AN: So this story is inspired by GH's Oct. 2007 storyline where Nikolas has a brain tumor that is the cause of his blackouts and fits of rage. Definitely a bit AU and several characters will be OOC. In this timeline, Emily has already been murdered. Helena is very much alive & active in Nikolas's life. Sam never slept with Ric. The problems between Jason & Sam stem from him still blaming himself for her being shot by Manny and her "inability" to conceive. Lucky still has affair with Maxie, prompting Liz to sleep with Jason after one of his fights with Sam. And a bonus for all you fellow Sam lovers out there: Baby Lila is alive and belongs to Jax NOT Sonny. Nikolas's child with Courtney died during the birth. Sorry!

Fair warning to everyone: I have taken some of the major GH events and twisted them to fit the direction of my story.

This story is also inspired by Kimmbee4004 and her amazing portrayal of Dark!Nikolas in her story, 'Rise of the Prince'.

Rated: M

Pervasive Language, Abuse, Incest, Humiliation, Rape, Dubious Consent

(*) - represents actual quotes from the show.

The Th3rd Wife


Finishing off his second glass of brandy, Nikolas Cassadine gazed into the crackling flames of his fireplace. He contemplated his life so far and the people in it. There was his catatonic mother, the beloved Laura Spencer. His younger brother Lucky Spencer, the town's golden boy. His baby sister Lulu who was proving to be every bit as flighty and irrational as their mother. Lucky's on again, off again wife Saint Elizabeth Spencer, although she wasn't much of a saint if she could so readily spread her legs for Sonny Corinthos's lapdog, Jason Morgan. Not that his brother didn't have it coming. Bedding the town slut Maxie Jones in exchange for his addiction to pain killers and then Sam McCall when news broke of his faithful little Stepford wife offering herself up for the fallen Quartermaine heir.

Nikolas's ebony eyes narrowed into slits as his thoughts brought him back to where they always did. Samantha. His new little wife. He laughed bitterly wondering what his beloved Emily thought of his marriage. She'd probably rant and rave with that fire of a fierce goddess she had possessed since they were young. Involuntarily, Nikolas's gaze flickered upwards to the self-painted portrait of his love, his soul mate Emily. He'd painted her in a white laced gown. The sun set behind her, illuminating her pale skin. What Nikolas remembered most about that day was how she'd continuously rubbed her stomach feeling their baby kick. For as long as Nikolas could remember, he had always wanted a family with three or four children. He would show them the love that he desperately craved as a child, being virtually ignored by his mother and always disappointing his father and grandmother. His first attempt at starting a family had been with Corinthos's sister Courtney Matthews. Being the daughter of a drunk, the sister of a thug, the ex-wife of said thug's "enforcer" and a reformed stripper to boot, his Grandmother Helena had been less than pleased by her grandson's "hormone induced mishap". Sadly, Courtney died during the birth taking their sweet little boy with her. Those were dark times and Nikolas fell into a black hole, secluding himself inside his castle and refusing contact with everyone. Everyone except Emily. She broke through his walls when she would spend hours sitting outside the locked door to his study, telling him everything and anything from her day at the hospital to the latest feuds in the Quartermaine Mansion. Emily was his everything. She was always there when he needed her the most. He confided in her all his hopes and dreams for his life and even the darker thoughts of how he resented Lucky and Lulu for being the children his mother had always wanted from her alcoholic rapist husband. Nikolas began to realize that he could say these things to Emily, these things he'd never dare keep in his journal much less say aloud, because she was the other half of his soul. The woman he should pin all of his hopes and dreams.

But it was not meant to be. Emily was six months into her pregnancy and only a few hours into their marriage when she became the final victim of the Text Message Killer. Nikolas was beside himself with grief. He wanted to die with them, but his grandmother Helena watched over him like a hawk, thwarting him at every attempt.

He'd never forget her forcing her fingers down his throat to make him vomit up the sleeping pills he'd swallowed. Once he had finished, Helena backhanded him across the face hard enough to bring black spots to his vision.

