Disclaimer: Flaronza Wildfire, Damien, Alexis and Inkanikron are my OC's. Everything else belongs to Konam.

Chapter 1: A Stable Home

It was late afternoon in battle city. As Rex sat near a bus stop, he read the latest edition of duellist weekly. This particular edition was special to Rex because, for the first time in two-and-a-half years, Rex Raptor was mentioned in a positive light, having come an agonising second to a Fire duellist named Flaronza Wildfire. "I was so close" Rex said to himself as he read the duel synopsis. "She was a tough duellist alright, she could probably take it to Yu-gi and Kaiba with that deck" he added as he turned the page, and his friend Weevil's name jumped out at him. Briefly reading the title "What did he say? Weevil Underwood's controversial remarks detract from enthralling final round battle" he read briefly, he scanned the page for the quote, and found it. "After his third female opponent in four rounds, Weevil Underwood was quoted as saying that "Girls have no creativity when constructing their decks. They always using the same bland cards and the same strategy, That is why most girls will never get to the big league'" Rex read on a little further, but all it said was the outrage from, mainly Rebecca Hawkins and Mai Valentine. Rex smiled. Weevil wasn't one to not speak his mind. Shaking his head, he said to himself "This is why you will never get a girlfriend Weevil" Rex said to himself as he marked the page the full article was on and, getting to his feet, started walking home.

"I am really thankful to Damien and Alexis for letting Weevil and I stay with them" Rex said to himself as he walked towards his "home". He stopped twice, the first time Rex thought it was just the wind, the second time he thought it was just a small animal traversing the foliage. When he heard the noise a third time, however, he realised that someone was watching him. He took a few steps towards the bush, and heard more rustling.

He searched, but he thought it was pointless to search, as whatever was there was now gone. Just as he looked between the trees he briefly saw the swish of a cape, someone was behind the trees. But just as quickly as Rex had seen the cape, it was gone. "Wait up" Rex called as he ran after the figure with the cape.

It was several minutes before Rex could catch up, and he was surprised who it was when he caught up to the figure. "Hey Flaronza" Rex said as he caught the figure up. Since he was pretty sure he knew who it was, he was therefore not surprised to see Flaronza turn around to face him. She was a tall, slim girl of about 14, wearing a Black Leotard, Black shoes and a black cape. She smiled and said "Hi Rex, how are you going?" "I'm alright" Rex said, then added "What are you doing all the way out here Flaronza?" Flaronza turned away and ran. "Wait up" Rex called and he ran after her.

Flaronza managed to briefly elude Rex as she tried to get away from him. When she made it to her outpost she hid behind one of the trees, trying to hide from Rex. When Rex finally got close to Flaronza, he said "What is a 14-year-old girl doing in the middle of a forest, you have no idea how vulnerable you are" Rex said. He then waited, and after a few minutes Flaronza walked out from behind the tree and said "It is the safest place to be, can you please leave me alone?" she said, frustration threatening to boil over. Rex turned to leave, and at that moment several things happened. There was a shake from a nearby bush, Flaronza screamed, Rex spun around, and was subsequently bowled over by Flaronza, who was trying to flee from two boys, who looked about 17, were quite muscular and looked quite intimidating. "Sorry" Flaronza said as she got off of Rex, before helping him to his feet. "Didn't mum tell you not to sneak up on people" Rex said to the two boys, who were still standing about fifteen feet away, one of the boys, the darker skinned of the two, with a blue shirt and black pants, just sniggered and said "Didn't mum tell you to respect your superiors". Flaronza glared at the two of them and said "Get lost" the light-skinned of the two, who had a white shirt and black pants, then stepped forward and said "You're not in much of a position to make threats little girl" but Flaronza wasn't moved. She whispered into Rex's ear "Follow me, if they follow us we can lose them in the forest". Rex thought about this for a moment and said "Alright, let's go" they then turned around and ran, unsurprisingly, the two boys followed them.

