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Chapter 1

A low knock to his study door drew Nikolas from his thoughts. "Enter!" The door opened with a slow creak. Nikolas leaned back in his chair. The scent of her perfume came to him before the sound of her low heels clicking against the floor echoed around the silent office. He watches the firelight dance shadows across her tanned skin with each step she takes. Nikolas takes a moment to assess his wife's presence. Her hair - rid of those trashy blonde streaks - is pinned in a tight, but elegant bun with not a single strand out of place. Next to no makeup on her face - aside from a little rouge to give her cheeks a blush and one coat of lipstick that's already fading. She wore a black, long sleeved sweater that still did nothing to hide the luscious swells of her enormous tits, a knee length charcoal gray skirt with stockings and black low, open toed heeled shoes. A diamond, platinum bracelet adorns her right wrist, a gift he had given her on their first Christmas as husband and wife. Nikolas gazed zeroed in on her left hand where her white gold wedding band and diamond engagement ring nestled snugly on her finger binding her as his for the whole world to see.

After giving her the once over, Nikolas averted his eyes back to the amber flames. Wordlessly, Samantha Cassadine took the empty glass from his hand and refreshed it with his favorite brandy. Nikolas watched his wife from the corner of his eyes. She moved swiftly, never pouring too much or too little. She returned to his side and once he took the glass, kneeled obediently by the side of his chair, head bowed, eyes downcast and hands turned upwards on her lap in supplication as she awaited her husband's acknowledgment.

Nikolas sipped his drink negligently, knowing his wife must be tired from her long visit in town. By now, she'd probably wanted nothing more than to kiss the twins goodnight, have a long soak in the bath and afterwards climb into her own bed and slip into oblivion.

Nikolas would never make it that easy for her.

"How is Lila Anne?" he finally spoke after about fifteen minutes of meaningful silence.

"She's perfect." Nikolas could hear the smile in her voice. "She has her father's blond curls and reads everything she can get her hands on. She adores Josslyn and her brothers Michael and Morgan. She has a play date in the park with Kristina and Molly tomorrow." Samantha quieted before saying, "she loved the pictures of the twins. She wants to see them."

"Hmm," Nikolas said. Now her hesitation made sense. "And what does her father say about this?"

If Samantha was alarmed by his question, she didn't show it. "He agrees that Lila should have a relationship with all her siblings."

Nikolas snorted, but didn't comment. It was because of Jax that Lila Anne couldn't see the twins. He didn't trust Nikolas's mood swings not to turn to his daughter. Nikolas may have been many things, but he would never hurt a child.

"That little dilemma rests squarely on your shoulders, wife."

"I know," she admitted.

Nikolas placed a finger underneath Samantha's chin. She willingly lifted her head and met her husband's measured gaze. "Just say the words and she will be yours and yours alone."

She bit her lip and Nikolas could see the desire to reclaim her daughter warring in her eyes with doing what she allowed everyone else to tell her was right. Nikolas sort of hoped that Samantha would say yes. Nothing would bring him more satisfaction than to rip Jax's firstborn from his arms just because he could.

"No," Samantha answered at last, looking pained. "Lila is happy where she is. Who am I to rip that apart?"

"Her mother!" His protests were half-hearted at best. Nikolas had nothing against the child. She was truly a sweet little girl, but he didn't want his wife's bastard anywhere near his children. Especially considering that part of her upbringing was being attributed to by the former Mrs. Corinthos. Carly might have been a hot lay when he was mourning Courtney and their baby, but she was a particular brand of crazy that no amount of sex could curb.

Then there was Jax. The blood between them was still bitter from Nikolas sweeping in and stealing Courtney right out from his clutches. Although, Nikolas supposed it was karma come back to bite him in the ass that his third wife bore Jax his first child. That smug smile that Australian bastard never failed to flash him constantly left Nikolas wanting to snap his wife's pretty little neck.

"She's happy. That's all that matters now."

"As you say." Nikolas took another sip of his brandy. "Did you speak to my dear Aunt Alexis today?"

Raw pain fills his wife's eyes. Whatever bond, whatever reconciliation they had been making strides towards before the marriage was all but obliterated now. Of the dissenters of their marriage, and oh were there many, none were as outspoken as her mother. She actually thought that her daughter had fallen back into her con artist days and gotten herself pregnant for the biggest score of her life. Family relations be damned. If only she knew the truth, Alexis would probably cut off her own tongue for calling her daughter a whore.

