Previous: Fonker wave to the farmer and continues to find his parents and hope to find them sooner.

Fonker was walking since 3 hours, he rest a little bit so he wont get tired completely.

5 Hours Later

It was dark, Fonker relax way too much and now he wants to go to sleep but Fonker does not have a home so Fonker needs to find a shelter that he can stay over the night. Fonker didn't find anything so he sleep on the ground with a bunch of rocks and sticks, his pillow was a big bolder and his blanket was a leaf. He honestly didn't like it would you sleep with a bolder and a leaf.


It was a new day for Fonker and he ready to begin again, he is trying to find the city of Teddy Bears and find his parents there. but again he's not sure that there in the city of Teddy Bear but it doesn't hurt to try. So he will run it so it will be faster to find his parents.


Fonker finally arrive the city of Teddy Bear and he's gonna start off to find there parents in the stores because they like going to the store well mostly Fonker's Mom. Fonker went to the first store called First Store, he said to himself: what a great name for a store, well he's really teasing that the name really called like that. He went in and saw one of the female workers was crying, Fonker wants to know what's going on so he ask her, he said what's wrong. The Women didn't reply so Fonker said I can help you, The Women open her eyes and started talking, she's talking about someone stole her stuff that she really needs Fonker wanted to help so he ask where to go so he could help.

She said it's on the dark cave where the guy lives, on the Green Street you'll see a playground, go inside the playground and walk where it looks like a forest. Fonker was ready for this he thinks his parents are gonna be on the forest next to the playground and that's where Fonker parents take him in that playground.


Fonker arrive in Green Street and saw the playground nobody was there not even the cool kids that Fonker will never talk about. He went inside of the park and go inside to the forest and hoping he could find her stuff and find Fonker's parents. Fonker found a cave and hope he will get lucky.

The cave was dark for him, he didn't have a flashlight so he made fire with stones and made a torch with the big stick he found. It was still too dark for him but he know he could take it even though he's a little scared but still take it. The cave was too big and has more rooms is like he rather live here then his old house which is small, when he continue walking he heard a noise sounds like someone is dying in here, he continue to walk just tries to ignore it but he heard it again.

He knows that this is a bad idea just then the cave was shaking and the cave is falling apart, Fonker ran with fear he thinks he can go back now but it's already to late the rocks cover the exit and Fonker is stuck in the cave. Fonker is really scared, so scared that he wanted to cry in fear but he knows that he can't just sit there doing nothing he got up and continue to walk. Fonker almost forgot that he needs to finds his parents in here so he scream "mommy, daddy" so he can know that there here, later Fonker was tired he fell asleep inside the cave.

2 Hours Later

There was that noise again Fonker woke up by that noise, he didn't know what it was but it's getting closer and closer. Fonker stand up and walk toward that noise so he can know what is it, he said, "This is gonna be a bad idea but sounds like there's two of them back there." So he finally checks and he found something really disturbing he just saw a disgusting monster with a messed up face all skinny and bones. Fonker was about to get a heart attack.

Fonker is just staring at it when that thing saw Fonker he screamed at him and ran towards him. Fonker is freaking out that he ran away fast, thinking to find a way to get out of here while running he looked around trying to find a light to exit the two monster is still chasing Fonker and will never stop after the monster gets him. The cave is like a maze Fonker can't find a way out.


Fonker found the lights so he can get out, he went to the light and it was fresh air the monster is still chasing Fonker, so Fonker is trying to make a loud sound so the cave can shake when the rocks can fall down, Fonker went inside the cave again and he scream as loud as he can, it was working the cave is shaking so that's where Fonker runs outside, the monster are getting closer to the exit but the rocks finally fell to that exit.

Fonker forgot about that women in the store that she said that her stuff is gone, Fonker was running everywhere and didn't find anything so he thought was all this a trick. He went back to the store it took him a few hours because he was an another place after that exit, the women was gone Fonker got really angry that the lady tricked him and Fonker was almost killed. So he walked back the playground and sit there trying to think where to go next.

To be Continue