He lay there, thorn and bruised. Kaguya's last attack take its toll on his body. Naruto didn't do any better, but Sakura could see his new power healing his wounds rapidly. The heat was unbearable, she fall to her knees next to the body of her love. With shivering hands she searched for a pulse, for a single heart beat so she would know there's still hope. There was nothing.

"Sakura" Kakashi stepped beside her, still watching the glorious Goddess, in her pain and agony this two caused her. "It's not over yet, we need to…"

Sakura put her hands on Sasuke's chest, leaning in. "Kakashi sensei, there was a time the exact thing happened…" a faint green light blossomed under her palms. "..ah I bet you don't remember, do you?" She concentrated everything remaining in her body and mind to Sasuke. She smiled, her eyes gleaming with tears. "Back then I couldn't do anything….just cry" the green light became bigger and enveloped her hands. The marks from her face all glided down to her hands. "..even now I may be of no use…" she whispered.

"Kakashi-sensei…" she still only looked at Sasuke's lifeless face. "..please take care of this two, Naruto is an idiot but I bet you can make him be the best Hokage of all time." her voice cracked now and then.

Kakashi looked at her in disbelief.

"As for Sasuke, I know he is good, deep down, he was always good, please help him become the boy we all remember…" She smiled a bit, and looked to Naruto's direction, her eyes met his and she smiled a bit, before returning her gaze to Sasuke.

"Sakura-cha…" Naruto could see his teammate leaning over Sasuke, green light on her skin and that sad smile she always gave when she couldn't tell what she really felt.

"Sakura!" Kakashi tried to grab her. It was to late, her head fall down so did her body till it crashed into Sasuke's chest.

Her lips curved to a peaceful smile, her hands laying on top of Sasuke's chest, just like she slept in, and had the dream of lifetime. The ground rumbled and Kakashi had to grab Naruto to not fall into the lava under them.

"Gnn…" Sasuke groaned and opened one eye, catching the pink on his chest. "Sakura…" he said, he got up to his elbows. "..you are heavy…" but nothing happened, no hug like last time. He looked at her, she didn't move. He touched her hand, ice cold, no breathing.

"Sasuke!" Kakashi shouted to him, still holding Naruto.

The noise all around them became nothing. He couldn't hear anything, his ears buzzing. He sat up, making the girls head roll somewhat back, her hair scattered on his lap.

Anger and fear stated to crawl under his skin, the girls face was so peaceful, so lifeless.