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The war was over. He had defeated Voldemort only hours earlier and now he hid in his old room in the Gryffindor tower away from the celebrations and away from his grief stricken friends. He had truly become the master of death now that he had all of the Deathly Hallows even thou he had dropped the resurrection Stone in the Forbidden Forest. Everything that had happened over the last few hours had not prepared him for the news a Goblin form Gringotts brought.

"Mister Harry Potter, I am here to request your presents at the reading of the Potters and Black wills." The Goblin didn t even give him a chance to change from his ruined clothes that he had fallen asleep in the night before. He simple had took his arm and apparated into a secure room at Gringotts.

There was an older goblin sitting behind a desk who waved to him to sit down. "Mister Potter my name is Grutak I am the executor of the Potter and Black Estates until you had come of age. I stayed on as we could not located you before now to read the wills and make arrangements for the handling of the estates and vaults. I was informed to first present you with this letter before reading the wills."

He was handed a letter that was addressed to him in a familiar hand writing.

My Dearest Harry,

If you are reading this then I am not there beside you. First and foremost you must know that I love you and what we did we did to keep you safe. Before I continue I would ask for you forgiveness for the deception that I was forced to play. You were born not out of the love between Lily and James, you were born from the love James and I had for each other. Lily in the sense is your mother for she carried you until you were born but James and I are your blood and your fathers. Your true name is Harrison Corvus Black and you are the heir to both the Potter and Black estates. I truly wished I would be there for you when the truth is revealed. Dumbledore would not allow me to tell you when you freed me during your third year. It was so hard to look upon you and not be able to tell the truth. James and I had performed a wizard s oath with him when I sent you and James into hiding truly believing you would be safe. The oath would have been fuffiled at the defeat of Voldermort or upon your seventeenth birthday. It seems that I have missed both. I loved your father and when he died I lost part of myself and my biggest regret in life was going after that rat and not being able to watch you grow up. I fought so hard for you but Dumbledore, Arthur and Molly thought you were better off with Lily s family. I know you have a lot of questions and I know that I cannot answer them, but I hope what you find in the wills and our vaults will put to rest many of them. You were born from the love of two men and you must always remember that love is love not matter who you find it with. James and I both love you Harry and we will always look after you. I hope that if you should find that you need something that you could look to Remus and Severus they knew nothing of the deception. We obliviated the knowledge from Remus and Severus had always had eyes for Lily so we figured he would watch over you for her so he was never informed. I hope you can forgive us and forgive the Weasleys and even that old coot Dumbledore. I truly wish this fines you well and I hope you live your life for you, no longer hiding in the shadows and be true to yourself. You are the son of two Marauders and you need to live for yourself and damn the consequences my son.

Love always your Father,

Sirius Black

He really didn t know how to react. His whole life was a lie and once again he was manipulated by Dumbledore and the ones that he thought he trusted. He couldn t understand why someone would do this to him. He had had enough and he was going to take his life into his own hands. Grutak went over the wills of his fathers and then showed him to the vaults that were in the lower depths of Gringotts. He took some books and his fathers journals along with quite a few galleons before returning to the secured room that he first met Grutak in.

"Lord Black I would also like to inform you of the properties that you now own. Besides 12 Grimuald Place you also inherited Black Castle which is in lower Wales and from the Potters you have the Potter Manor and the cottage at Godric s Hollow and the surrounding village. I can show you on a map were they are located and it will only take a drop of your blood to open the wards to you. If you wish I can remain as your personal estate manager for you are now one of the wealthiest wizards in Britain."

"Thank you Grutak I would appreciate it if you would stay on as my estate manager. If that is everything I think I would like to leave."

"Good by Lord Black."

He had been at Potter Manor for a week thinking about what had happened in his life before he decided what he was going to do. He remembered during fourth year during the Tri-Wizard Tournament how he snuck down to the Chamber of Secrets and found Salazar s Sanctuary. He was allowed entrance and it always confused him why the Founder referred to him as his true heir and showed him the true secrets of Sanctuary. He spent three years down there learning from him. Salazar had even given him a snake ring that was a portkey tuned into the wards that surrounded Hogwarts that would return him to the Sanctuary when the given phrase was said in parseltounge. Fifth year brought Snape down to the Chambers. He had followed him after a disastrous oculmency lesson. Snape had seen the power and control of the spells he had been casting and demanded answers. So he brought him to Salazar to gain entrance to the Sanctuary. He learned of the abuse that he had suffered from his family and the trust that Salazar had placed in the young man. This brought Severus into the fold and he to began to tutor and train him when he had time from his duties as a professor and spy.

