Arnold's Feeling's

This is quick story that I wanted to write because I was inspired today.

Arnold sat in his room on his bed. He was thinking about her.

Her confession. Her eyes. Her words. Her voice echoing through his brain. Everything she had said was going through his thoughts. He had never felt this way before. It was a great feeling but something he didn't like was he didn't know what it was. He wanted to feel it more but also less. He was so confused.

Arnold sat there when he got a phone call. He picked it up.

"Hello," Arnold said.

"Hey football head," Helga said. Arnold started to blush and he didn't understand why.

"Hi Helga…is there a reason why you called me?" Arnold asked. Helga laughed.

"It's because I wanted to tell you that when I said I loved you on the FTI building…" Helga started to say but was interrupted by Arnold.

"I know, it was in the heat of the moment and you don't really love me," Arnold said.

"Actually… it was true. I love you and I always have. I love you with all my heart and I love your optimism even though I said I hated it…well that was a lie. I love you so much Arnold. I want you to love me as well and nothing will make me happy until you are my significant other. I want to hold you in my arms and love you. Why am I so unhappy all the time? It's because I don't have you in my life. I need you Arnold," Helga confessed in quite a calm voice. Arnold was in shock.

"That was a lie? It wasn't in the heat of the moment?" Arnold asked ignorantly. Helga giggled.

"I love it when you play dumb Arnold. Yes, it was not true. I do love you and I always have. You told me you like my bow because it was pink like my pants and that's why I wear a bow every day. It's all because of you Arnold. I even have the original bow in my closet. I write poems about you too," Helga said. Arnold blinked.

"I love you too," Arnold said. Helga laughed.

"I knew you did. You can wake up now Arnold," Helga said. Arnold was confused.

"What do you mean?" Arnold asked. Then there was a blur and Arnold found himself on his bed. It was all a dream?

"I wish it hadn't been. I now have to actually tell her how I feel and it won't be that easy," Arnold said.

This was a cute one shot and I hope you enjoyed it. Now Arnold will tell Helga how he feels and Helga will confess again and they will be married and live happily ever after. The End! (: