Annie: ...

Tsuna: Why am I a girl?

Annie: ...

Tsuna: Hey, Annie. Are you O.K?

Annie: ...

Tsuna: Annie?

Annie: run for her life

Tsuna: ?

Hibari: Get back here and let me bite you to death! Runs after me with his weapons in his hands

Tsuna: Oh, now I know why she didn't answer me. She didn't want Hibari-san knowing where she is. Annie doesn't own Hatekyo Hitman Reborn or the characters and this is her first time making a story for it and it's set when I'm only 4 years old before she gets to the part where I meet Reborn. Reborn doesn't know I'm a girl as I dress like a boy more than a girl. Why am I a girl in the story anyway? Looks on her laptop and sees pictures of him as a girl O.O WHY AM I A GIRL IN THESE PICTURES?!

Reborn: Tsuna is a girl, but people thinks she's a he.

It's a beautiful day was it is sunny and bright, a little child at the age of four years old is playing in the park with other kids and the child was having fun until the parents called the other kids back because it's getting dark out. The child's parents showed up and the child ran at them as the father pick the child up before hugging the child as they went home to eat supper. After supper, the father helped wash the child and help the child in her, yes I said her, nightgown as it is her bedtime.

"Sweetheart, father has something to tell you." The father said to his child.

"Yes, papa?" The child asked as she got in her bed with a stuff teddy bear her mother made for her.

"You're part of a Mafia family called Vongola as you're the boss of it. I know you don't like crime or anything that is part of a mafia, but I wanted you to know in case you change you're mind. That's all I wanted to say. Good-night, my little mafia girl." The father of the child as before he kissed her on the cheek and left the room. It was morning and the child was eating breakfast with her parents as it's a peaceful day until the door was broken down by two grown man that had guns in their hands as they are from a mafia family (In a later part of the story and they're not allied with Vongola).

"What do you want?" The mother said as she and her husband got in front of their child. The two man just shot the parents and the child got scared badly.

"Mother! Father! NO!" The child said as she cries until she grabbed a gun that was near her father and shot the two man in the chest. She was freaking out and she know she had to get out, but where will she live. She packed all of her things, her parents's things and everything in the place as she is going to leave the house and live somewhere else. She found a mega x mega huge place to live in that ha size mailbox inside the house, as the mail will fall in a basket with a bell ringing to let the owners know the mail has came, double doors to enter thru and it has a cameras to keep an eye on the place.

The child unpacked her stuff into her new room as it is the master bedroom, but much bigger with a king x king size bed in the center of the room with the head broad touching the window still while there is a mega closest for her dresses and skirts to be put up in and 6 dressers to put her cloth away in. The backyard has a pool that is 50 ft wide and 50 ft height while inside it's 30 ft deep with a shallow end for little kids to play in. There is 50 bed rooms inside the place and one storage room to store stuff as the child stored her died parent's bodies and their stuff inside it. The coffin is 4 time the size as to let them be together with fake flowers all around them inside the coffin and she would sleep on top of it sometimes as the top is made out of glass to see inside it. The child made sure the storage room is a resting place for her parents and made sure no one enters the room without a password which is 'Mafia Boss Girl'. There is a big kitchen with a lot of cup broad space, as in there is 100 cup broads inside the kitchen as there is 4 fridges combined together. The living room is big enough to hold about 100 people inside it as there is a fire place that is about 500 cm wide and is in 10 cm in height and there is about 2 arm chairs (On each side of the fire place) with 3 couches (One in the middle while the other two are beside the arm chairs by 30 inches away from the arm chairs) with a table on each side of the furnishers to put drinks or books down and there is a rack for the fire wood to be put on as it can hold about 400 fire wood pieces in it. There was a office to work at for paper work (The handling of reports, letters and forms), businesses paper (The bar, the chop shop and the casino), homework and for a laptop to be on it to help organized the paper work, as in checking on appointments dates, the amount of money you have, what you have and didn't check on and to send letters to the allied families. (The sending of the letter is when the child needs help with something like: info or research into a mafia family that tried to kill her and her family, help with training and help with getting info from someone)