"No, but Jax said that her divorce from Ric finalized last week." Ric had gotten caught sleeping with Corinthos's third and now very dead wife Claudia Zacchara. "And -"

"And now she's already sniffing around Mac Scorpio."

"Natasha never could make the right choices where men are concerned." He appeared to Nikolas, sitting comfortably in a chair across from Samantha who is as always oblivious to Stefan's presence. The chest of his white dress shirt is wet, stained with his blood and the left side of his face is horribly burned leaving his eye a milky white, pupil-less color and the corner of his mouth pulled down in a prominent sneer, while his right side is perfectly unmarred. His Uncle Stefan, the man of two faces.

Samantha didn't seem at all surprised that Nikolas knew the happenings in Port Charles. Not much got passed him. "She sent me another letter, actually." Nikolas watched in rapt anticipation as his wife's shoulders stiffened. She looks into his eyes and waits for him to continue. "It was the usual, 'what is it going to take for you to realize that she is using your grief to get to your fortune', etc. Except in this letter she has made it clear that 'my wife' isn't to have any contact with her daughters for fear that her destructive influence will taint them." Samantha lowers her eyes and a solitary tear rolls down her cheek. Nikolas watches in equal parts amusement and satisfaction. His wife's pain is ambrosia to his senses. Sweeter than the finest wines, more decadent than melted chocolate. "Now I know what you're thinking. You think you've lost everything. While that's true for the most part, you still have me. I'll never walk away from you."

The promise comes across as threatening as he intended. Nikolas cups her chin, lifting her head so that their eyes met. "Samantha," he whispers, thumbing away her tear. By now, she should know better than to cry in his presence. "I want you tonight." Her tears never fail to invoke the primal urge to force her to shed more for him.

She shudders lightly. Samantha knows exactly what that means. Strip, shower and wait in his bedroom for him to come for her. "Yes, my prince," she answers.

Nikolas turns away from her. Dismissing her.

"Such an obedient little wife, she is," Stefan says, once she's gone.

"We shall see."

Samantha's two guards Perry and Mitchell came in to report on Samantha's day: her conversations, her physical interactions and the nosy residents of Port Charles's general reaction to her. Nikolas had done a job of instilling into her that he was the only person who would always be there for her. He would be damned if he let one of her exes lead her to believe otherwise.

Neither man had anything of significance to report. She had left the harbor and gone straight to see Lila as she promised. Jax followed them from his house at a respectable distance, and luckily for Samantha, didn't attempt to engage her in any conversation. She took the little girl to Kelly's for ice cream. Mike seemed disappointed that she was still married to his former son-in-law, but didn't really speak to her. Samantha ignored the looks and whispers she received and focused solely on her daughter. Then the Spencer family came in. Lucky, Elizabeth and their sons Cameron and Jake. Samantha was forced to maintain a genial air, digesting the pitying and hateful glares from Lucky and Elizabeth respectively, while Lila chatted with her best friend Cameron. Perry said that his brother kept his gaze on Samantha the entire time and Mitchell thought Lucky looked like he was looking for something out of place on her. After a few minutes, Samantha collected the girl and led her out of the diner back to Carly & Jax's house. Carly let her hold Josslyn and cooed over pictures of their twins. They were practically best friends now that Sam and Jason were over and Sam didn't have any apparent interest in Jax. Nikolas rolled his eyes over this. Women always went nuts over babies. Jax remained silent - suspiciously to Nikolas - throughout all this. Once she said her goodbyes, Samantha went back to the pier and found none other than Jason Morgan there pacing in the middle of a call.

Nikolas sat up straight. "Morgan? Morgan was with my wife today?"

"Samantha, Samantha, when will you learn?" Stefan sighed.

Perry and Mitchell shared uneasy glances at the abrupt change in their employer's demeanor. Nikolas drummed his fingers against his desk slowly. "I'm waiting, gentleman."

Perry hastened to explain that Mrs. Cassadine was startled, almost terrified to see him there. She tried to ignore him, but Mr. Morgan isn't exactly the type to be ignored, Mitchell added.

"Show me."

Nikolas knew his men had audio and visual recorders on them at all times. Mitchell handed over the small disk and Nikolas inserted it into his laptop.

