July 4, 2110- Epilogue

Magnus snapped his fingers and suddenly he was standing next to Alexander on the Statue of Liberty's torch. The sun was just beginning to set, igniting the sky in magnificent shades of pink and purple and gold and blue. The New York City skyline fanned out around them, coming to life with millions of glowing lights as the dark shroud of night fell.

"You know I could have done that, too," Alexander said flippantly.

"Done what?" Magnus said.

"Snapped us up here, of course," Alexander replied.

Magnus laughed. Alexander had been a quick study in magic. He had spent many hours every day for the last fifteen years learning from Magnus, perfecting his skill. He, of course, was no where near Magnus's level, but Magnus had nearly five hundred years more experience that Alexander. He had shown the same devotion to learning magic as Alec had shown to his Shadowhunter training. Magnus would have expected nothing less.

"I know you could," Magnus said, snaking his arms around Alexander's waist, "but I beat you to it." He winked, and Alexander pouted. Magnus would have none of that…not tonight. He pulled Alexander to him and sucked his protruding lip into his mouth. Alexander made a startled noise, then tangled his hand in Magnus's hair and kissed him.

Magnus breathed in, capturing Alexander's scent, which was now the sandalwood that they had shared in their previous life together, mixed with the briny scent of sea air. He moaned softly against Alexander's lips, happy and content.

Suddenly, the sky erupted with fireworks, red and green and gold cascades, fountains, and shapes floating through the air. The resounding bangs alerted them more than anything else, and Magnus cracked open one eye to confirm his suspicions. They broke the kiss, but didn't turn away from one another. Magnus could see the fireworks reflecting in Alexander's beautiful blue eyes, and he could see much more than that. There was a depth of love that he never thought he would know again, and he stared back, unable and unwilling to let that look go.

"I love you, Alexander," he said softly.

"I love you, too, Magnus," the younger warlock replied. "Are we glamoured?"

Magnus grinned. "Of course we are."

"Are we invisible?"

Magnus chuckled. "I don't believe we are supposed to be up here." Alexander nodded.

Magnus took a deep, steadying breath, steeling his courage. When he let it out, he dropped down on one knee and said, "Alexander Blue, you are my life, the most precious gift I could imagine. I love you with all of my heart and body and soul. Will you marry me?"

Alexander chewed on his lip in that adorably sultry way that had brought Magnus to his knees for over a hundred years. "Well…" he said, tilting his head as if in thought.

"I knew I should have made you do this," Magnus said under his breath. "Five-hundred-year-old knees and you keep me kneeling while you think about it…"

Alexander laughed. "It wasn't stopping the Ferris Wheel..." he said thoughtfully, failing to conceal a grin. He took Magnus's hand and pulled him to his feet.

"You could restart the Ferris Wheel yourself now," Magnus replied pointedly.

"Point made."

Magnus narrowed his eyes. "You still haven't answered the question."

Alexander's grin widened. "Of course I'll marry you. Why else am I here?"

Magnus beamed. He slid his hand into his pocket and withdrew two shining bands. He slipped one onto Alexander's finger and Alexander slid the other onto his. In the reflection from the Statue's torch, the engraved lines were just visible: alternating symbols of warlock vows and Shadowhunter runes. These were the wedding rings Magnus and Alec had worn for fifty-seven years. They would add a new band to signify their new life together when they married this time, but these bands were sentimental symbols of their love. Their old wedding rings became their engagement rings.

"This feels right," Alexander said, turning the ring on his hand between his fingers. He looked up at Magnus with shining eyes, and Magnus knew their were tears in his eyes as well.

Alexander's arms wound around his waist and Magnus clutched him tightly as their lips met again, a celebration of their timeless love, complete with fireworks in the background. Alexander's arms suddenly tensed around him, drawing him closer, and he felt him kick off the ground. The swoosh of Alexander's wings against the air ruffled Magnus's hair, as they flew higher into the sky, still locked in each other's embrace and kissing.

They soared higher and higher, past the tops of the skyscrapers, higher than the largest firework could reach. And still they kissed. Magnus wrapped his body around Alexander's, feeling the strength of the younger man, the ripple of his muscles as he wings drove them higher still. He wasn't afraid of falling, he knew Alexander would never let anything happen to him.

