AN: I'll keep this short because I don't actually have anything to say, but yeah. This is a little scene from the very end of the movie, when Maleficent and Diaval are watching Aurora in the Moors with all her faery subjects. Awesome. Anyways, reviews are super cool, so please do that. Thanks!

As Maleficent watched Aurora, smiling at her Goddaughter's joy and beauty with the golden wreath framing her face like a halo, Diaval watched her. He loved Aurora, but what captured his gaze was not the young Queen, but his Mistress. He didn't think he'd ever adjust to the sight of her brown hair down, billowing in the soft breeze of the Moors, or even her smile, the way it lit up her face with love and joy, and, in turn, igniting his heart.

He'd known he'd loved her for years. Sometimes, he couldn't imagine ever not loving her: couldn't picture a time where he was anywhere but with her. She was a part of him, and he liked to think he was a part of her, whether or not it was true. He knew what every movement meant, read every inflection with an accuracy he thought even she would be impressed by. And as he watched her posture, observed her stance with careful perception, he knew this was the happiest, the most joyous she had ever been.

There was something beautiful in the fact that seeing the daughter that she -they- had raised filled her soul with a purity and innocence he wouldn't have imagined possible had he not seen it himself, and it sent fireworks off inside of his stomach. She couldn't ever truly understand, he thought, what it felt like to see her.

She was beautiful.

She was irrevocably, distinctly, elegantly, indisputably, powerfully beautiful.

"Diaval." Maleficent asked, the tip of her lip tilted upwards as she continued to observe the coronation scene unfolding beneath them.

"Yes, Mistress?"

"Is there something you wish to speak to me about?" With this, she turned, quirking a curious, slightly amused eyebrow at him.

"Mistress?" he asked inquisitively, furrowing his brow.

"Well, as you keep looking over at me without speaking, I have to assume there's something we need to address."

Diaval only chuckled. He'd mentioned his affections towards her before, but only briefly. It made her uncomfortable, and he respected that. Still, her awkwardness was incredibly endearing to him. "Not at all, Mistress. I just find you to be remarkable."

His Mistress just shook her head. Her slight smirk disappeared with the thought of romance, fizzling out so quickly it was like it had never been there. "Diaval..." she began, fumbling for words, "You know that's not- I mean we won't-"

"Of course I know, Mistress. I would never presume otherwise. It's not my place to-"

"It's not about place," she whispers softly. A vulnerability in her spills open. "I'm not- I'm not ready. I will never be ready. Stefan, he- he didn't just break my heart, he took it from me. There's nothing left there. I can't care, not the way I once could. I can never love you Diaval. Don't you understand that?" She sounds almost desperate, her words morphing into a kind of plea.

Diaval hesitates before responding. He knows what he wants to say, but he doesn't know how to say it. How does he say what he feels without scaring her off, without forcing her back into the shell of self-loathing and anger she's lived in so long? "Mistress," he begins carefully, "I do understand that; I understand that it's what you believe. You don't think you have the capacity to love, but I- well, I've seen it. I see it every day when you look at Aurora. If you can love her so truly so completely and wholly and immersive, then you can love. I can wait."

"For how long?" she counters. "How long will you wait for me, Diaval? Days? Months? Years? I can promise you nothing, and I can't make you wait for me. It's not fair to you, not fair that you should-"

"You're not making me do anything, Maleficent." He felt her shock at his interruption, something he was certain he'd never even considered doing before, but also at his use of her name. A part of him regretted it immediately, but the rest of him kept speaking. He had too much to say, and once he'd started, he couldn't stop. "The truth is, I'm not here because of some pledge I made eighteen years ago. I didn't follow every command you gave because you saved my life from some pig farmer. I raised a child with you, fought an unwinnable battle, walked into and out of hell because I love you. And that is something you cannot change, not in a million years, no matter how far you push me away. You don't have to feel the same, but I won't deny myself the joy I feel simply being around you. I can't."

Maleficent's lips parted, forming a soft 'o' shape, and Diaval took a breath. She didn't speak, but as he looked into her eyes, crystals laced with starlight, he felt his heart sink. He'd frightened her, pushed her away the way he knew he would. She was wary of affection, and the affection of a man? She'd never accept it.

He lowered his head, pulse racing with anticipation. He had to fix this, had to patch up the scars he'd made between them. "Mistress, forgive me. I shouldn't have-"

"Was that the truth?" She looked at him with a gaze of caution, asking a reluctant, fearful question he knew she didn't wanted to ask.

He couldn't lie to her. "Yes, Mistress. Every word."

She bobbed her head, an almost imperceptible nod that he knew wasn't for him, but for herself. "So, as you say, you aren't really my servant?"

"That wasn't what I meant, Mistress. I am your servant, and I always will be. I will obey everything you ask of me, but not out of duty. That is the difference."

"Diaval," she said hesitantly, and he braced himself for her to lash out, to scold him. Not that it would change anything for him. He loved all of her, even the vengeful, deceptive parts even she didn't like to admit she had. "I care for you. You are the constant in my life, the one thing I can count on, always."

"I know."

"I trust you with my life, but I can't trust you with my heart. It doesn't make sense, but it's the truth. I don't think I can ever change, Diaval, but… well you do. And I want to change, I do. And if you'll wait, if you'll hold out until I can return your affections then… Well, then we'll see."

Time around him seemed to stop. Diaval's mind spun with the possibilities, the future he'd barely dared to consider, spread out in front of him like a map. He hadn't realized how much he'd wanted to hear those words until they reached his ear, spinning over and over in his head.

"I will wait for you, Mistress." He didn't think he needed to say it. He'd always wait for her- she should know.

"Maleficent," she corrects, the ghost of a smile tugging on her lips. His face mirrored hers as he nodded obligingly.