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It was late; the night had long ago swallowed up the streets of the city. This left only those who knew of the dangers lurking behind every corner, hiding in the darkness, and those who were such dangers. Shadows scuttled through alleyways, shoulders hunched trying to conceal their deformed faces. Any mundane to see their true forms would surely die from fright with one glance. For the creatures of the night were those of the shadow world.

Only one walked the back streets of London that night with confidence.

A single figure strode down Abbey Street, boots clacking against the uneven cobbled stone and disturbing the small lakes that had formed due to the afternoon's rain. With each turn of a corner, the figure's cloak swung out from the body, revealing a tailored gentleman's coat. The man was tall, with broad shoulders, although lying beneath the cloth was a body with a hidden strength. Anyone dressed as such would have been a sure target for thieves and murderers in London's underworld. Yet it was the misfortune of anything that thought that this gentleman would be an easy target. Within the inner pockets of the coat lining hung two blades, that when called upon would shine like white fire. Sheathed in the top of his boot, a dagger engraved with strange markings. This was no ordinary gentleman.
The figure rounded a final corner and stopped at a door. He paused in thought before knocking on the gnarled rotting piece of oak, hand hovering for just a moment. Then the thought was gone. They rapped on the door twice, briskly. It swung open, and a slice of light cut through the dark of the alley illuminating a fraction of the man's face. He was a young man, more of a boy, about seventeen. "Nephilim. You are late, again." The voice was a rasping drawl, yet was unmistakably female.
"As always Hana, it is a pleasure to see you." Replied the boy on the doorstep, inclining his head in mock etiquette. As he tipped his head mass of delicately wild black curls fell about his face. Will Herondale looked up into the glare of the light from inside the doorway, his eyes a storm of blue.
"Get in before I-" started the voice inside the door.

"Don't mind if I do, as I think it's going to start raining again." And he pushed his way inside, before the door slammed shut.

Will was ambushed with smells and sounds as he stepped to the side of the long hallway. The velvet walls were deep rouge, with a seemingly random scattering of different gas lamps across its length. He could hear the raucous laughter, more like cackling, of Downworlders through the walls of the hall, yet he couldn't see anything but the ongoing hallway. It was better this way; he didn't want to know what went on in this place. The scent was an inviting mixture of damp wallpaper and a strangely sweet cigar smoke that he unwittingly leant forwards to inhale more of. The shape beside him snapped out a long pale green arm with blackened nails onto his chest, pushing Will back to stand upright. "Should have more sense than to sniff in the faerie leaf, boy." Will looked at Hana. She was a warlock, and not the most unattractive one he had come across either. Her face was elegantly sculpted, and she had long black hair that hid a wicked smile. Yet her teeth and nails were black, and Will preferred his lovers less well, green.
"Do I have to pay for that counsel also, Hana?" he asked, eying a strange painting of a naked woman on the wall hanging askew. The warlock snorted. She began walking down the hallway.

"Not for my favourite child of Raziel," Hana's lips curled up at the edges, "yet I will be requiring… payment, for the usual service."

"Yes, yes, you'll get your silly kiss. When have I ever denied you that?" Will spoke mockingly, his usual choice of tone, trying to provoke an angered response.

"Only a mortal would underestimate the worth of a kiss," Hana said lifting her lamp higher as they stopped at a small narrow door, and she drew a key from her dress, her face no longer holding the same smile. "Both your time and my patience grows thin. I shall allow you till dawns first light to search for what you seek, but no longer. I risk too much even with others knowing you are here."

Will's face too had darkened. There was a sadness that seemed to draw the youth from his cheeks, and the light from his beautiful eyes. Hana turned the key, and let the door swing open. She glanced at him, before striding quickly back the way they had come and disappearing into a side room. "I know that more than anyone else." Will's voice was barely a whisper. I will find more time Jem. I will, brother.