One minute, Bella was staring at me, her dark eyes filled with surprised disbelief at the efforts I had made to ensure she felt safe, and then next minute she lunged across the room, plowing into me so hard, that I stumbled back into the wall, hitting it with a dull thud.

Her arms wrapped around my neck, pulling my willing mouth down to hers as I lifted her off her feet and spun us so she was pressed against the wood, trapped between my body and the smooth cedar. I groaned as our tongues met, sliding and twisting. Bella's hands fisted in my shirt, pulling it away from my waistband; her fingers pressed into my back. My hips thrust forward, grinding my cock into her warmth, as the desire I'd been feeling for her exploded.

Every plan I had for a long, slow afternoon of relaxing and easing into the next step of our relationship went out the window as she arched against me, tugging on my shirt so hard that I could feel the material straining against my back and the seams beginning to give away.

I tore my mouth from hers, gasping for air. I wanted her naked and under me. I wanted to feel the warmth of her bare flesh pressing into mine. Feel the heat of her pussy surrounding my cock. I wanted to watch her writhe and beg for me as I filled her, took her…made her mine.

And I wanted it all—now.

In a blur, her hands moved and yanked on my shirt front, the buttons hitting the floor; tiny discs bounced and rolled as they scattered. The feel of her hands stroking my chest, teasing my nipples, made me curse, and with a groan, I pivoted and carried her to the inviting bed. I sat her on the edge of the mattress, tearing her t-shirt over her head. We stared at each other, both of us panting.

"Bella," I murmured, my voice low. "Take your hair down for me."

With shaky fingers she loosened the clip, letting her hair fall past her shoulders.

"I love your hair. It's like dark, molten chocolate," I crooned, burying my fingers into her curls. "I like to feel it in my hands—it's like a satin waterfall."

She shivered. Gently, I nudged the thick tresses over her shoulder, trailing my finger across her collarbone and tracing the lacy edge of her bra. "Your skin is like ivory—warm, smooth—so fucking sexy. I want to touch it, taste it—everywhere." Slowly, I moved my hand, repeating the action, then slipped my finger just inside the lacy cup, her warm skin feeling like silk to my rougher, calloused hand. Her dark, wild eyes watched me, her chest heaving, as I leaned over her. With one flick of my wrist, I popped open the clasp and let her breasts spill into my waiting hands. She moaned as I bent my head, capturing one stiff nipple in my mouth, nuzzling and licking the peak as I played with the other one. My body and mouth followed her as she fell back on the mattress. Bracing myself on my hands, I gazed down at her. "You're so beautiful, sweetheart."

Shrugging off my torn shirt, I smirked as I tugged on my belt. "Maybe I'd better take these off. God knows what damage you'll inflict on them. I only brought one other pair."

Her mouth curved into a wicked smile. "Don't worry, you won't be needing pants."

I arched my eyebrow at her. "Is that so?"

"We aren't leaving this room."

"I don't get to eat?" I winked at her. "I'm going to need to keep up my strength."

"Room service, remember?"

I hovered over her, slipping my hands under her waistband and tugging.

"That's perfect—for later."

"Later?" she panted.

I sank to my knees in front of her. "There's something else I want to eat now."


Bella whimpered, her hips bucking as I teased her with my tongue. Higher and higher I went, stroking and licking, my teeth nibbling on her fragrant skin. I ghosted my fingers over her warm, wet center; knowing that was where she wanted my tongue and mouth. She curved up, crying out, as I slipped a finger into her wetness, my thumb grazing over her clit. Slowly, I slid in and out, adding a second finger when her moans became louder. Standing up, I hovered over her, lifting her face to mine as my tongue dipped back inside her sweet mouth, imitating the actions of my fingers. "So soft, Bella…you're so soft."

Her hand buried into my hair as she groaned my name.

"And wet, baby—so hot and wet." I pressed my fingers deeper, stretching her a little more. "Do I make you this wet? Is this for me?"

"Yes…yes…" She bucked against my hand. "Please, Edward," she panted.

I flicked my tongue over her swollen lips, tracing their fullness. "You want me, sweetheart? You want my mouth?"

"Oh God…yes!"

I fell back to my knees and gave her what we both wanted.

She was perfect. Hot, musky and wet in my mouth. I licked and sucked, nibbled and teased as Bella undulated under my lips. I stroked her heat, flicking her clit as she whimpered and called my name. I loved hearing it in her breathy, needy voice. I teased her, drawing out her pleasure, until she was crying out, begging me to take her.

I stood quickly, spreading her wide, and with one fast thrust, buried myself in her warmth, shouting out at the feeling of being joined with her so completely. Wrapping my hands around her knees, I lifted her hips off the mattress, thrusting hard and fast, needing to be inside her as deep as I could get. Bella's back arched, exposing her neck as her hands clutched the blanket. She matched my rhythm, her gasps and pants urging me on. "More, Edward…faster… Take me…please…"

I hissed and growled, surging into her. Her warmth surrounded me, fisting my cock tightly. Looking down, I almost lost it as I watched myself pushing and withdrawing, my aching cock glistening with her desire. Shudders ran down my spine, my muscles tightening with need.