The place has a huge library inside with 10,000 bookshelves to put books on and it has 3 couches and 2 arm chairs inside it with a fire place to keep them warm in the winter time. There is 50 bathrooms combined with the 50 rooms in the place as the bathroom to the master bedroom is half the size the master bedroom is and has a big bath tub to soak her whole body in. The child had brought a bar, casino and a chop shop to make money with as she is going to be the Mafia Boss of the Vongola family and she had to many sins as she writes them down in her notebooks with the title Sins on each cover of the books. The child went to the bar to make it a lot bigger than it was before as she named it 'The Vongola Bar' as she took down the old one, buy the other builds near it (5 on each side as they were just corner stores) before taking them down to make the bar whole lot bigger and is building a new one that is 2,000 ft wide and is 500 ft in height while the basement is to store the drinks for the bar. The bar was a dance floor for dancing with a stage for bands in and out of town to play on with a request broad the the mangers of the bands will pull off to play next. The chop shop was taking down and gotten bigger as it is 8,000 ft wide and 500 ft in height as it is called 'The Vongola Chop Shop' and the people, who heard of the Vongola family and their bosses thru out the generation, works at the chop shop and the bar plus the casino as to not get the family angry at them. The casino was taking down to make in a whole lot bigger as it is 500,000 ft wide and 1,000 ft in height with cameras inside the casino and bar to make sure there is no fights or they're lose all of their money, as the casino is called 'The Vongola Casino' for now on. The child had found out that her parents had 500,000,000 birthday gifts for her as if they knew they were going to die and that they had $89,000,000,000,000 in yens for her to look after her-self. She made a safe that is about 50 ft wide and 50 ft in height inside her office to protect her money with a painting she painted by her-self, that looks like a baby with a chameleon on it's hat as a yellow pacifier is around it's neck and it's adult self behind it with a gun in his left hand, to cover the safe as the bottom of the painting is 6 cms from the floor. The child went to school and didn't make any friends for she fears she'll lose them and they call her two names as she has bad luck.

9 years later...

The child is now a teenager and is in middle school as she never let anyone over to her house and she pretended to be a boy as to not let anyone try and jump her. One day (It's Sunday), the mail bell ringed and the child left the library room, where she was sorting out her new books she just ordered on line from her laptop, before she went to get the mail and found a note that says she'll have a home tutor living with her and there was no name on the note.

"I'm guessing it's the hitman from the Vongola family to help me be the next boss. I hope the tutor is O.K with staying in my room with me." The child said to her-self as she looks thru the other mail and in went into the office to go on her laptop to do her paper work, businesses paper and her school work. The next morning, the child work up and went to get something to eat when she heard the door bell ring. The child went to the door and saw a green stick before she looked down to seeing a baby as it's the same one she painted.

"Can I help you with something?" The child asked kindly as she got on her kneels to see the baby better. The baby has a black fedora with a thick orange stripe running across the sides of the cone. He has black eyes and wears an all-black suit with black boots and a red long sleeved polo with a blue necktie underneath. The child can also see a yellow pacifier around the baby's neck.

"I'm the home tutor and the best hitman, Reborn. You're Tsunayoshi Sawada, correct?" The baby called Reborn asked as the child nods her head.

"Yes, I'm Tsunayoshi Sawada. If you're going to live with me, I would like it if you could just call me Tsuna." The child called Tsunayoshi Sawada said as she picks up Reborn, close the door and went into the kitchen to make something to eat.

"Is there anything you would like to eat, Reborn?" Tsuna said as she put Reborn on the table before she puts on a apron to cook her breakfast.

"I'm good, but why are you wearing baggy clothing?" Reborn asked Tsuna as she was wide eyed at what he asked, but didn't let her body show it, as she answers his question.

"I like baggy clothing as it makes it easier to move in than tight clothing." Tsuna said as she went to the fridge to get some eggs, milk, bread, butter and cheese slices with orange juice to drink.