After about ten minutes, they lost the two boys who were pursuing them. In the process, however, Rex had lost sight of Flaronza. Deciding to give up on trying to find her, he walked out of the forest, and proceeded back home.

"I'm home" Rex said as he entered the home. "Sorry I'm late, I got.." he added but was cut off by Weevil, who said "Sidetracked? I understand". Rex walked into the kitchen, where Weevil was sitting, drumming his hand on the table. "You've generated quite the controversy Weevil" Rex said, sitting opposite him and handing him the magazine. "Read page three, then the full article on page 24" he added. Weevil opened the magazine, and read through the article. "Hey Alexis" Rex said and she said "Hey Rex" as she turned around to face him. A tall, slim girl of about 22, her long brown hair was tied up in a bun, and she was wearing a full-length auburn dress, which matched her auburn eyes. "Don't worry Damien, Rex is back. He got sidetracked" she called upstairs, and a moment later Damien had come down into the kitchen. He was a similarly tall, muscular, 23-year-old man wearing a black shirt, and long black pants. "Can I have a quick word with you Rex?" he asked and Rex said "OK", getting up and following Damien into the lounge room.

When Rex arrived in the lounge room, Damien was standing near the centre of the room, with an inquisitive expression on his face. "Why did you get sidetracked Rex?" he asked, and Rex replied with "There was someone I knew, she lives in the park, and I was trying to convince her to come with me" he said. Damien looked puzzled. This was a bit unlike Rex, as he usually wouldn't want to help someone. "How old is she?" Damien asked and Rex replied with "She's 14. I even asked her, 'what is a 14-year-old girl doing in the middle of the forest?' but all she said was 'it's the safest place to be'" Damien put his hand out to stop Rex before he went further. "A 14-year-old girl is in the forest? Does she realise how vulnerable she is?" Damien said and Rex shook his head. "Alright. After tea, we will go out and find her, she can come to live with us until we can find stable accommodation for her. It is not safe for a 14-year-old girl to be outside at any time of the night" Rex nodded, and added as a final note "The sooner she is off the street the safer she will be" before they returned to the Kitchen.

Damien told Alexis and Weevil what he had told Rex over tea, and they agreed to help, with Weevil adding "Despite what I say and do during duels, I do have a heart" Weevil said. Rex replied with "Yeah but if you want to have a girlfriend you need to stop making comments like you made after that duel" Rex said. Weevil glared at Rex and said "You can't talk you don't have a girlfriend eithe Rex1" "Stop it you two, I can't believe you two are such close friends when I see you two arguing so often" Damien said and Rex replied with "We're more like brothers than friends, so while we argue a lot, we actually care acout eacch other a lot"

By the time the four of them had made it to the forest, it was almost dark. Damien gave each of the a flash-light as they went out, looking for Flaronza. "Now if I remember correctly, you should follow me" Rex said, and everybody, deciding that Rex probably knew where he was going, followed him.

As it turned out, Rex was right. He knew exactly where they were going, and after five minutes they came upon a clearing where Flaronza was cooking a couple of fish on a fire. "So this is Flaronza" Damien said. Alexis. However, was aiming her flash-light at the bushes behind Flaronza with a worried expression on her face. "What's wrong babe?" Damien asked and Alexis replied with "Someone's behind her and she doesn't know it". At this, Rex Raptor made for the bush "Rex, where are you going?" Damien called, but his voice was loud enough to alert both the people behind the bushes and Flaronza, the latter of which jumped to her feet and lunged for her duel disk, ready to fight anyone who comes by. The two people came out from either side, lunging at Flaronza, and it took Damien, Alexis, Rex and Weevil to keep them away. Damien aimed a punch at one of the boys and floored him, while Alexis aimed a kick at the other, striking him in the stomach, making him drop to his knees. "I should have known, it was the two boys from earlier" Rex said, looking at Flaronza. "Rex, Weevil, get Flaronza out of here, we will hold off these two" Damien said, activating his Duel Disk, Alexis mimicking him. "So you will try to fight us?" the white-shirted man said. "I reckon I can" Damien said, motioning Rex and Weevil to get Flaronza out of the area. Snatching up Flaronza's stuff, Rex and Weevil grabbed both of Flaronza's hands, and they scarped, leaving Damien and Alexis to fight off the boys.