The scene on the pier opened with his wife gazing at her ex-fiancé in shock and terror. Morgan looked over her head at the guards.

"Can you get rid of them?" he said to her.

"I don't think that's such a good idea. The launch will be here soon and -"

Jason took a step towards her and she immediately stepped back, eyes wide. He seemed genuinely hurt by her reactions to him. "It'll only take a minute, Sam."

She bit her lip indecisively before looking over her shoulder. "Hang back a little, guys?" she asked, because she was still uncomfortable giving someone else orders.

The guards stepped back just enough to give them both the illusion of privacy. Nikolas could still see and hear everything as clearly as before.

"You look...different," he said, carefully.

Samantha rolled her eyes and smiled a little. "That's what you wanted to say to me?"

"No, not really," he sighed. "How are you?"

She looked at him blankly. "The twins are happy and healthy."

"Good to hear," he nodded. "Now how are you?"

"I'm well." She peered up at him and frowned. "How are you? Doesn't look like you've been sleeping."

Jason sighed and ran a hand through his hair, completely missing the flash of longing in her eyes, but Nikolas didn't. "This past year's been hell. With the Lucky/Elizabeth will, they, won't they saga, Jake's kidnapping" - here Samantha winced guiltily - "Carly bickering with Sonny over every little thing, Spinelli pinning for Maxie, and your marriage to HIM..." Jason clenched his fists and closed his eyes. Nikolas smirked smugly. Apparently, the hatred was mutual. "Sleep just doesn't come easy these days." Nikolas tilted his head. He wondered if Samantha could hear Morgan's unspoken without you as easily as he could.

"Sounds like nothing's changed and everything's different," she said softly.

"I'll say everything's different. No one's seen you accept for the once a month visits to Lila. You don't even visit Danny's grave anymore. That's not like you at all, Sam."

"Low blow, Morgan, low blow!" Stefan laughed.

If Morgan was expecting righteous indignation or even a slap to the face for daring to mention her dead brother, he didn't get either. "I can't always leave Wyndemere." Nikolas lifts an eyebrow at that sudden confession.

"What do you mean?" Morgan asks with narrowed eyes.

"Just that I only recently weaned the twins to the bottle. T-that's all," she stuttered. Her lying needs some work.

"You used to be a much more believable liar, Sam." He takes a step closer to her. Nikolas's jaw ticks not appreciating the lapdog's proximity to his wife. "I'm worried about you."

"Don't be. I'm fine."

"So is everyone else," he ignored her. "Elizabeth -"

"Oh, Elizabeth! Of course. Tell me, Jason, what does the patron saint of liars have to say about me?"

Nikolas snorted at the face Morgan makes.

"Nothing good. But Lucky's different." Nikolas turned up the volume, eager to hear how his little brother was yet again sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. "He forgives you too, you know? For Jake? He forgives you."

"Yeah," She said, looking off towards the water. "He always forgives the ones who have hurt him the most." Nikolas glanced at the time. Helluva lengthy conversation with her ex she neglected to mention, Stefan adds. "What did Lucky say?"

"He thinks Nikolas is hurting you. He thinks that the rages haven't stopped at all."

Nikolas gritted his teeth. His busybody little brother was dangerously close to crossing the line.

"Lucky's wrong," Samantha says quietly. "Nikolas would never hurt me."

"Because he loves you?" Morgan asks doubtfully.

"Because he's my husband."

Nikolas revels for a moment in the pain her words have caused him. Until Morgan reaches out and grabs Samantha's right wrist. "I miss you."

His men move closer, threateningly, and surprise, surprise, Samantha waved them off.

"I miss you, too, Jason." She stares down at his fingers caressing her wrist. "But our time has passed."

"I'll never forgive myself for betraying you with Elizabeth." She closes her eyes as if remembering the pain his betrayal wrought. As if remembering everything both their affairs set in motion. "I just wanted you safe, Sam. If I could take it all back - "

"But you can't." FINALLY. She pulls her wrist free from his grasp.

"Sam, please," he begs as the launch pulls up to the pier. "I love you."

Nikolas can tell she still loves him too, but she doesn't dare say the words aloud. Not with his men there.

"You have to let me go, Jason," she says, sounding miserable.

"I can't do that, Sam."

"You have no choice."

Nothing else passes between them as she boards the launch, unable to bring herself to look back at him.

