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Fall from Grace

'Those who play with the Devil's Toys, will be brought by degrees to wield his sword'

Buckminster Fuller

Temple Ship Bridge, 21st December 2015 'Operation AVENGER'


A solitary gunshot rings out, the Uber Ethereal falls back with a bullet hole right in the centre of its chest. The shooter a woman with long red hair and green eyes dressed in Psi armor turns to her companion while the rest of the assault squad sigh in relief. "You see 'Apollo' I told you that having my old MX-12 would come in handy"

Her companion, the man nicknamed 'Apollo' raises one his right eyebrow in amusement, he is around six foot with white hair (Even though he's only 25) and blue eyes. "I never doubted you for a second 'Artemis' but what I believe I said was that it would be ineffective against most of the higher tier X-Coms due to their armor"

'Artemis' shakes her head in disbelief "You always have an answer to everything I say don't you?"

'Apollo' chuckles "Occasionally, sometimes I don't bother to rise to the occasion" 'Artemis' frowns at the light jab to a night a few months ago when she'd gotten more than a little tipsy.

A member of the assault squad (and 'Artemis ' and 'Apollo's personal squad), a woman with shoulder length black hair and brown eyes, pipes up "Hey Commander, XO. Stop messing around, let's get out of here, this place gives me the creeps"

A dark chuckle interrupts the commander's response. The entire assault squad turns and looks in horror at the Uber Ethereal which is once again floating in the air "Do you think 'New One' that this is the end, my race may die here, but we will not leave yours unscathed" A massive pulse of Psionic energy blasts from the Uber Ethereal, behind him numerous holographic screens appear as the sound of something charging up resonates through the Temple Ship. "Your race is powerful, let us see if it can survive this change!" A massive energy pulse explodes from the ship, flooding the assault squad with foreign energy knocking them all out except for 'Artemis' and 'Apollo'

"What have you done?" 'Artemis' screams at the Uber Ethereal.

The Uber Ethereal laughs with dark intent "I have set the way for the dawn of a new race, and you! You the 'New One' will be the Queen, your Gift will and is resonating through your new people, hail the new queen. As I once slew the rulers that changed my people against their will, so have you slain me. Enjoy your hollow victory" The Uber Ethereal then shudders before disintegrating in a vibrant display of Psionic energy, that strikes 'Artemis' and 'Apollo'

From the bottom of the Temple Ship a vast beam of Psionic energy blasts out and strikes the Earth, in that moment everything changed.

"Two possibilities exist:

Either we are alone in the Universe

or we are not.

Both are equally terrifying."

Arthur C. Clarke

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Option one: Sins of a Solar Empire, mixed Ascent and TEC (if you don't know what those are go Google it and you'll see the ships I'm talking about, I'm looking mostly at the Capital Ships for those who know the game)

Option two: Halo UNSC ships.

Option three: Halo Covenant ships.

Option four: create my own.

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