The duel begins. All 4 duellists start with 4000 life points.

Damien then draws. His opening hand is Dark Marauder and five cards which are too close to each other to clearly make out. Alexis decides to activate one of her face-down cards, a trap-card known as Emblem of the Guard. (It's effect is never mentioned). Damien decides to use Dark Marauder, and hope Alexis had something to help them. Damien said "I special summon Dark Marauder in attack mode (2200/1700)" The first mysterious boy asked "Let me guess, since I control a monster and you don't, you can special summon Dark Marauder from your hand without a sacrifice despite being a 6-star monster" Damien nodded, and turned to face Alexis, who smiled. "I activate two Trap-Cards, Trap-Crushing Missile and Bater of Darkness" Alexis then summons Colossal Fighter/Assault Mode (3300/1500)" Noticing the outraged look on the boy's face's, Alexis explains "Since Damien controls a Dark monster, I can special summon any Dark-attribute monster from my deck, ignoring summoning conditions" the second mysterious boy then said "With a card that strong, there must be some nasty backlash" Alexis nodded and replied "If this card is still on the field during my end phase, I take damage equal to the ATK of Colossal Fighter/Assault Mode. That is where Trap-Crushing Missile comes in" The Trap-Crushing Missile launches, lands and destroys Banter of Darkness. "As you can see, Trap-Crushing Missile destroys 1 Trap card on the field, in addition, I must send all copies of Banter of Darkness to the graveyard" as she discarded 2 more copies of Banter of Darkness. Damien then continued with "I activate the special ability of Dark Marauder" Colossal Fighter/Assault Mode then self-destructed and was converted to energy, as Dark Marauder charged it blast, he said "As you can see, I destroyed Colossal Fighter/Assault Mode, and now one of you, which I decide, will take 3300 points of damage" He then points at the first mysterious boy. Dark Marauder blasts at who Damien targeted, lowering the first mysterious boy's life points to 700. The second mysterious boy said "Don't give up, we can still win this" the first boy got back to his feet and said "This duel's not over" Alexis then said "Sorry to interrupt, but there is another Trap I am activating known as Chaos of Oblivion" Gilford the Lightning and Colossal Fighter/Assault Mode then went into a black hole which leads to the remove from play area. "So I remove Gilford the Lightning and Colossal Fighter/Assault Mode to summon Chaos Sorcerer from my hand" and Chaos Sorcerer materialises on the field (2300/2000). Alexis then concludes her turn.

The second mysterious boy then draws. His opening hand contains United We Stand, Warrior's Spirit, Goblin Attack Force, Attack Guidance Armour and 2 unknown cards. He formed a deadly combo, and started by announcing that "I summon the mighty Goblin Attack Force in attack mode (2300/0)" he continued with "I firstly activate the continuous Spell Card Warrior's Spirit" and when this card activated, Goblin Attack Force's ATK increased to 2700 while Vorse Raider's ATK increased to 2300. The boy continued with "And I am not done powering up Goblin Attack Force. I now activate United We Stand to increase Goblin Attack Force's ATK by a further 800 points for every monster I control. Since I control 2, Goblin Attack Force gains 1600 ATK" Goblin Attack Force's ATK increased to 4300. Looking at the final cards in his hand, he noticed that he didn't have a way to remove Alexis' remaining face-down so he sets a card face-down without mentioning whether it is a Spell or Trap and ending his turn.