"Thank you, gentlemen," Nikolas says once the video ends. He gives them the cash. "Now if you will kindly show yourselves out, I've got a wife to punish."

The men laugh easily, thinking he means something as harmless as taking her over his knee. If they only knew.

Once they're gone, Nikolas can feel his rage engulfing him and the red haze clouding his vision. What would it take? He had bedded Samantha, taken a DNA test proving that the twins were his, married her, and moved her to his castle. Yet his little brother and Jason Morgan were still interfering in matters that shouldn't concern them. He would have to do something about them soon.

"Easy, Mikhail. They want you like this. Out of control and a threat to your heirs and your wife. Let her feel your anger tonight and we will take care of the rest in the morning."

Nikolas finished off his drink and with determined strides, made his way to his bedroom. Just as he had ordered, Samantha was on the center of his bed completely naked. She had taken her hair down, letting it spill across her back and around her shoulders. One of the many reforms Nikolas had ordered concerning his wife's behavior and appearance was her hair. She was only allowed to wear it down in his presence. Water droplets slid slowly down her freckled golden skin. By the time he closed the door, Nikolas was rock hard.

Samantha rose to help Nikolas undress when he lifted his hand, prompting her to stay in place. He took the buttons on his shirt one at a time. "Spread your knees." She readily obeyed revealing her bare mound and puffy pink lips. "Fondle yourself."

He watched her take her fingers inside her mouth, wetting them. She worked her wet fingers around her hard nipples, sucking on the fingers of her other hand. The entire time, Samantha kept her eyes on his. Nikolas shrugged off his shirt watching her eyes alight at the sight of his chest. As rocky as their start had been, his wife could never deny her attraction to his body. Samantha pushed her wet fingers inside her hot core, slowly tracing circles with her thumb against her clit. She rocked her hips against her fingers crying out as she pinched her nipples. Nikolas had completely undressed. His cock jutted out proudly. He climbed onto the bed with his wife and firmly grabbed ahold of the back of her neck. Knowing exactly what he wanted, she went down willingly to her hands and knees sticking her ass in the air as he slipped his hard length into her mouth. "Jesus," he hissed, his hold on the back of her neck tightening as she deep throated him. Her hand, soaked with her juices reached between them to cup and fondle his balls. Nikolas withdrew from his wife's talented mouth, knowing he would come if he didn't. "Lay back." She spread her legs widely on either side of her, exposing herself completely. As angry as he still was with her for hiding things from him, the lust he felt for her never seemed to diminish. Not even with her stomach being softer from having the twins or the lingering stretch marks at her hips or even her elongated nipples from months of breast feeding. Samantha still was one of the sexiest women he had ever laid eyes on. And somewhere along the way, a part of him had grown to adore her, which was why he had to punish her for her deceit. With one swift thrust, Nikolas buried himself deeply inside his wife's hot sheath. She moaned loudly and drew her hands up over her head, playing the part of the perfect submissive little wife. Nikolas's thrusts were slow, but firm as he sucked her nipples, filling his mouth with her rich mother's milk. Samantha cried out his name as she started to shudder. Not a moment later did he feel her juices drenching his cock and soaking his thighs. Nikolas learned early on that his wife's most sensitive areas were her nipples especially while she was still producing milk. She met his thrusts eager to get him to completion too. His fingers danced up her arms until their fingers laced above her head.

"Samantha," he murmured, brushing his lips against hers. "My Samantha. Still the lying whore?"

She froze underneath him. "I don't -" she opened her eyes and whimpered. Unquestionable fear seemed to overtake Samantha and Nikolas knew in that moment that his eyes had glazed over as he felt the Dark Prince Cassadine rouse from His slumber. "Nikolas, I'm sorry." She pressed soft kisses against his throat, against his jaw and chin until she met his lips. Her muscles purposely squeezed and released him as she fully submitted her body to his every desire.

"Turn over."

Even with the dangerous look in his eyes, Samantha didn't hesitate to obey. She turned on her stomach, still holding her hands above her head. Nikolas entered her again. His hips smacked harshly against her round ass in his chambers. The only sounds were the loud smacks and their heavy breathing. His hands moved up her arms again, stopping around her wrists this time. Nikolas twisted his hand, quickly breaking the wrist Morgan had held that day. Samantha screamed into the pillow in pain as Nikolas released inside her. He pressed a gentle kiss to the shell of her ear and whispered, "I forgive you."