"Would you like anything to drink, Reborn?" Tsuna asked as she looks at Reborn.

"Water will be O.K." Reborn said as Tsuna closed the door to the fridge and got two glasses to fill up. Tsuna gave Reborn his water while she had her orange juice to drink.

"Sorry if the glass is to tall, I can get you a straw to drink out of if you like." Tsuna said as Reborn looks at the glass.

"Yes, please." Reborn said as Tsuna got Reborn a straw to drink out of and Tsuina started to make her breakfast of: Scrabble eggs, grilled cheese sandwich X 4 with orange juice. Reborn looked at the child that became his new student and he doesn't know if he knows about his mafia family, the Vongola as they are strong as they have allied with other Mafia families.

'I hope he can handle my training or else he'll never be the boss of the Vongola family.' Reborn thought as he saw that Tsuna is done her breakfast and is going up stairs to get dress, brush her hair (It's still the same, but no long hair from the back of the neck) and her teeth before she put on her school uniform. After Tsuna put her shoes on, she went to school with Reborn in her school bag as she wants him to hid from the others.

"Tsuna-kun, good morning." A girl said as she walks beside Tsuna.

"Ah, Kyoko. Good morning. How are you?" Tsuna asked as she looks at the other girl.

"I'm fine. We better hurry or else Hibari will bite us to death." Kyoko said as she and Tsuna ran to school as they don't want to be biting to death by Hibari, the Namimori Middle Disciplinary leader as he likes to say:

'I'll bite you to death' a lot and hates people who breaks the school rules. In the middle lunch time, Tsuna and Reborn were talking as she packed a extra lunch which is for Reborn.

"I see and I'm the only one who can be the boss of the Vongola family, right?" Tsuna asked Reborn as they ate lunch together to know each other better.

"Yes and I'm here to help you to be the next boss." Reborn said as he finished his 2 tuna sandwiches with a apple juice box and some carrots to much on. After school, Tsuna was being called names again and she doesn't like it.

"Hey, look. It's no-good Tsuna."

"What a loser he is."

"Why doesn't he just die?" Tsuna just forget that they're there and just went on home. Half way home, Reborn could see Tsuna with tears in her eyes as she is trying to hold them in until she got home. After they got home and Tsuna took her shoes off, she brought Reborn into her room as she put her school bag on the floor beside her bed before she just jumps on the bed and starts to cry her eyes out on her pillows. Reborn went on the bed and saw Tsuna was crying so loud and so heart breaking that he went closer to her before she looked st him in the eyes.

"I'm a cry baby, aren't I? I try so hard to just forget that the names don't hurt my feelings, but I just can't!" Tsuna said as she pulls Reborn closer to her face as she cries into his pants. Reborn couldn't believe the life his new student is having as he rubs Tsuna's hair gently to calm her down.

"Do you live here alone?" Reborn asked as she never spoke about her family.

"Yes, I've been living here for 8 years all by my-self. I lose my parents to two man as they just shot them in front of me. Dad told me I was a part of a mafia family called the Vongola and I choose to be part of it as it's the only way of having a family to look after and have someone look after me." Tsuna said as Reborn knows that she is telling the truth, but is hiding something that she doesn't want to talk about.

"I'll look after after you as a father if you like." Reborn said as Tsuna looked up at him.

"You would?" Tsuna asked before Reborn nods his head and she just hugs him with new tears coming out of her eyes.

"Reborn, thank you." Tsuna said before she fall asleep with him still in her arms.

'I got two jobs to do now: Be her trainer and be her father at the same time. Guess she wants a family so badly that her wish must of came true.' Reborn thought as he falls asleep. (Reborn actually knows Tsuna is a girl, just forgotten about it) 5 hours later, Tsuna woke up and saw Reborn isn't there in her arms.

"Don't worry, I'm not leaving you ever. I was looking around the place and I realized that this place is a mansion. I saw a password protected door and thought:

'I better leave it be.' and came back here knowing you would wake up." Reborn said before the doorway of Tsuna's room. Tsuna made them supper as they talk about the training Tsuna will be doing.