Alexis draws Brain Control to start her second turn. She smiled and said "My bluff worked. I activate the Trap-card Trap Stun" "Oh No! That card stuns all Trap-cards on the field for 1 turn" the first mysterious boy said. The second mysterious boy then said "My Attack Guidance Armour, No!" Alexis then continued with "I summon Drillago in attack mode (1600/1100)" Alexis then continued with "Now I activate Brain Control" the first mysterious boy said "Who's monster are you taking control of?" But it was quickly answered when Goblin Attack Force disappeared from the second mysterious boy's side of the field and re-materialised on Alexis' side. "My 4300 ATK Goblin Attack Force. How did I not suspect you were going to do something like this" the second mysterious boy said. "Now Goblin Attack Force, Wipe out your former master" Alexis said and Goblin Attack Force attacked, reducing the second mysterious boy's life points to 0. Suddenly, the first mysterious boy's Vorse Raider vanishes. "What the?" he said. Alexis said "I just banished your Vorse Raider using my Chaos Sorcerer's effect. And while Chaos Sorcerer cannot attack, Drillago can. So Drillago, end this duel" Drillago's attack reduced the first mysterious boy's life points to 0.

Duel end.

"Now let's hope Rex and Weevil didn't encounter anyone else on the way back" Damien said, leaving a beacon for the police to find later, before running off to find Rex, Weevil and Flaronza.


"Where are you taking me guys?" Flaronza asked and she was pulled along by Rex and Weevil."Out of here" Rex said, as they ran out of the forest and towards home. Flaronza pulled her hands out of Rex and Weevil's grip and said "I would like to know where you two are taking me" Rex looked back and said "We're taking you to Damien and Alexis' home, it is not safe for you to be here" Flaronza sighed. Weevil walked up to her and said "We'll make sure nothing bad happens to you Flaronza" Rex then took Flaronza's hand gently and motioned her to keep walking. Flaronza briefly resisted, but one determined look from Rex, and she walked with them.

Just as they arrive at the house however, three boys of a similar age to Rex and Weevil, race up to them, they manage to knock Flaronza down, but just as one of the boys attempt to grab Flaronza, Rex lunges over her, and his shoulder connects with the aforementioned boy's head. That boy stumbles away, leaving two others to face Rex Raptor and Weevil Underwood, who are on either side of Flaronza's unconscious form.

Duel: Rex Raptor VS Common Thug 1

Rex Raptor went first. Rex's opening hand contains Dinosaur's Paradise, Two-Headed King Rex, Polymerization, Kaitoptera, Ultra Evolution Pill and 1 unknown card. He said "I summon Two-Headed King Rex in attack mode (1600/1200)".

The Common Thug replied with "You're still using that lame Dinosaur deck?" To which Rex replied with "Yeah. But now it has a few tricks up it's sleeve" The thug replied with "The role of a Dinosaur deck is beat-down, what "tricks" is there in a beat-down strategy?" Rex replied with "You'll see. I activate the field spell Dinosaur's Paradise. This increases the ATK and DEF of Two-Headed King Rex by 300 points (1600-1900/1200-1500). That will end my turn"

The Thug then went next. He thought "I don't have a monster in my hand that can match the power of his King Rex. I'll play defensively until I can get a stronger monster out"

Rex asked the thug "Are you going to make your move or not?" to which the Thug replied with "Alright. I set a monster in defence mode. I then set a card face-down and end my turn"

Rex's second turn then began. He said "Here is one of the "tricks" I was talking about a few moments ago and suddenly, the face-down card on the thug's side of the field froze over, having been prevented from being activated. "WHAT? NO!" He exclaimed. Rex then added "And now that card is out of the way, I can smash your puny defence. And the other effect of Dinosaur's Paradise is that all Dinosaur-type monsters on my side of the field can inflict piercing battle damage" The monster destroyed was Shadow Tamer (800/800) lowering the thug's life points to 2900. the thug said "No my Shadow Tamer, you will pay for that" Rex replied with "I'll set a card face-down and end my turn"

The thug's second turn then began. He quickly finds a powerful combo to get one of his strongest monsters out. He said "I activate the Spell card Cost Down. So by sending 1 card from my hand to the graveyard I can lower the level of my monsters by 2" Rex, realising what that meant, said "Now you can summon a 5 or 6 star monster without a tribute" the thug then replied with "And this means I can summon Summoned Skull without a tribute (2500/1200)" Rex replied with "I thought you would summon a monster like that" Rex replied, to which the Thug said "And now for a tate of his power, Summoned Skull, Electro-Shock Attack" and the electric lightning destroys Two-Headed King Rex. "Grrr" Rex said as his life points dropped to 3400. "That will end my turn, let's see if you can come back from this" the thug said.

