Enjoy! here's a list of each actor and what powers they have. Also would you guys be interested in seeing other mutants? Go vote on my poll.

Daniel Cudmore: Super Speed

Zoe Kravitz: Can mimic her appearance to look like anyone

Shawn Ashmore: Heightened senses

Jennifer Lawrence: Can control the weather.

Fan Binging: Sliver claws and healing.

Lucas Till: Shrieking. Yep that's it.

James McAvoy: Bone claws and healing.

Halle Berry: Phasing through things and maybe sending people back in time.

The next four's powers will be revealed in this chapter and later chapters.

Hugh Jackman:?

Nicholas Hoult: ?

Michel Fassbender: ?

Ellen Paige: ?

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The actors walked carefully around the city. Shawn was in the lead, since he had superior senses, always keeping the Mansion at his back. They however found that they would end up in the same place every few seconds. Shawn eventually decided to walk to near the mansion and sure enough they were right there. Shawn distrusted the X-Men, and no one could blame him. Daniel was nervous about being stared at as he looked just like Colossus. Halle was busy going through Ellen annoying the crap of the latter. Hugh was being dragged by Nicholas because he refused to accept he was in the X-Men universe. Fan was talking to Michael about her powers and how she didn't want to stab anyone. Zoe kept making herself look like Shawn to annoying the real one but he didn't care.

Jennifer heard a noise and cocked her head, asking, "What was that?" Nicholas grabbed her hand.

"Maybe it's just a raccoon?" Zoe suggested, though no one really believed that. A voice shouted "I think not, b***!"

"It's Juggernaut!" Shawn cried. Sure enough Juggernaut appeared and grabbed Daniel by the throat. "Well the big-bad Russian isn't putting up a fight. Why the sudden change of heart?" Daniel struggled to speak.

"Maybe...be..because...I'm not...Coloss...Colossus?"

"Put him down!" Zoe shouted, taking a few steps forward in aggression.

"Who's gonna make me doll-face?" Juggernaut crowed. Lucas smiled, snickering. "Oh you're in trouble now!"

Zoe turned into Juggernaut and punched him. The real one dropped Daniel who began coughing and rubbing his throat in attempt to regain his breath as Jennifer and Nicholas helped him up. Juggernaut picked up Zoe and threw her. A hole appeared behind her and she landed outside of another. Ellen had her hand out, and realized she had Blink's ability to create portals. She did it again when Juggernaut tried to get to Daniel again.

"You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us!" Michael yelled, and an angry Juggernaut punched him into a wall. Just as he grabbed Ellen, a dark figure appeared and cut his arm. Juggernaut had barely turned around when the figure hit him in the head with a sword and knocked him out. Looking at her closely, the cast could see she was barely fifteen, maybe sixteen. She had pink eyes, pale skin, and purple hair.

She stared at the cast and said, "I thought you were hiding from the Brotherhood? Not walking around stupidly!"

Shawn raised an eyebrow, not liking her tone. "Listen we're not the X-Men!"

"Damn well you're not, she looks a girl I knew who's dead right now!" She snapped, pointing at Zoe. Zoe looked uncomfortable under the newcomer's scorching gaze.

"The professor will want to talk to you, and I'm going to take you to him to sort this mess out. "

"That's what we're trying to avoid right now," Shawn muttered, glaring at the purple-haired girl.

"Well Magneto will probably try to kill you so...you want to die by him, or come with me?"

Shawn answered with a question."What's your name?" To his surprise, he received an answer, albeit in in a growl.


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