"I better check on the paper work. I didn't finish it last night." Tsuna said as she brings Reborn into the office and sat down on the chair. Reborn saw some paper work for a bar, a chop shop and a casino before he looked up at Tsuna.

"Did you buy these three places?" Reborn said as Tsuna looked at the papers in his hands.

"Yes, I figure it was what Mafia do as I did a bit of research into them. I kept the names, just added 'The Vongola' in front of the names. People that heard about the family would work at the places as to not lose all their money and stuff. Oh? Hello? Yes? I see. O.K, I'll get more sent to the bar and I can see there's fights happening there. Thanks for phoning to let me know. O.K, bye. Sorry, that was the man in charge of the bar for me, we need to send more drinks to the bar as we're low on drinks. Oh? Hello? What? We made 1.2 billion yens in the chop shop? O.K, 3/4 of the money is to go to my place while the rest is split between you guys and make sure that everyone as a equal amount of pay. O.K, thanks for letting me know. O.K, bye. Sorry about that. I made sure they phone when they have something to say about the business or when we need to refill it. Oh? Hello? Yes? What?! O.K, get that guy, take all of his money, tell the police so they can arrest him and do make sure you don't tell them it's a mafia casino plus sell all of his stuff and his house to make more money. I just can't believe someone would try to steal from a mafia casino like that. O.K, send all of his money and the money from selling his stuff to my place. O.K, bye. Why would someone try and steal from a mafia casino?" Tsuna said as she went back to her paper work after she hanged up the phone for the third time while Reborn was still looking at her as she works on her paper work.

'I can't believe he is becoming more of a mafia boss more than I thought he would be. Guess he got some of the mafia stuff covered with the bar, the chop shop and the casino as they would do anything for money.' Reborn thought as he looks at her working so hard on the paper work and then go for a businesses paper works before she started her homework. 5 days after Reborn came to live with Tsuna and haven't done any training yet, a boy with white hair came to her school as he is new to her class. Tsuna went over to him and the new guy looked up at her.

"Hi, my name is Tsunayoshi Sawada. May I ask, what is you're name?" Tsuna said as she introduces her-self to the new student of the class

"I'll tell you when we're alone. I'll even eat with you on the school's rooftop." The new kid said as he looks away from Tsuna as Tsuna looked a bit hurt that they couldn't talk a bit longer. Joining lunch time, the new kid sat with Tsuna as Reborn is out.

"So, you're Tsunayoshi Sawada, the next Vongola boss?" The new kid asked as he stands up.

"Ah, don't tell me you're going to leave? I thought we were going to be...well friends?" Tsuna said to the new kid as she has a hurt look on her face as the new kid looks at her face and saw she is sad.

"2 things: 1) I'm not leave and I don't mind being friends. And 2) I want to see if you can lead the Vongola family. The name is Hayato Gokudera and I'll be you're right-hand man when you win against me." The new kid, Hayato Gokudera said as he went into his battle stand with bomb sticks in between his fingers.

"But, I don't know how to fight. I don't know how." Tsuna said as she takes 5 steps back from Hayato scared as she doesn't know how to fight.

"Just think, Tsuna. Think on how to punch and kick. Just think." Reborn said as he knows she wants to prove her-self to Hayato on her own. "Just think." Tsuna said to her-self as she close her eyes and glowed a light yellow as her hands, arms, legs, and feet glows until they were covered in light yellow fire before she opened her eyes, which were light yellow as well, before she ran at Hayato and manged to get a hit as her right punch hit him in the chest.

"Not bad, Tsuna. Let's see if you can handle this." Hayato said as he throws his bomb sticks at Tsuna as she closed her eyes again and before the sticks hit her, she opened her eyes again and the sticks were around her as she telekinesis moves them to attack Hayato with them glowing a little bit of light yellow. Hayato moved out of the way, but got hit in the back with 5 of them as he didn't see them.