Rex's third turn then began. "Oh I will" Rex replied. Rex, looking at his hand, thought I have everything I need, but I can't carry the combo out yet. Guess I'll just have to pummel his life points. The thug said "Just go already, you're just delaying the inevitable" Rex looked at the thug and said "Fine. I activate the Spell Card Polymerization, this allows me to fuse Gilasaurus and Kaitoptera to Fusion Summon Horned Saurus (2000-2300/1000-1300)" The thug looked at Horned Saurus, then smugly replied "Bravo. But so what if you summoned your Horned Saurus, my Summoned Skull is stronger with an attack strength of 2500, compared to your Horned Saurus' 2300" Rex smile menacingly and said "Horned Saurus, attack!" "What?" the thug replied, but his puzzlement was relieved when Rex said "I''m not going for your monster, I'm going for your life points" "ARGH! THAT HURT!. I cannot believe I am losing so badly" the thug replied as his life points fell to 600. Rex replied with "And it's just going to get worse from here. I set a card face-down and end my turn"

The thug's third turn then began. He thought to himself "I could attack with Summoned Skull, but that is most likely some kind of Trap, so I won't, at least not yet" Looking at the card he had just drawn, he realises it's Dark-Bolt Dragon. Rex then comments "Talk about hypocricy" to which the thug replied with "Shut up, I'm planning my strategy" the thug then adds "I summon Dark-Bolt Dragon in attack mode (1600/1000)" As soon as Dark-Bolt Dragon materialised, Rex's Mirror Forces trap card was destroyed. "As you can see, when my Dark-Bolt Dragon is summoned successfully, 1 spell- or trap-card on your side of the field is automatically destroyed, and in addition, you take 600 points of damage since Dark-Bolt Dragon destroyed a trap-card" this effect lowers Rex's life points to 2800. The thug then added "And now that Mirror Force is out of the way, Summoned Skull, destroy Horned Saurus" Summoned Skull's lightning attack destroyed Horned Saurus, lowering Rex's life point to 2600. The thug then continued with "Dark-Bolt Dragon, attack Rex directly" the direct attack lowers Rex's life points to 1000. "You still won't win, I'll get you for that" Rex said. The thug replied with "Good luck with that, I end my turn"

Rex's fourth turn then began. Looking at his hand, he sees a combo that can end the duel. "Alright, first I summon Balloon Lizard in attack mode (500/1900)" The thug replied with "Are you going to do what I think you're going to do?" Rex grinned menacingly and said "Yes. I activate Ultra Evolution Pill, and by tributing Balloon Lizard" At this moment Balloon Lizard is destroyed, "I can summon Black Tyrrano from my hand (2600-2900/1900-2200)" The thug flinched when he realised that if Black Tyrrano destroyed Dark-Bolt Dragon, he would lose. "And you know what monster I am going to attack, So Black Tyrrano, destroy Dark-Bolt Dragon" the attack reduced the thug's life points to 0, ending the duel. "And that proves that crime doesn't pay" Rex said.


Duel 2: Weevil Underwood VS Second thug

Weevil went first. Weevil's opening hand contains Killer Needle, Mimic, Parasite Caterpillar, Insect World, Flying Kamakiri #1 and Insect Barrier. "So firstly I will summon Killer Needle in attack mode (1200/1000). I set one card face-down and end my turn" Weevil said.