"Pull yourself together, Nikolas Mikhail!" she only called him THAT when she was good and pissed. "Do you think I didn't think of following my beloved Mikkos when he passed? Do you think I don't long for this life to finally end to see him again?"

"It's not the same, grandmother. You had father, Stefan and Irina - !"

"And are you conveniently forgetting they are all DEAD now?"

"- I have no one!"

Hurt welled in those cold blue eyes of his grandmother, and for a moment her stoic mask cracked. "You have me." Shame and regret filled Nikolas. His grandmother held up her hand, cutting off whatever apology he was about to make. "Enough of this." She grabbed a hand towel from the rack and threw it in his face. "Clean yourself up," she sniffed. "You are a Cassadine, for God's sake. Act like it."

When Nikolas left that bathroom, he emerged a new man. Never again would he be so weak as to give his heart away to a woman who promises forever, but can only give him for a while. He had done that with his mother, but next to her beloved family of Spencers, he meant nothing. He had done that with Courtney & Emily, and they both ended up dying and taking his children with them. No, Nikolas Cassadine refused to love as freely and as unconditionally as the Webber in him demanded. He decided to give in to his Cassadine blood and all that it entailed.

Little did he know that by doing so, he would gain everything he longed for and everything he didn't. Maybe that's why he had taken what SHE had to offer and even what she wouldn't.

Nikolas remembered that night above all others. He had just returned from the hospital after having completed what should've been the final round of treatments to shrink his tumor. On his way out, he had overheard an argument between his sister-in-law Elizabeth, and his newly discovered cousin Sam McCall, his Aunt Alexis's long lost daughter. Nikolas shouldn't have been all that surprised Sam was sleeping with Lucky. Lucky hadn't been in his right mind since he got himself addicted to pain meds and was ensnared in the web set by the commissioner's whore of a daughter, Maxie Jones. Not that Sam McCall was any better. When Alexis told him that she was the daughter she'd given up in her teens, Nikolas had his investigators complete a thorough background check on her. Her past couldn't have looked bleaker if they tried. Sam McCall was a con artist. Marrying wealthy men, taking a portion of their fortune and then disappearing by the time the poor bastards figured out what was going on. She was a professional whore. Her motivations were solely to help care for her mentally disabled brother Danny. But at the end of the day, a whore is still a whore. Hearing that they were sleeping together, that Lucky had a pretty, mostly faithful wife, but had a woman like Samantha on the side, set his teeth to grind.

Nikolas stepped out on the turret that night. He could see the lights from the harbor and hear the waves crashing below. The cool breeze shifted his hair and started to soothe him. Nikolas had decided he would go into his study, have the drink his doctor strictly forbid him to have, gaze at the portrait of his beloved and forget about the mess his brother had made of his life.

But then she came along.

She stepped onto the turret clearing her throat to get his attention. It was unnecessary. The sensual scent of her perfume called to him, announcing her presence before she uttered a word. Sam began to speak, clearly oblivious to the tension in Nikolas's shoulders as he gazed straight ahead, knowing if he so much as glanced in her direction, he'd lose control.

*"Look I, ah, I just wanted to explain what you walked in on in the hospital."

*"That's not really necessary," walk away, cousin, walk away while you still can.

*"Yeah, I understand that, but I do know that you're angry" - you have no idea - "and I have a right to how I feel."

*"I don't wish to discuss this right now." But she pushed on either not hearing or purposely ignoring the warning in Nikolas's voice. Sam moved closer so that they stood side-by-side. As Sam looked down to gather her thoughts, her perfume invaded his senses, making Nikolas feel dizzy.

*"You and Emily, and Lucky and Elizabeth all have been friends" - Nikolas rubbed his forehead wanting to hit her in her mouth for bringing up his dead wife - "for a really long time and I get that."

Nikolas faced her fully now and he realized he hated everything about her. Her confrontational attitude. Those blonde streaks in her hair, making her look the part of the whore he knew she was. He hated the way her leather jacket hugged her breasts. The way those tight jeans looked painted on her long legs. But most of all, Nikolas hated how readily she'd justify her feelings for Lucky the golden boy.