"You're getting better at fighting, but can you handle this." Hayato said as he throws 2,000 bomb sticks at Tsuna, but Tsuna stayed calm as she close her eyes to see a clear vision of where to move the sticks. She opened her eyes and the sticks went up into the sun and came down as a big fire ball, but it became smaller and smaller as it got closer to them. Tsuna touched it as it took form of a pair of gloves as she put them on. She ran at Hayato again as she was trying to punch him again as fast as she can. Hayato was having a hard time dodging the attacks from Tsuna as she was getting faster and faster per minute before she went for a side ways kick to the stomach as Hayato was holding his stomach, but he got back up as he saw Tsuna panting heavily as sweet was coming down her face.

"This is the last attack." Hayato said as he throws 8 bomb sticks at Tsuna, but Tsuna stopped them as she made a ball of light yellow around the 8 bomb sticks as the bomb sticks explored in the ball. Tsuna moved the ball to her hands as she is going to throw it at Hayato. Tsuna throws the ball at Hayato, but he dodged it and without knowing it as he looks to where Tsuna was, Tsuna did a kick to the stomach again as Hayato stands up before she did a around kick to the back of the neck than a elbow to the back to have him on his kneels.

"Looks like you win." Hayato said before Tsuna stopped glowing and passed out as she hit the ground.

"Tsuna! Oi, Tsuna!" Hayato said as he got to her body.

"He's fine, just tired as he did do all that by him-self. I'm shocked on how he did that since he couldn't fight until now." Reborn said as Hayato picks up Tsuna and brings him to the nurse's office to put him in bed without his socks and shoes on. School was over and Hayato came to bring Tsuna home when he saw that Tsuna is holding her head as she looks like she's about to pull her hair out of her head.

"Tsuna!" Hayato said as he ran to his boss before he pulls Tsuna's hand away from hierhead. Tsuna tried to push Hayato away from her as she doesn't want to hurt him, buy Hayato hugged her and hold on tightly to protect her.

"It's O.K, Tsuna. I'm here and I'm never going to leave you, never as I'm you're guardian and I'll protect you from anything that tries to hurt you." Hayato said as he feels Tsuna is hugging him back with tears coming down his face. For 15 minutes, Hayato and Tsuna hugged until Tsuna calmed down.

"Sorry for crying like that. I guess I had a vision or something, but it was who the next guardian is." Tsuna said as Hayato hugs her again.

"If it happens again, let me hug you until it stops." Hayato said as Tsuna hugs Hayato back with a nod of her head. Tsuna and Reborn are walking home when Tsuna grabbed her head again.

"Is it the same thing that happened when Hayato came to get you?" Reborn asked as Tsuna shakes her head.

"No, I thinks it's from battling Hayato. Reborn, I want Hayato to be my right-hand man and guardian." Tsuna said to Reborn as Reborn nods his head before they entered the mansion. For 10 days, Hayato and Tsuna had hang out together as everyone at school knows to leave Tsuna alone or else Hayato will hurt them, but 6 guys didn't listen as they thinks it can't happen as they were picking on Tsuna.

"Hey, loser."

"Why are you hanging with him?"

"Are you gay or something?"

"I bet he's hanging with him because he needs a body guard to protect him."

"I think we should beat him up and leave him with bruises and cuts on his body." Tsuna didn't like to get picked on or bullied as no one at school knows she a girl.

"HAYATO, HELP ME!" Tsuna scream so loud that the guys couldn't believe she can scream that loud.

"That does it! Let's beat him up!" As they all punched Tsuna is the cheeks and eye as they take turns and one of them made two cuts on her left eye, Hayato showed up and saw them hurting Tsuna.

"Hey, you leave Tsuna alone or else!" Tsuna turns her head to the left to seeing Hayato with angry look on his face.

"Hayato!" Tsuna said as she runs to him as she cries into his shirt while he hugs her tightly.

"You guys know better than that! If I see you hurting Tsuna again, I'll throw my bomb sticks at you!" Hayato said as he brings out 4 bomb stick to prove it to them as the sticks lit on their own. The 6 guys ran away for they were scared of Hayato as Hayato unlit the sticks as he looks at Tsuna with worry.