"Tell me," she gasped.

I needed more. I needed closer. I wanted to feel every single inch of her against me as I came. I wanted to taste her release in my mouth. I needed to feel the flux and pull of her body as she came around me, her legs pulling me in; her pussy spasming around my cock, milking me for everything I had.

I pulled out, growling, as my cock protested the loss of her warmth. "Move back. Now."

She scrambled back and I followed, surging forward and inside her again in the blink of an eye, both of us groaning as I thrust powerfully. I lifted her head, crashing my mouth to hers as I pressed her deep into the downy covers, still driving into her hard. Bella's hands gripped and pulled at my hair as she screamed, the sound thick in my mouth as my own orgasm raced through me. White hot, electric shocks pulsated through my spine, pooling in the pit of my stomach. I came wildly, tearing my mouth from hers as I roared, her name echoing off the high ceiling, then biting down on the skin of her neck.

Then I collapsed into her arms. Panting. Gasping. I was unable to form a coherent sentence, unsure if I even knew what my name was at that moment.

Her body was a protective shield, her hands gentle as they ran over my back in long, soothing passes. Her legs remained wrapped around my hips. She nuzzled my damp hair, murmuring softly. I hummed in total satisfaction.

Realizing I had to be crushing her, I rolled, tucking her into my chest…cradling her this time. She tilted her head up, her eyes wide and filled with emotion. "Hi," she whispered.

I brushed a curl away from her forehead, kissing her soft skin. "Hey," I murmured.

Her cheeks were flushed, her lips pink and swollen from my mouth. I had wreaked havoc with her hair; the curls were mussed and tangled from my hands. I tried to smooth it down, but it was a lost cause. "I love your hair," I murmured.


I nuzzled into the silky tresses. "You know how my scruff does it for you? Well, your hair is my weakness. I love seeing it down around your face—being able to feel it wrapped around my hands."

"I'll remember that."

I traced the small purple mark on her neck from my teeth.

She arched one sexy eyebrow at me. "Did you…bite me?"

"Um, yeah, I did. You said I could the other day..." I grinned, unsure of her reaction."Your neck was really…tasty."

"My boyfriend turns into a vampire during sex," she mused. "That's rather…hot."

"I am hot," I sniffed haughtily. "All firemen are."

She giggled; the sound light and sweet in the room and I pulled her closer.

"You were amazing, sweetheart." I kissed her softly, grazing my lips over hers. "We were amazing."

"Yeah, we were."

"I knew we would be."

She smiled, and her nose wrinkled, making her look adorable. "It's all in the seduction."

"You're good."

"I know."

"Maybe you want to try your powers elsewhere?"

Her head turned and she gazed at the large room behind us. "I bet that tub would work."

I ran my tongue down her neck, swirling it over the mark I'd left behind. "I bet you're right. There's wine, too."



The sun was setting over the water as I pulled Bella back into my arms, stretching my legs out beside hers. I settled back into the cushions and picked up my wine, savoring the rich flavor of the Merlot Bella had chosen. The fire was roaring in front of us, the flames dancing as the logs snapped, the temperature pleasant in the coolness of the evening. But the heat was nothing compared to the warmth of the woman resting in my embrace. I ducked my head, nuzzling her damp hair. "All right, sweetheart?"

She looked up, her eyes sleepy and sated; her smile rich and full. "Perfect."

I traced her mouth with my finger, grinning as her tongue peeked out, teasing the end of it. "Yes, you are."

She sighed as her head rested against my chest.

"What are you thinking about?" I murmured quietly.

"I was wondering if I could get a tub like that in my apartment."

I glanced over at the corner. All around the edges the ceramic tiles were wet; even the window had splash marks on it. The damp towels were hanging over the railing of the deck outside to dry.

After we moved from the bed to the very deep tub, things had gotten passionate pretty fast. The vision of a wet, naked Bella was far too tempting to even try to ignore. When she leaned over the edge of the tub to reach the wine bottle, the sight of her plump, rounded ass was too much to resist. With a hiss, I lunged forward, a crest of water flowing over the edge as I pinned her chest to the floor; my hands stroked and kneaded her cheeks. "This ass," I growled in her ear, biting down on the lobe. "This ass beckoned to me when you were perched on the ladder the first time I set eyes on you." Swirling my tongue on her neck, I pulled her up tight against my raging hard on. "I thought it was remarkable then…but now? Fuck, baby, it's spectacular. Sexy." I put my lips against her ear. "Mine."

Leaning down, I drew the soft flesh of one cheek between my lips, sucking and biting as I slipped my hands underneath her, cupping her heavy breasts. She mewled as I pulled and pinched at her nipples, gasping as my teeth bit harder and another mark bloomed on her flesh. When I had become so obsessed with marking her, I had no idea. She brought out a possessive side of me I'd never experienced with another person. I liked seeing the little stain my teeth left behind. I didn't do it hard enough to hurt her—I would never hurt Bella—but my teeth left an impression, and she seemed to like it.