Without warning, Alexander flipped them over, pulling his wings in tightly around him, and they spiraled head first toward the ground. Magnus felt his stomach flip, a lump rise up in his throat, his heart racing with adrenaline, his blood bounding through his veins and throbbing in his ears, but he didn't break the kiss. They were hurtling back to Earth, their bodies rotating like a top. Then, approximately ten feet before they ploughed into the ground, Alexander released his wings, flapping them fiercely, and they landed with the softest touch.

Magnus finally broke the kiss, staring at Alexander with an awed expression. "That's how loving you makes me feel," Alexander said softly. Magnus's eyes widened in surprise, and his expression softened. "I feel like I'm free-falling, all the time, and you are always there to catch me."

"I can't believe this is really my life," Magnus said.

"Believe it," Alexander said. "We have hundreds, maybe thousands of years together."

Magnus pulled him in close, and whispered in his ear, "It still wouldn't be long enough." And he kissed him again.

Magnus took Alexander's hand and started walking. Alexander had landed within a few blocks of the Brooklyn Bridge, so they decided to walk back to their Brooklyn apartment. They paused on the bridge watching the fireworks continue up and down both sides of the river. The view was spectacular, especially with the brilliant lights flashing on the surface of the water.

They walked leisurely and talked, reminiscing about their first life together, their first wedding. Interspersed were memories of this life, of falling in love, of Magnus teaching Alexander magic. They lived in Wales for about ten years, until Alec and Xander had completely become one person, Alexander, and knew everything there was to know about Alec Lightwood's life. Then, they made the decision to return to their apartment in Brooklyn.

They both struggled at first, being in the home where they had raised their daughter, a daughter who had long since made an afterlife for herself, a daughter that they still missed. Being where her presence had last been, where she had died, was difficult, but in time they learned to deal with it. They helped each other through that grief as only two people who truly loved each other could.

Alexander opened the door to their apartment building magically, just as Magnus had taught him. When they reached the hallway to their second floor loft, Alexander pushed him against the wall, his body arching against Magnus's, and he kissed him. Magnus's breath caught in his throat, again, and his knees weakened. He remembered their first kiss, right here against this wall, and how he had felt like his life was being turned upside down by the young Shadowhunter.

His mind drifted over the beginning stages of this new relationship. He remembered how difficult it was to restrain himself, knowing that this beautiful body contained the soul of the man he loved. He had wanted so many times to kiss him, to tell him he loved him, to give him all of the memories he had shared with Alec. But he had not. He had been patient, letting Alexander fall in love with him, and bring up each memory as the young warlock discovered them. In the end, he thought this way was much better. He got to watch his love learn new things, almost like watching a child discovering a new world. His love grew stronger and deeper during this process, though he had no idea how that was even possible when he already loved Alec so very much.

Magnus was brought back to the present by the feeling of Alexander's tongue in his mouth. His arms, wrapped tightly around Alexander's waist, held him even tighter, pressed their bodies as close as they could be while still dressed. One hand smoothed up his back, gliding around his wings, and tangled in the messy black hair that framed his beautiful pale face. His lips parted wider, and their tongues grazed each other, heating the kiss and sparking their desire.

They tumbled to the apartment door, and Alexander blasted it open. Magnus smiled against his lips, recalling several times he had done that himself over the years. He guided Alexander with his body through the doorway and flicked his finger to close the door. It slammed shut. Oops, he thought with an inward smile. It had always been this way with Alexander. Their passion for each other got the better of them on so many occasions, and they couldn't quite control their own strength.

They toppled over the arm of the couch, Alexander landing on top of him, and pressing his body desperately against Magnus's. Magnus wasn't entirely sure what happened next, but somehow their clothing was hastily removed, and he was in Alexander's arms, bare skin against bare skin.

He felt a gentle breeze, and opened his eyes. "Alexander?" he said, and Alexander hummed against his lips. "We seem to be floating…again."

"I'm always floating when I'm with you," Alexander said as he nipped at Magnus's neck and Magnus's heart fluttered.

"No, I mean…" said Magnus as he nodded toward the floor.

Sure enough, they were hovering about six inches above the couch. Alexander laughed sheepishly. "Stupid wings," he muttered and eased them softly back onto the couch.