"You were right to call for help when you couldn't handle anything on you're own." Hayato said as he hugs Tsuna even more tighter before a 14 year old boy came over to them.

"Hey, I heard shouting and I came over to see what was going on." The boy said as he sees Tsuna in Hayato's arms crying.

"Tsuna? Is he alright?" The boy asked Hayato as Tsuna gasped in shock as he grabs her head and fall out of Hayato's arms before she fall to the ground.

"Tsuna! Damn it, the visions are coming back." Hayato said as he holds Tsuna close to his chest as her head is on his chest.

"Ya-Yamamoto." Tsuna said as she looks at the 14 year old boy.

"That's right, I'm Yamamoto Takeshi." Takeshi said as he holds Tsuna's hand to help him thru his visions. After 5 minutes, the vision stops and Reborn showed up as he was worried about Tsuna as she almost got beating up yesterday.

"Tsuna, are you O.K?" Reborn asked as Tsuna nods her head as she looks at Takeshi before she looks at Reborn.

"Reborn, I think Yamamoto is my next guardian of my family." Tsuna said as Reborn looks at Takeshi as Reborn is checking his out to see if he can be part of the family.

"You're right making him you're next guardian, Tsuna. Yamamoto is you're name?" Reborn said as Takeshi nods his head.

"How do you feel of joining a mafia family?" Reborn asked as Takeshi looks confused.

"Mafia family? Oh, it's a game right? Than I should join in since this might be fun." Takeshi said as Reborn didn't mind him thinking it's a game before he looks at Tsuna's face.

"Tsuna, you're face!" Reborn was shocked by this (He's acting like a father to her as all fathers would act like that if their child was hurt by someone) as Tsuna's cheeks had bruises as there is two cuts on her left eye and her right eye is all black and swollen as she hates getting hurt.

"Hayato and Yamamoto, you're got job to do and that's protect Tsuna at school since there's bullies here that think they can do whatever they want." Reborn said as he was never this angry before as Yamamoto and Hayato nods their heads.

"Hayato, tell the chairman that Tsuna went home because he got hurt by 5 people and make sure you tell them what they look like and tell the chairman that Tsuna wants his schoolwork and homework sent to him." Reborn said as he and Tsuna went home to fix Tsuna's wounds. Tsuna had her school work sent over by the chairman. Reborn was worried that Tsuna won't want go to school, so he told Tsuna that he'll help her with her homework as she agreed with it. Reborn's lover and Hayato's sister, Bianchi shows up at Tsuna's place to try and get Reborn to come back to Italy with her, but failed as he said he can't leave his child which he explained to Bianchi why he called Tsuna his child.

"I see, than I'll be his new mother from this day forth." Bianchi said as she hugs Tsuna like a mother would. At school joining lunch, Tsuna told Hayato and Takeshi about this women who was brownish pink hair and she tried to take Reborn back to Italy as she is his lover.

"What? Sis is here?" Hayato said as he is scared of his sister as he explained why he doesn't want to see his sister.

"I see. I'm sorry of saying anything about her. I didn't know she was you're sister." Tsuna said as she looks at Hayato.

"It's O.K, it's not you're fault." Hayato said as they finished their lunchs and head for class.

Annie: Peeks from behind a arm chair I'm still hiding from Hibari as he saw who Tsuna is paired with. Oh f***. Goes back down as Hibari goes by the arm chair and she waits for 5 minutes before she peeks out from behind the arm chair Even Tsuna doesn't know who he is paired with. This story is going to be a chapter story and I would like it if some readers to my Harry Potter story give me some OCs teachers in the story. There is 5 teachers that need to replaced as Kurm and Fleur are teacher and nurse helper in the story. I better find a different spot to hid in in case Hibari looks behind the arm chairs or couches to find me. See ya guys later and I can't make the paragraphs have more room to make it easier for you to read as it won't let me do that. Ja Ne and hope I live from Hibari's attacks. Runs to a new hiding spot and she will talk from there