"Open up for me," I commanded lowly. "Show me you want me again."

She curled her hands into tight fists as she parted her legs, her ass lifted high in the air. With a groan, I pressed between her thighs, sinking deep within her. Bella lifted her torso, bracing her arms on the edge of the tub. I pressed my chest against her back, slipping my hand down and stroking her bundle of nerves as I pounded into her. The water in the tub rose and splashed, the towels on the ledge were pushed aside, knocking the bottle of wine over. It rolled away, hitting the wall, the wine luckily safe in the corked glass. Several candles were extinguished as water hit them, the lax smoke curling into the air from the damp wicks. Bella's soft whimpers became gasps, then turned into moans, her body tightening and shaking. I buried my face into her neck, groaning as she reached up and tugged on my hair. I kissed and nuzzled the damp skin, cursing as my cock swelled and I spilled deep inside her, giving her all I had, shouting her name until my body and voice calmed and stilled.

Slowly, carefully, I wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her back and sitting us both into the warm water. We were silent. The only sounds in the room were the quiet flow of the water into the tub from the waterfall and Bella's soft sigh as she relaxed into me. I cupped the warm water, pouring it over her shoulders, caressing her skin with gentle strokes of my fingers.

"You're very…passionate."

I dropped my face to her neck, kissing the soft skin. "I am with you."

"You weren't before…ah, before me?"

I didn't really want to discuss past lovers with her right now, but I needed her to know she was different. As far as I was concerned, she was it for me.

"No woman has ever affected me this way, sweetheart," I stated firmly. "Ever." I pressed another kiss to her shoulder. "No one ever will again."

She turned and gazed up at me. I met her wide-eyed stare steadily. A smile of understanding curled the edges of her sweet lips, widening as I smiled back, happy to know she understood what I was saying.

She settled back between my legs. "Me, either," she whispered.

Remembering our passion, I smiled and kissed her head. "I don't think the tub would work in your apartment, Bella."


"How about I promise to bring you back here as often as we can?"

Her toes wiggled in delight and she shifted against me, her ass rubbing against my cock. "I'd like that."

"Bella, unless you want a repeat performance of the tub or the bed, you need to stop moving so much," I warned her. "You have to be sore, sweetheart."

"Oh…" She giggled. "Sorry."

"Don't be sorry. I'm happy to oblige, but maybe we should wait until we've at least had dinner. Riley said it would be here in about thirty minutes." I tightened my arm around her waist. "Let me feed you so you have enough energy…to keep up."

She exhaled; a long deep rush of air floated over my skin. "Okay," she whispered.

I took a deep sip of wine and relaxed, enjoying the quiet around us and the feeling of Bella in my arms. It took a minute before I realized not only had she stopped moving, but she was frozen in place. Setting down my wine, I leaned forward, pushing her thick hair out of the way so I could see her face. "Bella?"

There was no response. Her eyes were fixed on the glass ahead of us, and I narrowed my eyes, trying to see what she was looking at.

A spider. One lone spider, barely discernable in the dying light was sitting on the glass, not moving. One lone spider, scaring the shit out of my girl.

I pulled her back against me, holding her tight.

"It's outside, Bella. It can't get near you. I wouldn't let it get near you," I soothed in her ear. "I have you."

She nodded, but didn't speak.

The spider moved, crawling across the glass, pausing occasionally before moving again. I knew Bella's eyes were tracking the movements; she stiffened every time it moved. "He's probably on his way home," I murmured. "Home to his little web, where his family waits for him. He isn't interested in you or me. He's just using the glass as a shortcut home."

Her voice was shaky. "Yeah."

"Look, he's gone."

"He can't get in?"

I gathered her up, turning her so she was nestled into my chest. "No."

She tilted her head back, and I was shocked at how pale she had become. Her phobia was terrible. "Are you okay, sweetheart?"

"With you, I am. You kept me calm." A ghost of a smile flickered. "Your little web theory helped."


Lifting my glass, I pressed it to her lips, smiling as she took a small sip. "Thank you."

"I told you I'd check every room and would make sure you're safe."

"I hope you don't get tired of doing that."

I pulled her closer, lifting her chin so I could kiss her.


"I'm a lot of work."

"No, you're not. You're perfect. All the little things that make up you, make you perfect for me. I wish you didn't trip or hurt yourself so much because I hate seeing that happen, but I like knowing I'm there to catch you, or at least kiss it better."

"I like it, too."


Smiling, I kissed her again as a discreet knock sounded. "Riley is here with dinner."

"Good. I'm starving."

I stood up, taking her with me and leering at her with an exaggerated wink. "Eat up, then, sweetheart. You're gonna need it."

Her cheeks darkened, and tucked into my side, she giggled all the way to the door.

The fact that I had my hand on her ass might have had something to do with it.


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