch. Light had enveloped and suddenly she found herself made of metal, not just any metal however. She was, from head to toe, made of pure gold. Albeit with a pinkish hue.

"Great! Now just stand perfectly still for a bit. You'll look just like a Statue of Peach, rather than the real deal. You see, my plan is brillian..."

Barry kept ranting, stuck inside his own little world. Peach knew not to interrupt him in his moment of 'triumph', he tended to get his feelings hurt easily. She had to admit, Barry's plan was brilliant this time around. She spotted a pedestal where a bust of her used to sit and decided to make the ruse more convincing by standing on it. After all, isn't a gold statue in the middle of a random patch of flowers a little suspicious?

I have to stand really still so no-one suspects a thing, good thing Toadsworth had me take those posture classes!

"See what I mean!" Barry had finally snapped out of his little trance. "Boom! Kidnap-proof!"

"STOP HIM!" Barry turned around to see what the fuss what about, but when he turned back the Princess was gone.

"WAHAHA! I'm RICH!" Wario screamed, running away with his prize in hand. "That'll show those royal losers"

The only person more surprised than Barry was Peach herself. Not only was she being kidnapped by Wario of all people, but she found she couldn't move! She couldn't even call for help. She was as still as a statue.

The start of a new adventure! Gotta hope the Princess will be ok, she seems to have trouble with the whole "Not getting kidnapped thing"

If I can keep a schedule, this will update every monday.