He began to wonder about his place after the death of both Sirius and Dumbledore but it wasn t until his seventeenth birthday that things really changed again. He woke up in agonizing pain. His whole body glowed from the magic coursing through it and then he felt his bones break and grow. His hair lengthened and lost the unruliness. He felt the magic in his body grow and expand it was painful and he nearly died. He woke the following morning and crawled his way to the bathroom and looked in the mirror what he say confused him. His hair was still black but fell to his shoulders in waves. He now stood at least six foot one and his shoulders were broader. The biggest change he noticed was his eyes were no longer emerald green but were the color of dark grey storm clouds. In his panic he threw up a glamour that changed him back to his original appearance and hid the changes from his friends.

After pondering over the past few years he decided his first order of business was to drop the glamour he had worn since his seventeenth birthday. Then he was going to get his eyes fix and a few wizarding tattoos. Next order he was going to burn all of his clothes and get himself an entire new wardrobe.

He was finally happy. Andromeda had accompanied him to a muggle doctor to fix his eyes and then spent the next week with him and Teddy to make sure he was okay. They were the only ones who he had kept contact with in the wizarding world. He wrote his friends every few weeks but he couldn t bring himself to meet up with them. Death Eaters were still on the loose so Shacklebolt against his wishes assigned a few Aurors to keep tabs on him until the remainder could be apprehended.

About a month before September he received a letter from Hogwarts requesting if he would like to return to Hogwarts to finish his seventh year schooling as an eight year student. He decided that he would have to have a talk with the new Headmistress before he could give her an answer.

The meeting with McGonagall went well and his new classes that he wanted were added to his schedule. He had asked to speak to Dumbledore alone and she obliged him. When she left he spoke to Dumbledore s painting and gave him a piece of his mind and then he spoke to the Sorting Hat before he left the office. He never once dropped the glamour he had worn to look like Harry Potter while he was there.

He received his books and equipment list a week later and made a trip to Diagon Alley. He left off his glamour and ventured to the Leaky Cauldron. He first went to Flourish and Blotts and bought his school books. Then he went in to Madam Malkin s Robes to by new school robes. His next stop was Eeylops Owl Emporium, he didn t want to get a new owl but he saw the necessity of it. When he entered he was instantly drawn to a pair that sat next to each other. One was a beautiful golden color with flashes of orange and red while sitting next to it was a beautiful black owl that had pale grey and white accents. He inquired about the pair and soon left with them he named the male who was the golden one Apollo and kept with him. The black female was named Artemis and he sent her to Andromeda and Teddy so he could always keep in touch with them while he was at school. He went to a few more shops picking up things here and there. But when he passed Magical Menagerie he heard a small voice calling out. When he went into the shop he wandered towards the back where he could hear the voice coming from.

Help me please.

Where are you? He asked.

Down here speaker. He looked down and in a terrarium on the bottom shelf was a small but very beautiful black and silver snake with glowing emerald green eyes.

How can I help you little one?

I am dying. It is too cold here and it is killing me.

I will help you little one on two conditions. First I would like you to bond to me so I can always protect you and you can protect me. Second I must have you promise that you will never bite someone unless mine or your life is truly endangered or if I command you too.

I agree master.

What is your name little one.

Nisha and I am an Indian Krait.

Well it is time to go home. He placed his hand into her cage and allowed her to slither up his arm ad rest around his neck. He then went to the counter and asked the clerk to gather the things he would need for her.

"You do know sir that one there is highly poisonous, it has tried to strike everyone who has got near it. I can hardly condone you buying it and wearing it like a necklace."

"Well she seems rather sweet to me." He said as he stroked Nisha s scales and she rubbed her tiny head against his chin.

"If you insist sir."

"I do". With that said he paid the clerk and returned home.

Harry had arranged with the Headmistress to have a private cabin on the Hogwarts Express. The media had not stopped their search for their elusive hero and he felt no need to cater to them now. So he sat in the back of the train with a cabin hidden amongst the luggage car with Nisha curled around his neck. He was surprised that she had only grown a few inches, he knew she would get to be about a three feet long but at a few months old she was still only about a foot in length. He had placed the familiar glamours upon himself and sat in his cabin stroking her soft scales trying to stop the familiar nervousness in his stomach. He was worried that his friends would not understand the changes or except him and he had come to terms with the fact he might lose them. He knew that he had others but they were his first and longest.

When the train arrived he waited until everyone had left and boarded the last carriage under his invisibility cloak. He entered the Great Hall and took in the familiar sights. He saw Draco gazing around the Great Hall looking for someone and caught Luna absently dancing to her seat. He noticed Neville had more confidence this year and had sat across from Dean and Seamus. His eyes finally fell on to his friends. From his point of view he could see Hermione trying to calm down a distressed Ron by rubbing circles on his hand while she sat next to him and Ginny looking around the room in search of someone while Dean kept placing his hand on her thigh. HE watched as she would get nervous every time someone entered the Great Hall and brush his hand of before allowing it to return. He couldn t help but laugh at this because he had heard many rumors about her last year from Neville and Luna and for a time he had hoped they were untrue. Now he was comfortable with who he really was and as the first years entered to be sorted he slipped back into the shadows and removed his cloak to wait for for his life to truly begin.

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