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It was all slowly coming back to her in bits and pieces that had her body twitching uncontrollably.

She had been sleeping for years – hundreds of them if she remembered right because of the jewel (but when was anything she remembered right?).

But they had woken her up somehow.

"Mission report."

It was Master's voice, commanding the First and she allowed her blank eyes to roam over to the other side of the room to watch with vacant eyes.

"Mission report now."

His voice was growing harsher and she trembled unconsciously, but the First didn't respond and he was struck in the face for his failure to obey.

There were vague bits of memories where she disobeyed, yet the punishment was harsher, unyielding, and humiliating.

She was a woman after all.

No, not even that – just a she-dog who had to obey the Masters' every whim, no matter what it was. It was practise, they said, for when her missions to seduce the target were given.

"That man on the bridge..."

The First spoke and she curled her fingers in, watching for his punishment, though it never came as Master simply stared at the First.

"Who was he?" The First asked, looking almost confused and that was bad for a weapon to possess. Master answered, but the First didn't accept it, "I knew him."

"Both of you – your work has been a gift to mankind," Master gave her a look that had her trembling in her chair, though the restraints held her down, "You both have shaped the century and I need both of you to do it one more time."

Yes, all the seduction, forced disappearances, and killing... she remembered and it felt like her former self was crying.

'Former self?'

Did that ever even exist?

"If you cannot do your part, I cannot do mine. HYDRA won't be able to give the world the freedom it deserves." Master's voice was lowering, yet the First talked back.

So Master stood up, "Wipe them both," He said coldly and she felt herself breathing faster at the thought of the pain, "Prepare them both. The Second will go with the First to eliminate Captain America."

She rarely went out with the First.

Something rubbery was shoved in her mouth and she bit down on it, just waiting for that blazing pain to melt everything away – even the remnants of her former self.

She hated and loved her former self.

He was suddenly screaming and so was she as the electricity shot through their bodies and minds, erasing everything that was there until a blank nothingness remained.

She was the Second Winter.

Nothing more or less.