His curiosity started to get the best of him so he untangled himself from Harry's arms. He knew that Harry was tired after his ordeal in the Great Hall so it did not surprise him when he fell asleep after their heavy snogging session.

He found his way into Harry's study he did not think anything of it as he looked around. He noticed the snitch that floated in the air and the shelf with Harry's fathers' journals on it. He studied the shimmering cloak that hung on a peg next to the fireplace. When he took it off to wrap it around his body because it smelt like Harry he noticed that he disappeared. He then noticed a wand box on the mantle and went to investigate. He tried to pick it up but it wouldn't move, he even tried to open the lid but it was sealed shut. He went to reach for his wand but was stopped by a voice.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." He turned to face the portrait behind the desk. "He trusts you and when he is ready he will show you but he isn't yet. He still unsure of your intentions when he knows what his are."

"Hello Lily, what do you know?"

"I know my son cares for you a great deal. He spoke often of you this summer even if he didn't realize. Plus portraits talk here and I know all about your past issues that happened here. Really… "Potter Stinks" Badges you couldn't have screamed for more attention."

"Lily leave the boy alone."

"Sorry Sev. But your godson was trying to break into Harry's wand box."

"Draco, leave that alone. It is far more trouble than it is worth and the only reason it is here is for Harry's protection. Now if I didn't know better you have a question for me?"

"Severus, I was curious from the moment Harry came back to school every time we touch even if it is accidental I get a sensation as if I am being shocked. When it is more intentional like when he kisses me it is more intense and it runs the length of my spine."

"Besides the dramatics of youth you may want to look in the library for a book on bonds. That might explain some things. If you have more questions afterwards you can seek me out."

He decided to find his way to the library in the Sanctuary after a quick stop in the kitchen for something to eat. He perused the bookshelves looking at the many different topics and finally found a book on bonds. He took it from the shelf and made his way to the central table to read. He had barely got into the book when Nisha came slithering into the room in a panic.

Draco you must come I can't wake master.

What do you mean you can't wake Harry, he needs his sleep so let him sleep.

No he needs to wake he is crying out and thrashing around.

It took Draco mere seconds to drop the book and run to the bedroom. When he opened the door the sight that meet him made his heart sink. He had nightmares since the war but whatever Harry was battling it had to be much worse. The blankets on the bed were wound around him so tight they look to be strangling him. Magic was filling the room and Harry was crying out in pain.

"No… stop … not him you can't take him… noooo…" he rushed to Harry's side and frantically tried to wake him. He saw tears running down his cheeks and his hands were gripping the sheets so tight they had turned white.

"Harry, wake up. Please Harry." He frantically said as he pulled the thrashing young man into his arms. "Harry… Harry wake up… You are safe. I am here Harry wake up." He whispered into his ear as he stroked the sweat soaked hair from his face. Dark grey eyes snapped open and before he knew it he was under Harry with a wand at his throat.


"Harry your safe, I am here." He said as the wand was dropped over the side of the bed. Harry then buried his face into his neck and wrapped his arms around him and pulled him close to his chest.

"I am so sorry I shouldn't have drawn my wand on you."

"You were having a nightmare." He said calmly while running circles with his hand on Harry's back trying to soothe his nerves. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"No, not really. I have trouble sleeping at night. I have nightmares almost every night about the war and this time it was different I couldn't wake myself up out of it. It seemed too real and things changed in it. I can't talk about it yet."

"I still have nightmares about the war from time to time but they have gotten better."

"I'm sorry for waking you."

"Harry you didn't wake me. I was in the library reading a book." He decided he wasn't going to tell him that he been snooping around his study.

"Anything interesting?"

"Somewhat I could go get it and read it in here. The magic this afternoon took a lot out of you and you need to rest. I will watch over you I promise." He kissed Harry on the lips and rose from the bed to retrieve the book he had left in the library.

"Thanks mo chorí." he heard Harry say as he walked out the door. He defiantly was going to look for a translation charm soon, he wanted to know what Harry had been calling him.

He was returning with the book when he saw Salazar moving through the portraits towards the study so he decided to ask "Salazar do you know a common translation charm?"

"Liber translatus, make sure your wand is pointed behind your ear."

"Thank you Salazar."

"Why do you need it you already speak parselmouth thanks to Nisha?"

"Just want to understand your Heir." He said chuckling as he returned to Harry casting the charm on his way.

When he had returned Harry was sitting up in the bed and Kreacher was handing him a tray with a bowl of soup some bread and pumpkin juice on it.

"Thank you Kreacher." Harry said before the elf walked out of the room.

"How are you feeling?" he asked

"Better now I will admit that I am still shaken but it will pass now that you are here. So what is this book about my heart?"

Draco looked at Harry in shock. All this time he had been calling him his heart and he had no idea. He tried to pull the mask back on over his emotions but he didn't do a very good job because Harry was looking at him with concern.

"What's wrong Draco? Do I have something on my face?"

"No, it's nothing."

"Are you sure?" he nodded yes and Harry continued on. "So what book did you bring?"

