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Ok, this is also an AU for the second time for me………what can I say? I like doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that or I just plainly like AU. Anyway… In Ancient Egypt, Teana (Anzu) is a top professional assassin and Bel um Fal (Yuugi/ Yami Yuugi) is the Pharaoh of Egypt. Teana has a task from Bakura; her mission was to kill the Pharaoh. But then she slowly falls for him……

"Wait…What's Yami Bakura's real name anyway?"

Rose Of The Desert

            She gazed over the massive Kingdom of Egypt; she rode her camel across the desert sand to her next destination. Her subterranean azure eyes gleamed vibrantly, as deep as the Nile River. Her russet brown hair slides along gently as the wind blew, as feathery like papyrus. Her skin still remained light and yet evenly tan despite of her long periods from the sun. Innocent as she looked, inside it was the complete opposite. She was the Desert Rose, filled with beauty but yet filled with thorns.   

            She was known to be an assassin, trained to fight, to kill, and to destroy whatever comes before her. Like the ancient Greek myth of the sirens who would lure men to their death, their downfall, she too was the same. Never to experience neither love nor showing compassion and care to anyone, she would slaughter in cold blood. She didn't believe much in making friends or had anyone to be close to since an assassin never does. Even if she did have friends they could've been the next one to be killed for all she know.  She could kill anyone without much remorse though most of her victims were of high rank or those who are of threat to her clients.

That was what she was, a perfect assassin. Some even say she could've been a daughter of Set, the god of chaos and darkness. That was all she was known for. Though inside she was or once was as human as anyone else but she would always bottle it up inside of her for fear of anyone who would take advantage of it.

            Quietly she rode to the vigorous city filled with energetic people walking to markets and such. She hooded herself with her dark silk clothing, as if covering her dark profound beauty. She noticed some people looking; taking a glimpse of her seeing that she was not a local resident to this city. She ignored it however only concentrating on her mission in which should not be overlooked. It was an important mission, a mission to kill Bel um Fal……the Pharaoh of Egypt.


 "Are you whom they called the "Desert Rose?" the black hooded albino asked approaching behind her. It was the darkest part of the alley; he had been following her to this place. It was the inferior poorer part of Thebes. Usually those who lived in the area are thieves or slaves of a certain household.

 She turned slowly to him and suddenly in a second, she swiftly dashed at him. Ramming him to a wall, she took out her jagged dagger and placed it close to his neck.

"Yes I am and what of you?" She smirked. Never would she think of placing her guard down. As always there are others out there who were assassins like her but were paid to kill specially for her yet so far never were able to even place a single cut on her delicate skin. She was trained for the worse.

He grinned, "Why I am mostly known as Bakura. Your alertness and agility impresses me Desert Rose… …or should I say Teana?"


Teana pressed the knife even further to the skin. It was impossible… …no one was to know of her name. No one ever knew her real name, she was often called Desert Rose or Anzu for an alias but never that name in which was given to her at birth.

 "How did you know my name?" She asked cautiously in a low tone as she moved the dagger closer to his neck. The tip of her dagger left a slight cut on his neck leaving a tiny trickle of blood.

"Oh it's not really me who knew your name, maybe you should meet and old friend of yours," Bakura unconcerned of the mark she made on his neck. He snapped his fingers and coming from the shadow was two men with a little girl who seemed to be around the age of eight, she was tied up with ropes.

"Recognize her?" Bakura smirked as Teana glared at him unaware of who the child was.

"Teana!" the tied up girl shouted to her, her voice was very familiar to her.       

Teana turned her head to see the little child whom she had knew far back in her past when she was just fourteen.

"Yume……" Teana whispered.

 It was the child whom she had taken care of far back as she could remember before she became the way she was today. Before Teana had begun her first mission as an assassin four years ago, she left Yume to a family who knew Yume's parents before they had died when she was just a toddler, about the age of four practically. Teana was surprised that the little girl even remembered her after all those years.

 "I see you do remember the little brat, isn't this a happy reunion?" Bakura laughed as she glowered at him. 

"Teana! Please help me!" Yume said struggling with the two men.

"Let her go," Teana said in a monotone voice, she was very eager to slit his throat. She knew very well he had taken the child as captive for her, she remembered well before she left the child she made sure she had lived far away from her as possible in the Aswan (ancient Syene), Egypt, which was a town and resort on Nile River.

"I suggest you remove the knife away from my neck if you want the little brat to remain alive," he advised.

She moved the dagger from the neck and moved away from him, she knew she didn't have any choice. If she did kill him Yumi would be killed too, but then either way if she didn't he would probably still get the child killed. She had to play along with it.

"You said you would let her go"

"I think you know better than that. I need you to do a favor for me as an exchange for the child"

 "What do you want from me then Bakura?" Teana said warily.

He rubbed his neck where the dagger left its souvenir, "Simple really. I happen to know a certain someone whom happens to be a certain threat to me. I want you to permanently get rid of him…that is if you think you can."

"You dare to challenge my skill?" She said, gripping the dagger on her hand. 

"Ah I wouldn't think of it if I was you," Bakura said as he noticed the dagger that she hadn't discarded. He turned to the one of the men and nodded. One of them pushed Yume down to her knees and the other took a sword and placed it in front of the neck of the girl.

Teana stood there watching it about to happen. In defeat she threw her dagger on the ground in front of him.

"Whom do you want me to eliminate then?"

He looked at the assassin, "I see we have a comprehension……"       

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*(End of FlashBack)~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

              "After I kill the pharaoh…you will be next," she whispered to herself. She looked up at the grand palace. She had traveled far to this part of Egypt. Thebes, from where she came from, spanned the Nile River about 420 miles (675 kilometers) south of (now) modern Cairo. On the east bank of the river, where modern Luxor and El Karnak stand, was the city of the living, with great temples and residences. On the west bank was the city of the dead, containing the valleys of the royal tombs, royal mortuary temples, and the houses of priests and workers devoted to the dead. (AN Notes: This much due to the overdose of studying Ancient Egypt in school :P)

Egypt was divided into two, the Lower and Upper Egypt. However it was both ruled by one ruler. One who was known mostly as the King of games rather than the other titles he is known as.

'This should be where he lives,' she thought to herself. She took off her black cloak knowing that wearing such thing would cause a suspicion among the guards and servants.

There were guards surveying the entrance to the palace. It would be hard for anyone to enter unless they were permitted to enter. It would be hard for an ordinary assassin but not for her. Nhatki somehow had connections from someone in the palace therefore making it possible for her to enter as a false servant.

Under her cloak she had worn clothing of a servant with thin white sleeves that covered half of her arm and the skirt draping down to cover most of her legs and a sash worn around her waist. She worn of white linen as other Egyptians would.

She walked toward the gate and waited as the guards came up to her.

"I have permission to enter the palace," she said showing a scroll to authenticate her entrance to the palace as a servant. One of the guards took the scroll and scanned it meticulously. In approval he gave it back to her.

"You may proceed," he said incontestably allowing her to enter.

She bowed in respect and enter without hesitant. As she walked to the servant's quarters, she took a glimpse at the hallway, which led to the Pharaoh's chamber.

'Pharaoh, you're mine' she thought maliciously…

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