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Chapter 10

Artemis Crock had kissed a total of three boys in her life.

Cameron Mahkent, which had been a terrible first kiss. All cold and icy with too much parental pressure. Honestly, neither of them liked the other too much.

A boy named Joel Grousland who cornered her in the girl's locker room during a work out after school. One minute Artemis was stepping out of the showers, feeling particularly refreshed, and the next minute she was pined against the wet tiles with a slimy tongue being shoved down her throat and clammy hands running over her bare body. He had been on her for a total of five horrifying seconds before Artemis threw him to the floor and had him cradling an arm fractured in three places. That day she accepted the Wayne Foundation scholarship and transferred out of Gotham North.

But her third kiss was nothing like the other two terrible experiences. Wally was warm and gentle, his lips moving in time with Artemis's, sensing her apprehension and never pushing her, letting her take the lead. Artemis snaked her arms around Wally's neck drawing him closer. Ever so gently cupped her face with his hands, careful of the stiches in her check. With the touch of a butterfly wing he ran the pad of his thumb over the scar. It was a part of her now. And suddenly it wasn't ugly or marring but just as incredibly beautiful as she was. Slowly her mouth opened and let his tongue slip inside. It was… incredible.

"Whoa," Artemis whispered as they drew apart from each other. "Did we just actually…?"

Wally smirked and trailed a light kiss across her forehead.

"Yeah, we just did." A laugh erupted from Artemis's lips and she threw her arms around Wally's neck.

"I thought you hated me. Since day one. I tried to hate you too. But I couldn't. I was drawn to you." She leaned away to look him in the eyes. "I used to watch you on TV. and pretend we fought crime together." A blush lit up her face. "So when I saw you that night fighting Amazo I knew my time had come. I had to save you, even if you were cocky and arrogant and an all around dork."

Wally quirked an eyebrow.

"You knew all that from just looking at me?"

Artemis shrugged and hid her face behind a curtain of hair.

"I might have been following the Team around."

This time it was Wally's turn to laugh, throwing his head back and letting a booming laugh echo around the room and Artemis joined him.

"You're incredible, you know?" He whispered against her lips. "More than incredible, I don't even have a word to describe you." Then Artemis got her fourth ever kiss and it was quite possibly better than the last one.

With a little help Artemis managed to get back into the bed, pulling down Wally with her so they could cuddle close. Soon she fell asleep to Wally's rhythmic breathing and his fingers gently combing through her long hair.

All too soon the rest of the team arrived at the cave bearing food, drinks, movies, mountains of pillows and blankets along with two large blow-up mattresses. They were set.

"You guys are doing this for me?" Artemis asked in complete disbelief, watching her friends transform the med bay.

"Of course!" M'gann said, floating over to wrap Artemis in the hundredth hug.

"You've been stuck here for so long! We figured you might like a change of pace and something new to do!" Artemis was touched and found her self at a loss for words.

"But- but what about school? And you're families?"

"They can wait," Robin said as he hooked up the surround sound. "Unless you want to sit in here by your self all weekend." He looked slyly over at the archer who blanched at the thought.

"Oh dear God no." Everyone laughed.

Once everything was set up M'gann and Zantanna intoned they had to change into proper sleepover wear and insisted Artemis do the same. With much protesting ("Guys I'm already in sweat pants!") and detangling Artemis from wires and tubes, the three girls and the IV pole managed down the hall to M'gann's room, leaving Artemis pale and out of breath. No matter what she told her self, Artemis was no where from being healed.

"What's this about?" Artemis asked as threateningly as she could muster. "We don't really need to change do we?" Zantanna snorted.

"Of course we do, girl look at you, you are not going to that sleep over looking like that." Artemis rolled her eyes and picked at her over large tee shirt.

"Zantanna, trust me when I say, its not the cloths. No one would look good after what I've gone through." Neither of the girls was prepared for such an honest response.

"So you and Wally." M'gann suddenly blurted out. Artemis smirked, so this was what it was all about.

"What about it?" Artemis said, pretending to inspect her nails. This was killing them.

"Did you guys make out or what?!" Zantanna squealed, grabbing her friend's hands. "Tell me girl! I need to know!"

The three girls ended up spending almost an hour in M'ganns room picking over every detail of Artemis and Wally's kiss in typical girl fashion. They only returned to the others when Aqualad and Super Boy came to fetch them.

Artemis woke up around 2am, her face firmly planted on a warm chest, gently rising and falling. The room was dark, the T.V. faintly glowing blue. Her team- her family, was curled up on the blowup bed, effectively one giant dog pile. Stiffly Artemis arched her neck up to look at the only person missing from the sleeping mosh pit.

Wally's check was pressed into the top of her head and his mouth was turned up in a half smile. Grinning her self, Artemis threaded her fingers with his and slowly reached up to touch her lips with his. Peeking one eye open Wally looked down at Artemis and drew her in closer, deepening the kiss.

Spitfire, at last.