Disclaimer- the song is "Breathe" by Nickelback off of 'The State' CD. Chad Kroeger wrote it.



And now I found it…found I adored it
I didn't want this can somebody help me see?
And know I feel that…feel I've been there
I don't need this can somebody help me stand?
And now I told him already warned him
I didn't want this can somebody help me breathe?

- Breathe, Nickelback

"You can't do this, Obi-Wan. "

Qui-Gon Jinn's voice was timid, yet firm. His twenty-five-year-old apprentice stood with his back to him, his arms crossed and his back rigid and stiff.

"Obi-Wan? Did you hear me?"

Obi-Wan did not respond. He made no move to show that he had even heard Qui-Gon.

Qui-Gon felt a flash of anger flare within him. This was disrespect in its highest form. He sat on the edge of the bed, not moving. He didn't want to upset Obi-Wan but at the same time he wanted to stand and shake the man.

"I have passed the trials," Obi-Wan said suddenly.

"What?" Qui-Gon's voice held the shock that mirrored his face. He made a move to sit up, but then thought better of it.

Suddenly angry, Obi-Wan spun on his heels, allowing Qui-Gon to see his bruised face and his swollen eye. " Yes, Master, I passed the trials. Two days ago, in fact. " His blue-gray eyes burned with anger and determination.

" Padawan-"

"Padawan?"" Obi-Wan's voice jumped to accusation. " Padawan? With all due respect, isn't Anakin your Padawan now? "

Shock registered on Qui-Gon's face. Again, the disrespect. He would not tolerate it this time. " Obi-Wan, I will not be spoken to you in such a manner. You are just a Padawan-"

"A Knight " Obi-Wan interrupted with a smirk.

Qui-Gon wanted to hit the young man in front of him. Ever since the blockade of Naboo, they had distanced. And Qui-Gon knew it was absolutely Obi-Wan who had changed, not he. He didn't even know why. Obi-Wan had complete shut him out. Before today, Qui-Gon had not seen his Padawan for the last two weeks.

"I believe I am leaving now, Master Jinn. " Obi-Wan's voice was loathed with contempt. " I suppose I should say farewell. " His eyes mocked Qui-Gon. " Farewell. "

"What? Wait, don't!" Obi-Wan was all ready turning to leave. His steps were slow, and Qui-Gon noticed he had a sight limp. What happened to him?

Qui-Gon jumped up and reached for the comm unit on the wall. He had to make Obi-Wan talk to someone. It was clear to the Jedi Master Obi-Wan had no intent of listening to him.

Obi-Wan whirled around. His eyes flashed dangerously. He reached out his hand.

Qui-Gon gave a cry as he was thrown back. His feet caught the bed and he rolled over it at an alarming speed. Obi-Wan withdrew his hand and then threw it violently out on front of him. In response, Qui-Gon continued his roll and slammed into the window behind him, cracking it and splitting the back of his head. He groaned, then collapsed to the ground, blood trailing down his back and stars dancing in his eyes

Obi-Wan watched him for a minute. His eyes were a furious shade of gray. He reached down and picked up his pack. He paused, then reached inside his tunic and withdrew a smooth ebony stone. His smile was wicked as he tossed it over the bed. It landed on Qui-Gon clenched fist, then bounced with a clatter on the wood. "I believe you'll be needing this more than I will, Master Jinn." He gave a vile laugh.

His stride was slow and heavy as he left the room.

Obi-Wan stepped out of the room and into the corridor. He checked the hallway and made sure no one was in sight. He walked quietly down the hall towards the turbo-lift that would take him to the lowest level of the Temple. He pressed the button and waited for the lift to pop up.


Startled, he turned and saw the boy standing near him. He hid his look of anger with a surprised laugh. "Hey, Anakin. Shouldn't you be sleeping right about now?" He noticed the child was in his sleeping clothes.

"And shouldn't you?" Anakin said softly.

Obi-Wan clenched his fist inside his cloak. " I have a mission I must attend to. It's very important. " The lift signaled him and he impatiently waited for the door to open.

"What's it about?" Anakin asked just as the door opened.

Obi-Wan's expression turned to horror as he gazed upon the two robed figures standing in front of him. The smaller robed man stepped from the lift and his lips, the only part of his face Obi-Wan could see, lifted in a smile as his eyes fell on the young Knight. The other younger figure hid his entire face under the hood of his cloak.

"Now, isn't this charming?" he asked, his voice low, nodding to Anakin. Obi-Wan gave Anakin a look of fear. He stepped in front of the boy.

"Who're you?" Anakin cried out.

"He's no one," Obi-Wan said to the man. "He's nothing. I swear he has nothing to do with it."

"Did you finish what you started?" the robed man asked Obi-Wan, his face inches from his.

The look of terror on the Knight's face was wicked. "Yes, Master, yes." He reached behind him and grabbed a handful of Anakin's tunic.

"I should kill the boy," the robed man said, his attention now on Anakin. "He's strong, isn't he? I think he's trouble, don't you agree, my young Jedi?"

Obi-Wan didn't answer.

The man pushed Obi-Wan aside and drew upon Anakin. "He's very strong," he murmured suddenly. "He is very strong."

"What's it to you, slimeface?" Anakin burst out, his hand clenching.

The robed man's face tightened in anger. He raised his hand and Obi-Wan immediately dashed in front of the boy.

"He's special to you?" the man spat.

"Very," Obi-Wan answered; hoping his voice didn't shake too much. He glanced down the halls. All was dark and quiet. "Please, Master, he didn't mean anything. Let him be." He would kill himself if Anakin was killed on his behalf. He knew how much Qui-Gon would need the boy after this. Especially after this.

"I should kill him," the man said, again rising his hand. "And I will kill him. If you do anything to stop me, this bargain is off. I'm not gracious to those I don't like, am I, Lord Hyra? " The man glanced back at the figure in the lift. No one rose a voice to agree.

Anakin's eyes suddenly rotated in fear.

A roar from down the hall alerted them. The robed man sighed. "Its that fool Qui-Gon Jinn," he muttered. "He feels the young one's distress. Get in the lift, Jedi. "

"The boy-" Obi-Wan started.

"I'll handle the boy, Jedi," the man said. He smiled. " I won't kill him. " Without warning he reached out and pushed Obi-Wan into the lift. The next second he reached out grabbed Anakin, waving his hand quickly.

"You won't remember any of this," the man said. Obi-Wan watched as the man Force shifted Anakin's memories. In a second he had the boy trotting off to Qui-Gon's room. The man stepped into the lift, smiling once again. The two hooded men exchanged glances.

"You'll need to do better again, Lord Hyra," the small man said. The taller one ducked his head quickly, then coughed. Obi-Wan kept his head down, despair rippling through him.

The doors shut and Obi-Wan figured it was a cold irony.

Everything he had ever loved was now shut to him forever.


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