The Princess and The Vigilante Chapter Six

Poor Street Rat

"Sometimes the people I meet aren't really the people you'd hope to meet. They can be cruel and nasty, but under their evil exterior, there is a softer side to them. they just don't want to show it."

Trapped in a broom closet for eight hours, Ran and Miyu were terrified. To think that they were dragged here against their wills and thrown into a pitch black room was all too much to take in. Both girls held each other tightly.

"Oh no... Oh God," Ran whispered repeatedly.

"Be quiet, Ran," Miyu whispered back, "I'm sure-"

"You're sure what?" Ran interrupted, "That the Vigilante will save us? Miyu, let's face-"

"Shhh!" Miyu said, "I hear footsteps."

It was faint, but she was right. There were footsteps and they were getting closer with every step. The girls held their breaths as a shadow was below the floor. The doorknob turned and the door opened.

"All right, you," a man said pointing to Miyu, "Come on out. Emperor Rat wants to see you."

"What if I don't want to?" Miyu replied.

The man grabbed her by the arm, "You don't have a choice."

And yet again, she was dragged against her will. He had a strong, firm grip; it was almost impossible to break it. She had no choice, but she was hoping for Aiden or the police to intervene. The man opened another door.

"Here she is. The girl you requested, Sir."

There, sitting in a couch was a man in a hoodie that spelled 'DEFAULT.' His face was covered and resembled a rat. He signaled the man to leave and for Miyu to come. She stood in place, confused. He motioned her to sit with him.

"Oh no," Miyu stammered, "I'm fine standing here, thank you."

She was really trying to look for a way out or something to use as a distraction, but Rat-Boy grabbed her by the arm and pulled her towards him, his hand on her lower hip. This sent a chill down Miyu's spine, making her hairs stand up.

Oh crap! She thought, blushing, Pervert! Pervert! Pervert alert! And she thought Jordy was bad...

But to think of it, it wasn't that bad. He was actually very gentle with her; he seemed to have no interest hurting her, but when Miyu looked up, he was putting up his mask. He had grey-dyed hair and blue eyes. He sighed out of boredom and turned to his phone. He was listening to music.

"Rat-Boy..." Miyu blurted, without thought. She then covered her mouth, knowing it was an insult.

He looked down at her with a dead stare and once again her hairs stood up.

"Default," Rat-Boy said.

"Huh...?" Miyu replied.

"My name is Default."

Miyu's eyes peered, "Who are you really?"

Default scoffed, "Like I'd tell you..."

Miyu pouted, He's worse than Aiden!

"Hey," Default said, "Do you know Aiden? Are you like his fangirl or something?"

"Fangi- fangirl?!" She replied, the blush in her cheeks became obvious, "I am NOT his fangirl!"

Default smirked, "The you must be one of his 'lover-girls.'"

Her entire face turned red just by the thought of it. She knew Defalt was messing with her emotions, a common trick he was best at. This angered and embarrassed her even more.

"Shut up! Just shut up!" She yelled, "You don't know me!"

"Actually, I do. Ahhh... the perks of video cameras," he smiled to himself.

Miyu quickly realized what he meant and who he was. He was a hacker, just like Aiden but a bit more cocky. Miyu hated cocky people, but had to say that Default was pretty smart for a Rat-Boy. There were questions running through her head, so many that it was hard to decide which one to ask. Miyu hesitated several times but finally a sentence was formed.

"Why did you kidnap me and my friend?" She asked. At that moment she remembered Ran stuck in the closet, scared out of her mind.

Default sighed, "I only meant to kidnap you; I couldn't give shit about your friend. They couldn't tell who was Miyu Kazemari, so they kidnapped both of you. Don't blame me, blame them. Idiots..."

"You still haven't answered my question. Why did you kidnap us?" Miyu said, ignoring the rest.

"You know you're a very nosy girl. You shouldn't be sticking your nose in business that doesn't concern you."

"... Thank you for that kind advice," Miyu said, forcing a smile. She he never been pushed to this limit of hating someone. It even took her a short while for her to say something nice, and not to curse him out (It's not lady-like, her father would say). There was no doubt that she definitely hated him.

"Then, judging from that logic," Miyu continued, "Would you let her go? She has nothing to do with this nor does she want to get involved."

Default chuckled, "You think it's that easy? No, no I can't let her free. Too risky."

Just then, the same man opened the door, "Sir, we've spotted Aiden Pearce. What would you like us to do?"

Default put his mask back on. "Stop him, but don't kill him. I need him alive."

"Yes, Sir," the man replied.

Default got up from the couch and took his leave. "You stay here. I'll be back," he commanded Miyu.

"Yes 'Master,'" Miyu mocked.

When Default left, Miyu got up and rummaged through his stuff. Time was against her, so she had to work fast. She was hoping to find anything, well… useful to her. She found a small handgun, a SPEC OPS tranquilizer to be exact and Default's laptop. The entire perimeter was void of any power, yet it worked. It had a lot of strange files she's never heard of. Though she knew it was very rude to invade someone's privacy, she assumed Default knew something… something Aiden could use.

Miyu sighed, "I'm sorry…" she said, "but I don't want to leave empty-handed."

She opened his e-mail. Though she was unable to connect to his server, she could view his e-mail offline. It said:


Merlaut Hotel.

Bring us Pearce.

No Pearce, no power.

Person of interest: find Miyu Ayame Kazemari.

Failure to comply will result in dire consequences

From malice, with love: ~Hawkeye007

What is this… Miyu thought, Who are you, Hawkeye007 and what do you want with Aiden…?

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