"Mmmm," Magnus moaned as he ran his fingers against the soft white feathers, his sensory perception heightened, as was his desire. "Not stupid at all. This was your best idea ever." He winked at Alexander, who rolled his eyes. Magnus had not been shy about how much of a turn on he found Alexander's wings. The wings were very sensitive to Alexander, and the gentlest caress had him yielding to Magnus's every wish, which was probably something he should have kept secret from Magnus, for Magnus was not above using that knowledge to his advantage.

Alexander shuddered as Magnus's soft hands followed the curve of his wings, now folded tightly against his back, and bristled the feathers. Alexander buried his face in Magnus's neck, his moan muffled. With a quick move that they had practiced many times, Magnus rolled them off the couch, and Alexander magically produced a cushioned pallet, which broke their fall. Magnus, now on top of Alexander, flicked his wrists, and the furniture moved several feet away from them, giving them plenty of space.

Alexander threw a ball of fire at the fireplace, which ignited, adding a soft romantic glow to the room, but no heat since it was July. He spread his wings wide against the floor as his arms encircled Magnus, as their lips reconnected. And as they began making love, those pure, heavenly wings folded around their bodies, enclosing them in a cocoon of sorts, and they were lost in their own little world of love.

Magnus still lay atop Alexander, softly kissing his neck and chest and shoulders. "Is it too soon to start talking about the wedding?" he asked between kisses.

Alexander kissed his forehead, brushing his hair out of his face. "No."

Magnus grinned. "Good," he said, "I was thinking we should have it on our island. The one where we got married the first time."

Alexander hummed softly. "I like that idea."

Magnus shifted slightly, propping his head on his hand, but still planting light kisses on his fiancé. "I was thinking..." Alexander raised an eyebrow, waiting. "Will you take my name this time?"

A thrill coursed through Alexander as a wide grin broke across his face. "Alexander Bane...I like how that sounds. This warlock thing certainly has its benefits."

Magnus kissed his lips this time. "That it does," he hummed.

They lay in silence for several long moments, Magnus nuzzling Alexander's neck while Alexander's fingers explored his body, and the feathers of his wings softly tickled Magnus.

"Our island will not be so crowded this time," Alexander said, a touch of sadness in his words.

"We still have Tessa and Catarina," Magnus replied, tilting his head thoughtfully. "Perhaps we should make some more friends."

Alexander turned to look at him. "You want more Shadowhunter friends?"

Magnus laughed. "We still have Shadowhunter family, my darling Alexander," he said pointedly.

"True. Roberto's grandchildren are about our age...well, at least the age we look."

"Roberto is going to have great-grandchildren soon."

Alexander looked startled. "He is? You didn't tell me that!"

Magnus shook his head. "It's not something I know... I just have a feeling about that granddaughter of his. She's very strong-minded and determined, and she's all over her boyfriend. She reminds me of Clary a little."

Alexander smiled. "She reminds me of Isabelle. The number of times I walked in on her and Simon..."

Magnus chuckled. "I know how horrifying that was for you. My sweet, innocent boyfriend."

Alexander punched him playfully in his arm. "I was sweet and innocent until I met you...twice! Not many people can say they lost their virginity twice to the same man."

Magnus ran his fingers gently against Alexander's cheek, his laughter fading to a soft, loving smile. "Not many people can say they have ever known anything like what we share. I never considered myself a lucky person before, but I sure do now. I love you, from the depths of my soul, I love you. And I will always love you...forever...for eternity."

"I love you more," Alexander replied, and silenced him with a kiss.

A/N: I would like to thank everyone who stuck with me through this story. I never expected it to take on a life of its own, but that's exactly what happened. I started off just wanting to fill in some of the story from the books that CC (bless her) did not give us. Then someone asked if I would continue past the books, and stories popped into my head. Then someone asked if I would continue past the wedding. At that point, I knew if I did, I wouldn't go half-ass...I knew there would be a death scene and all. I just couldn't leave it like that, so when I decided to go past the wedding, I decided Alec would come back. I'm not good a keeping secrets...you guys don't know how hard it was for me to not tell you what was coming every time you told me you were worried about the end! I hope it was everything you wanted it to be! Thanks again for all the support. I love you guys!

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