"Oh, it is just a book about bonds and bondings. I was curious about something the Founders had said today." He looked up at Harry and he could tell that he was trying hard to hide something. He pulled the covers back and crawled in next to him and opened the book once again to start reading. He hadn't noticed the first time that there were two ribbons marking sections in the book. He decided to turn to the first section and began to read;

Soul Mate Bonds:

Soul mates are one of the truest bonds in the magical world. It forms when two souls are drawn to each other not only physically and emotionally but magically as well. Not only magical creatures such as Veela and Unicorns can bond in this way but many witch and wizards in the past have had soul mate bonds. If a soul mate bond does exist the subjects will not find love with another but their soul mate. Intimate acts with others will feel awkward or unwanted. Soul mates will always be drawn to each other, if the bond is rejected by both parties only then will it mutate and neither will ever find love. If a party does not acknowledge said bond the damage can be repaired once said party acknowledges the bond. There are many different signs regarding to soul mates and each bond is different once it is complete. Some have experienced different sensation when their mate is close to them or touches them. Some feel an inexplicable need to always be in their vicinity. Many who have bonded have seen increases in their magical core, while others have gain knowledge of their mate.

He couldn't look up from the book and a slight trembling had begun to form in his hands as he turned to the next mark section.

Blocks on Soul Mate Bonds:

There are very few ways to intentional block or break a Soul Mate Bond. The Cor Nigrum potion is one of the darkest potion in the magical world and if brewed incorrectly it causes instant death. Cor Nigrum is irreversible and must be given to both mates to work. There are no recorded spells to block or break a Soul Mate Bond. There have been reports that a Soul Mate Bond can be blocked by possession of a mate and one instants when a shattered soul latched on to another person's souls. In this case once the piece of the shattered soul was removed the bond returned between the mates.

The information was running through his head and he was desperately trying to make sense of it. Comments from Severus, Lily, and the Founders were working their way into the information as well. He couldn't help but look up at Harry. What he saw was a very pale face and fear in his eyes. The once mighty hero looked as is if a subtly breeze would take him down. He couldn't take it, the looks Harry was giving and the confusion in his own mind. He threw back the cover on the bed and ran from the room. He could hear the padding of bare feet in the corridor behind him. As he reached the door to the Chambers he felt a wave of magic wash over him and freeze him in his place.

"Draco wait."

"Why? Why didn't you tell me? What does this mean and why if love is so important to you would you block something like this?" he felt hurt and scared everything he had wanted was suddenly stolen from him. Harry was just playing some game with him.

"Draco it is not like that. Please let me explain." Harry said as he fell to the floor silent tears streaming down his face.

"What? You want to tell me why you have been playing some game with me?"

"Draco it was never a game. Please let me explain everything, you need to understand."

"Explain, but I make no promises on staying."

"I will accept that."

He looked down at Harry, he could tell that he still hadn't full recovered from the claiming. So he just stood there and waited for an explanation.

"Look I never intentional blocked or have I ever rejected our bond. Yes we are Soul Mates and I have suspected this since the beginning of summer but wasn't confirmed for me until I kissed you. We have always been drawn to each other. I thought you were the most beautiful boy I have ever seen when I first met you in Madam Malkin's but then you had to open your mouth and you reminded me of my cousin who's favorite past time was Harry hunting. Our bond mutated a bit but it was fixable because we never fully rejected it and that was mostly due to things that happened to me when I was a baby." He watched as Harry paused to take a few breathes, "I am going to tell you something that only four people in this world know; one of them only guessing and two of them are now dead. Voldemort split his soul into pieces and hid these pieces into dark artifacts called Horcruxes that was how he would return. The last year during the war Hermione, Ron and I went and collected the remaining Horcruxes and destroyed them. When he came after me when I was a baby he accidently turned me into one. I was a Horcrux, I walked into that forest knowing I was going to die and I was okay with that. It was the only way to defeat him. I didn't die because when Voldemort cast the killing curse it killed the piece of his soul that was attached to my scar. When I went to the Manor to return your wand I couldn't help but feel drawn to you in a different way than before, there was no feelings of rivalry. You looked so confused and depressed and all I wanted to do was wrap you in my arms and comfort you and this scared me so I left."

Draco looked at Harry and he could feel the hurt evaporate from his heart but he saw pain flash across Harry's eyes, what was going to come next was something that was causing him pain. "I grew up in a home where I was called a freak because of my magic. I was no better than a house elf, I cooked and cleaned and did all of the chores from a very young age. I was mental abused by my Aunt and Uncle and physically by my cousin for a time. I lived in a cupboard for the first ten years I was there. They thought guys who liked blokes were disgusting and were freaks. I didn't know how to handle the feelings that I had for you and after reading my fathers' journal I came to accept them. I am sorry for not telling you, but I wanted you to like me for who I am not because I am the Savior or because of some bond. I have admired you for many years and I know who you are, I can see behind the masks you so carefully construct for yourself. Draco mo chorí means my heart because that is what you are to me. It may be too early to tell you this but I do love you and I am sorry for hiding this from you." Harry sat there as Draco watched him run his hand through his hair and then burry his face in them. He watched as Harry waved his hand and whispered "Expecto Patronum." Instead of the silver stag Draco was expecting a massive dragon began to fill the room.

He had heard that Patronuses could change depending if the memory used was based on love. He had his proof in front of him that Harry did love him. Yes he was scared and he wanted to run, but he did not want to reject the bond that was between them. He couldn't, he knew he had been falling for Harry ever since that first kiss. He had realized ages ago that he had a crush on him and everything seem to be falling into place now. There really was only one thing left for him to do. He got down on his knees in front of Harry and pushed his hands away from his face to meet his eyes. He looked into those dark grey depths and said the only thing he could "Harry I love you too, mon beau coeur."