*"Shut up!" he yelled, losing control. "Lucky's thrown away his entire family because of YOU." Not that Nikolas really gave a damn. He hoped his little brother would be just as miserable as he was. But that didn't mean he had the right to disgrace himself with her.

For a moment, Sam was stunned into silence. But only for a moment. *"Are you kidding me? That's not how it was."

Nikolas took a step towards her and something flickered in Sam's eyes as she looked over his body language and aggressive attitude. Nikolas thinks it's fear. He liked it.

*"That's exactly how it happened!" he said at the exact moment Sam declared she cared about Lucky. Of course she did. Everybody loves Lucky. Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!

That was all it took for Nikolas to seize Sam by the arms with the clear intentions of throwing her over the turret. *"YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT HIM! AND I'D BE DOING HIM A FAVOR BY GETTING RID OF YOU! WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT?"

He had her bent backwards over the battlements, only his grip keeps her in place. Sam screams his name and her eyes are wide and frightened. The only thing that saved Sam's life that night was her instincts. She raised her leg and kicked him in the ankle like a wild mare.

Nikolas curses colorfully, falling backwards, still holding on to Sam. She lands on top of him and swings her fist aiming for his nose, but catches him in the chin instead. His head rocks back and now he has another pain to match the throbbing in his ankle. For a tiny thing, she had a lot of power behind her blows.

Sam tried to scramble up, but Nikolas has his hand threaded in her hair. He uses the momentum of her attempting to rise and flips them over so that she lay on her back underneath him. Nikolas has her jacket unzipped before he realizes that rather than ending her pathetic life, he would destroy her in another way. He takes her shirt in his hand and the fabric rips apart as easily as if it were made of paper. Sam's bra-less breasts are exposed to Nikolas's hungry eyes by the time she recognizes his intentions. Her nipples tightened from the night's air and Nikolas is faintly surprised they were pink instead of brown.

"NO!" she screamed, fighting against his invasive hands. "Nikolas!"

Hearing her scream his name with so much fear makes the beast within him purr in delight. The hand tangled in her dark hair lifts and slams back down, making her head bounce off the cold stone. Sam stops fighting and lays there dazed. Nikolas seizes these few moments of disorientation and starts in on her pants. He tugs them down along with the red laced thong that she probably wore for his brother. Just imagining his perfect brother seeing Sam as exposed as she is now turns the red haze in Nikolas's vision a deep crimson. He drags her jeans down past her knees and unbuckles his pants. Nikolas watches her try to blink away the dizziness and releases himself from his pants, pleased that he had made the decision to go commando that morning.

His cock's hard and throbbing in his hand as he stared at Sam's hairless mound and pink silken lips.

"Nikolas," she whispers in a broken voice. "Don't. Please."

Nikolas, as if not hearing her, surged forward, thrusting his hard cock into her hot cunt with a deep groan that mixed with her pained scream. She was tighter than he expected her to be. Nikolas took his begging cousin at a fast and hard pace making her head bang against the wall enclosure.

"Nikolas, stop!" she pushed ineffectually against his chest.

Nikolas pushed her hands away and lowered his head to place teasing bites on her breasts. Sam stopped screaming and started whimpering when his wet mouth enclosed around her nipples.

Nikolas hitched her legs higher around his waist. He slid his hands underneath her and cupped the soft, rounded globes of her ass. Manipulating her so that she was meeting his powerful thrusts with her own. Nikolas stared down into Sam's pained brown eyes. He wanted her to feel his anger and all the pain he had unjustly suffered. She was a Cassadine, yet she knew nothing of the pain that came with it!

"Is this how Lucky fucks you?" he taunted her. "Or do you turn over and take it like a good little whore for him?"

Sam glared hatefully at Nikolas. "Lucky's nothing like you. He's a better man than you'll ever be!"

Nikolas growled furiously and pistoned his hips driving in and out of her. "He'll never touch you again, Samantha. Not after this."

"I'll tell," she promised.

