There was a crowd of four people milling about in the corner of the street, huddled together and murmuring over something as Nami walks along from her successful shopping trip and she would've kept on walking past if it weren't for the wanted poster in their hands printed with a very familiar face and a price.

Slowing down, she narrowed her eyes as she accessed their threat level.

They didn't look like bounty hunters; there were no weapons on them but Nami knows perfectly well that a person didn't need to wield weapons to be dangerous.

So instead, she decides to catch the conversation shared between the men in what sounded like an argument.

"—printed right there. Why would the government give out so much money if he weren't dangerous?"

"But even so…" a man with dirty blond hair and a narrow nose trailed off doubtfully, scratching his head.

"Haven't you been keeping up with the news? This kid stormed Marineford… twice and lived to tell about it!" another man exclaimed, gesturing wildly as if it made the point.

"You gotta admit though, Cohen might have a point. Even if he did all that, he looks as if he's having the time of his life. Doesn't look like he would hurt a fly. I mean, I know I'd feel bad if I had to turn in a kid like him."

"That's exactly what he wants."

By now, Nami was incredibly curious. They were obviously not people after her captain's head but instead, they seem to be debating Luffy's relative harmfulness based on the single wanted poster with a picture of a bright young boy with a wide, happy beam that could draw smiles just by looking at it.

Nami could sympathize with their confusion.

How could such a cheerful boy possibly be worth four hundred million beli?

But Nami has the privilege of travelling with that beaming boy in the photo, has the experience of knowing a lot more about him than anything the photo or even the news by itself could offer; that though Luffy can act like a mindless idiot most times, he was the most fierce when he has something to protect.

She knows that though chaos seems to follow her captain everywhere he goes, all the bounties he had ever incurred on his own head was always for the sake of someone else.

She knows that when all is said and done and the dust clears, there will always be a smile waiting at the end of the tunnel full of new hope and giddy promise; that everything is alright now and that it is okay to laugh and cry for the future.

So yes, Luffy is dangerous but not in the way they're thinking.

For all that he's powerful, his most frightening power was his ability to draw people in to him, to incite strength and hope even in the most helpless and hopeless, just as he did to her. Just as he did to so many others.

Shaking her head and smiling warmly to herself, Nami approaches the cluster of men, who turn to her as she approaches with curious looks.

"You're wrong," she feels the need to correct, plucking the poster from their hands and gazing fondly upon the boy who had and would only continue to change the worlds of many more people. "Someone like him couldn't possibly be worth four hundred million beli. At the very least, he's absolutely priceless."