The thug then took his first turn. His opening hand consists of Giant Rat, an unknown trap card, Mirage Dragon, Dark Blade and 2 unknown cards. He said "I summon Giant Rat in attack mode (1400/1450) which now attacks Killer Needle" This Weevil was ready for, as he activates Mimic. "Oh no, now you can exchange a monster on your field with a monster in your hand" the thug said. "That's right" Weevil replied. Killer Needle then vanished and was replaced by Parasite Caterpillar, which was destroyed by Giant Rat, lowering Weevil's life points to 3400. "Parasite Caterpillar, great. You're STILL using that turning opponent's monster's into Insect's strategy?" The Thug asked. "Yes, why would I change it?" Weevil applied before sniggering. "And as you probably know, your monster will pupate over the next four turns, and will be reborn as a 2700 ATK Poison Buterrfly" Weevil added. "Great, that strips me of 500 life points during every one of my End Phases I know how Poison Butterfly works" the thug replied, before concluding with "I set a card face-down and end my turn"

Weevil's second turn then began. "I'll also set a card face-down, then I will activate the spell card Insect Barrier" he said, and a barrier formed around Weevil's side of the field. "I bet anything that face-down card is DNA Surgery" the thug thought. Weevil then added "I have one more Spell card to activate, Insect World" "You have a field spell to support your Insect's now?" the thug asked and Weevil nodded. "Finally I summon Flying Kamakiri #1 in attack mode (1400-1700/900-1200)" "Hang on, Flying Kamakiri #1 has only 1400 ATK points, why does your's have 1700 ATK?" The thug asked. Weevil replied with "Insect World grants all Insect-type monsters 300 ATK and DEF points, but this doesn't apply to monsters who become Insect-type monsters through effects, Now my Kamakiri, attack this Thug directly" "WHAT? I still have a monster on the field!" The thug replied, outraged, but the attack went through and lowered the thug's life points to 2300. "Hehehe, if a monster has been infected by Parasite Caterpilar, that monster cannot protect your life points" Weevil explained, before concluding with "Now I'll end my turn there"

The thug's second turn began. He said "I activate a spell card known as Magical Stun Ray" Weevil replied with "Oh no, now my Insect Barrier is negated for your turn" The thug nodded and said "That's right. And meanwhile I activate Polymerization to fuse together Dark Blade and Mirage Dragon to fusion summon Chaos-Blade Dragon in attack mode (3200/2000)" Weevil replied with "Uh Oh, that's one helluva powerful monster" the Thug smirked and said "Attack Weevil's Flying Kamakirir #1 and when Chaos-Blade Dragon attacks, your monster has it's ATK cut in half, and the ATK of my monster increases by an amount equal to the ATK your monster lost" This decreased Flying Kamakiri #1's ATK to 850 and increased the ATK of Chaos-Blade Dragon to 4050, this lowers Weevil's life points to 200. "You know what happens when Flying Kamakiri #1 is destroyed by battle right?" Weevil said. The thug nodded and said "You get to special summon a Wind-attribute monster with 1500 or less ATK, and let me guess, you're summoning Flying Kamakiri #2" Weevil nodded and said "That's right, and it gains 300 ATK and DEF from Insect World (1500-1800/800-1100)" The thug then concluded with "I end my turn. Let's see how you handle my Chaos-Blade Draon"

Weevil's third turn then began. He said "I activate Card of Sanctity allowing both of us to draw until we hold 6 cards" The thug replied with "Fine with me" Weevil then replied "Next I activate Insect Exchange. Now I can return 1 Insect-type monster to my hand" And at this Flying Kamakiri #2 vanished from the field, And was replaced by Larvae Moth (500-800/400-700) "And as you can see I can summon another Insect-type monster from my hand, as long as it has less ATK than the ATK of the monster I returned to my hand. I then summon Coccon of Evolution in defence mode (0-300/2000-2300). I then equip it to Larvae Moth, set 3 cards face-down and end my turn"