"And who's going to believe the convicted whore over the grieving, widowed son of Laura Spencer?" he huffed.

Nikolas could feel himself about to come. He wanted to pull out and shoot his cum over her tight stomach painting her the whore he knew she was, but she just felt too damn good to stop now.

Sam's expression shifted from pure hate to deep pain and resignation. Tears rose in her eyes and at that moment Nikolas lost himself within her. "Fuck!" he shouted, releasing spurt after hot spurt inside her. Nikolas collapsed on top of Sam, struggling to catch his breath. She lay completely still beneath him almost afraid to breathe. The crimson haze left his vision and Nikolas felt his cock starting to stir again. Nikolas immediately withdrew from her. He glanced briefly at her blood smeared on his cock, before zipping himself up. Once he had moved away from her, Sam quickly pulled up her jeans and underwear. She zipped up her jacket and gingerly picked herself up off the walkway.

Before she could get away, Nikolas had Sam backed against the wall with his knee wedged between her thighs and his hand wrapped around her throat. Her warm breath fanned against his face as she returned his dark gaze with as much hatred she could gather.

"Now, wasn't that the better alternative than throwing you over the wall?" he smirked.

"You're sick," she hissed.

"Perhaps," he conceded, with an incline of his head. "If anyone asks, what happened here tonight?"

Sam's jaw clenched as she drew in a sharp breath between her teeth. "Nothing." Her mouth twisted in a grimace as if speaking the word brought her physical pain. "I went to Wyndemere to apologize to you for my behavior with Lucky."

"And...?" he prompted.

"You said it wasn't necessary and we agreed not to talk about it. Then I went home."

"Good girl," he cooed.

"Who would believe the convicted whore, anyway?" she muttered unable to meet his dark gaze any longer.

Her words were tinged with helpless defeat. Nikolas removed his hand from around her throat and ran a gentle finger down her dry cheek. Not one tear had fallen. All of her pain was inner. Lovely.

Sam's eyes flew up to his in shock. "What are you doing?" she questioned, wary of her cousin's intentions.

Nikolas moved closer until his lips hovered directly above her own. "You're mine now, Samantha."

No further words passed between them that night. Nikolas let her go when he could have easily snapped her neck and tossed her body in the raging waters below. By the time Nikolas returned to the turret with his glass of brandy in his hand, Sam was already hurrying away, looking up the wall over her shoulder. Knowing she was looking at him, Nikolas sent her a mocking wave.

"Run, run, run," Stefan said as the dark beauty disappeared into the night.

"I should've just killed her. It would save a lot of problems that are sure to stem from this night." Nikolas raked a hand through his sweat drenched hair. He felt disgusted for losing himself to his own savage lust.

"You did the right thing, Mikhail. She won't tell. She knows not even Natasha would believe her."

"She might. Aunt Alexis has proven that she's not the best judge of character lately. Letting Sonny Corinthos knock her up and then marrying his brother."

"True, but your Samantha is smarter than that. Whatever fond feelings your half-brother may share with her, he'd never believe you capable of hurting anyone. Especially with rape."

Nikolas took a sip of his brandy. "She's not mine."

"Are you sure? Seems to me you have already claimed her as yours, Mikhail. And why shouldn't you? She may be a whore now, but she has the potential to become something greater with the proper guidance. She's strong. Not a single tear fell tonight, and she fought you off from killing her." Did she! Nikolas could still feel the subtle throbbing in his ankle and chin. "She's a Cassadine. She shouldn't be wasted on Lucky Spencer, of all people, and definitely not that waste of life Jason Morgan."

"None of that matters, uncle. Samantha will never willingly be mine after what I did to her." Nikolas's grip tightened around his glass. She was probably already back in his brother's arms.

"Even if she carries your heir?"

Nikolas choked on his brandy. "What? But she's barren!" he protested.

"Sure about that, are you?"

"I'm positive."

"Then why didn't you pull out before you climaxed?" for that, Nikolas had no answer. "Mark my words, my son. The future of the Cassadine line was planted in young Samantha's unsuspecting womb tonight."