Hey guys, just thought I might put this little bonus chapter to tie up some loose ends before Part 2 comes out, they really won't fit in the timeline otherwise, and they're too important to be left out. So, enjoy!

Steve's PoV

It had been three days since we started working on building a base in the Twilight Forest. Andr was in charge of designing the house, after all, Enders are apparently master architects, and the stronger people were in charge of constructing it. At the moment we were living in simple wooden houses, but Andr said she wouldn't sleep in something so ugly, and always sleeps in the construction site of the house. I went inside one of the larger houses to meet up with Cupa, Rat and Willow, who were sitting beside a bed in which Valerie was sleeping. To our surprise, she started to stir, and woke up a little while after.

"W-where am I?" she asked in a weak, tired voice.

"Safe. I don't know what possessed Father to do something like abandon us, but I swear it won't go unpunished." Willow said to her sister confidently.

"He's no father of mine. I don't even remember my actual family, all I know is that something happened and he took me in when I was really young, maybe twelve, fourteen thousand years ago?" Valerie replied angrily. "And to think it was all a lie…" She tried to get up, but Willow stopped her.

"You're not ready to get up yet. A huge weight fell on you and you could have died if it wasn't for them."

"Oh yeah…" She looked over at me. "Heh…sorry about trying to kill you and all that. I want to help as much as I can, seeing as I need something else to do with my life and revenge fits the bill nicely."

"Cupa leaned closer. Listen, Valerie. There's something really important we need to tell you, and it might hurt you."

At first Valerie didn't want to know, but she became more curious until she couldn't bear to not know anymore.

"You didn't come out of this without a scratch you know, we managed to patch you up as much as we could but, well…"

Valerie tried to stretch her wings but instead a sharp pain ran through her and you could tell how much it hurt.

"Ahhhh! Oh Notch, that stings!"

"Yeah, I'm sorry, but your wings were damaged beyond repair." Cupa finalised.

"You mean…"

"You'll never fly again."

Valerie didn't say a word after that. She just sank down and pulled the covers over her and you could hear her quietly sobbing. We decided she needed to be alone for a while and left, I couldn't help but feel responsible for what happened…

Yaebi's PoV

"ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR!" Stephanie shouted as she started playing her keytar, after a while many of us came to see what was going on. I just wanted to hear her, she said she was going to practice later and I really wanted to be there, ever since I taught her, she's never gone anywhere without it. She looked up and you could tell by her expression that she wasn't expecting so many people to come and see. After a while she got exhausted and stopped, a few left but others stayed to do other chores that they could get done while they were here like gathering wood or tending one of the farms. I however, had something I needed to say, and I wasn't going to let anything stop me. I had fought monsters, defeated giant vines, travelled through dangerous lands to find Vanessa and Shara, and gone on the most terrifying cart ride of my life, but this was going to be my most dangerous and unpredictable moments of my entire life…

I opened my mouth to speak, but it felt dry. I felt like I couldn't breathe and that I was shivering, but I wasn't at the same time. I knew it would only get worse the longer I didn't do it, so I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and spoke.

"St-Stephanie, I have something to tell you." I stuttered, but I didn't let it stop me.

"Oh, okay. What is it?" she asked me, raising her eyebrow.

"W-when I was being attacked by that giant vine, I was really scared. Not scared that I was going to die, but scared that I was going to die before telling you how I felt about you. And it was this that gave me the strength to fight back."

Stephanie's gaze softened, and she smiled and blushed a little. "So…?" she said, a little flustered.

"Well, it means that I…I like you. A lot. Ever since you first landed on top of me on that wonderful night. And…" I was cut off when Stephanie suddenly pulled me into a really tight hug.

"I like you too, Yaebi. You really saved my life back then, In more ways than one."

Third Person PoV

As Yaebi and Stephanie walked off together, Paula and Fiona had seen the whole thing, they had been put in charge of checking whether there were any leaks in a pipe that had been built to transport lava over from underground, if there was any lava leaking it wouldn't affect them. Of course, this isn't the most exciting of jobs, so typically they were slacking off, watching any interesting activities that were happening. This was one of the better things.

"Aww, that's really sweet." Paula remarked.

"That's really brave, you mean. I'd never have thought he'd work up the guts to tell her."

"So you knew they'd go for each other?"

"Nether yeah! I can't think of anyone who wouldn't have seen it from miles away! Those two are made for each other."


The two Nether princesses stared at each other for a while.

"Wanna go spread rumours about them?" Fiona said with a sneaky smirk on her face.

Paula smiled. "You're evil, you know that?"

"What did you expect?"

It wasn't long until the large house was complete. It was mostly made of bricks and wood logs, with tall walls and smaller extensions out of the sides. The roof was slanted, and was very spacious on the inside, with indoor balconies made of glass, huge windows that showed brilliant views, and enough rooms for everyone, of course some like Vanessa and Shara or Paula and Fiona usually shared so their rooms were right next to each other with the beds in the same room. It was probably the most amazing place many of them had ever visited.

"Okay team, listen up. We don't have that long before Herobrine regains his power and devastates the world. We need to reach the endgames of our mods before then, we might just have enough firepower to defeat him once and for all.

I've been waiting for this chance for eight million years and I'm damn well not waiting for the next one, so let do this!" Steve triumphantly addressed his friends, who all cheered.

"Let's show him what we've got!" he shouted, and he knew that with a loyal team, powerful mods and time, they could be unstoppable…