The Thug's third turn then began. He said "Draw. I activate Chaos-Blade Dragon's special ability" he banishes Mirage Dragon and Dark Blade and Chaos-Blade Dragon starts glowing. "What is this glow for?" Weevil asked. The thug smirked and said "Now my Chaos-Blade Dragon is immune to the effects of Spell and Trap cards until the end of this turn, simply by banishing1 Light- and 1 Dark-Attribute monsters from my graveyard. And with this, I can attack your cocoon of evolution and when Chaos-Blade Dragon attacks a defence-position monster, it inflicts piercing battle damage to the opponent" Weevil sniggered and said "By activating the Trap Card Iron Casing I will double the DEF of Coccon of Evolution, and since my Coccon has only 300 ATK, your Chaos Dragon won't be able to absorb enough points to get over my Coccon's now DEF value" (300-150/2300-4600) (3200-3350/2000) The attack backfired and lowered the Thug's life points to 900. "Unbelievable. I set a card face-down and end my turn" Weevil then smirked again, and said "It has been 4 turns, so rise up Poison Butterfly, which does gain 300 ATK and DEF points since it was originally an Insect-type monster" (2700-3000/2000-2300).

Weevil's fourth turn then began. "The countdown is on, you lose 500 life points during the end phase of every one of your turns, so you will lose the duel in 2 turns" The thug replied with "I;ve come back from worse before, I will come back to defeat you" Weevil replied with "Well see. Draw" The thug then said "I activate my Trap Card Solemn Wishes" Weevil asked "So you're going to use that, which gives you 500 life points every time you draw, to try and stall out this duel?" The thug replied with "Until I find a way to defeat you that is" Weevil then continued with "Whatever. I activate the spell card De-Union, I have decided to take you down head-on rather than wait 5 turns for Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth. So I will split Larvae Moth and Coccon of Evolution" and sure enough they did. The thug then asked "And what will this achieve?" Weevil replied with "Patience. You will learn soon enough. Now I release Coccoon of Evolution and Larvae Moth to advance summon Insect Queen in attack mode (2200-2500/2400-2700)" The thug then said "Brilliant. I get to destroy your ace, It only has 2500 ATK, 3100 ATK after the boosts from the Insect-type monsters on the field, but My Chaos-Blade Dragon is still stronger at 3200 ATK" Weevil smiled and said "Guess what, there is a limitation to your Chaos-Blade Dragon's ability" The thug said, puzzled "What do you mean limitation?" Weevil said "You'll see. Firstly my Insect Queen gains 200 ATK for each Insect-type monster on the field. So with 3, Insect Queen's ATK is now 3100. And it will get worse, because I activate Double Summon to summon Duplicator Ant in attack mode, and as it is an insect, it gains a power bonus from Insect World (700-1000/500-800), which further increases my Queen's strength above Chaos Blade Dragon's (3100-3300/2700)" The thug replied with "Don't you remember my Dragon's ability?" Weevil sniggered and said "Don't you realise that it's effect only applies when it is attacking? Not when it is being attacked?" "WHAT?" The thug said. Weevil replied with "And thanks to an ability my Duplicator Ant has, I can tribute it for Insect Queen's attack, and since it was sent to the graveyard, until the end of this turn I get 4 Insect Ant tokens on my side of the field, which further increases my Queen's strength to 4100, which is just enough to finish you off" Insect Queen then attacked, destroying Chaos-Blade Dragon and reducing the thug's life points to 0. "WHAT? I LOST? NO!" He said as he collapsed from exhaustion/.

"We had better get Flaronza inside before someone else comes looking" Rex said, hoisting her onto his shoulders. "Alright" Weevil said, opening the door to let Rex inside. With Weevil's help, Rex was able to get Flaronza onto the couch. "Get a blanket, I'll get a pillow" Rex said, and after a few minutes, they had made Flaronza as comfortable as she could be. "Now I think we need some rest for the next day" Weevil said and they went up-stairs to their bedrooms.

When Damien and Alexis got home, the first thing they noticed was Flaronza sound asleep on the couch. "So they got her back safely" Alexis said and Damien replied with "Looks it" before adding "Looks like they've already gone to bed as well" they said as they ascended the stairs to their room.