Chapter one

Once Harry's friends stopped hugging him, Sirius, Remus and Tonks pushed their way through. Sirius wrapped his arms around his godson, holding him tight.

'You scared the life out of me Harry.'

'I'm sorry Sirius, I let him think I was dead, but I didn't expect him to make Hagrid carry me back. But the moment I saw you here, I was scared. I almost lost you once, I thought I might again.'

'I can hold my own Harry, remember that, but I wasn't going to let you fight him alone. The moment Remus heard you were here we put our plans into order.'

'Harry, where is Severus?' Albus asked as he got through the crowd.

'Oh, he died after he gave me his memory of what you told him to tell me. He's in the shrieking shack; Nagini attacked him on Voldemort's orders.'

'If I know Severus then he would have taken anti venom in the event of an attack, I will go check. But well done my boy, I always knew you could do it,' Albus patted Harry's shoulder then hurried away.

'All of us are tired, sore and hungry; I'm taking my lot home Harry, well done. Since you're staying with Sirius, I'm sure we'll see you in a few days,' Arthur said giving Harry a hug.

'Yeah, I'm going to get into bed and sleep for days, I'm absolutely knackered,' Harry turned to Ron and Hermione, 'See you soon okay.'

'You will Harry,' Hermione hugged Harry again before leaving with the Weasley's.

Neville and Luna hugged Harry at the same time, 'You bastard Harry, you scared me, I really thought you were dead.'

'I'll explain everything soon Neville, I promise. But we did what we promised, we made them proud.'

Neville grinned, 'Yeah, we did mate, your parents and mine would be proud of us. I'll tell my parents all about this when I go visit in a couple of days. Go sleep mate, you look tired.'

'I'm going to,' Harry turned to Luna, 'You helped, you gave me what I needed, thanks Luna,' Harry hugged her then kissed her cheek.

'I had to help my big brother, I'm going to the kitchens to get some pudding, I might even call it Harry after you,' she smiled then skipped away making Harry and Neville laugh. Neville clapped Harry on the back before he walked away, then Remus and Tonks hugged Harry before they followed Sirius from the ruined great hall and straight back to Grimmauld place.

Even though Harry was exhausted, he was hungry, so he accepted the food and hot cup of tea from Sirius as he sat down.

'It's hard to believe he's dead, but there's a few things I don't understand,' Remus said.

'Give me a couple of days and I'll fill you in, oh and I've got a bone to pick with both of you. Teddy and why you turned up, what if something happened to both of you, he would have grown up with no parents?'

'He would have a loving grandmother, a childish uncle and a protective godfather. We wanted to be by your side, not just for you or to fight, but for Teddy. My problem and knowing I had a son doesn't sit well with that lot, I wanted to give my son the best future he could get. I was willing to die to achieve that,' Remus said.

'I know what they thought of werewolves and they weren't happy about you and Tonks either. But one of you should have stayed with him.'

'We couldn't Harry, we had to fight, but we're okay, we made it just like you and Sirius. Now I will expect to introduce your godson to you in a few days, so we'll be back,' Tonks kissed Harry's cheek then waited for Remus to say his goodbyes before they left.

'Now we're alone, I have to explain something to you Sirius. Right now I don't know how to feel about it, except disgusted, sickened.'

'Finish eating then tell me.'

Harry nodded but he only got through half the food on his plate, 'Promise to never tell anyone.'

'I promise, now what is this about mate?'

Harry lifted his hair to show his scar, 'Even though the killing curse was used that night, it didn't cause this,' Harry opened his shirt to show an identical scar.

'Harry,' Sirius ran his finger over the lightning shaped scar, 'what happened?'

'He split his soul, because of mum the piece he split went into me because his body disappeared so he couldn't spell it into his item. I found out I had to die or he never would die, so I went to him and allowed him to kill me. That's where the scar came from, both scars. I was unconscious for about fifteen minutes, but that piece of soul protected me from the curse as it was destroyed. That's why I made him believe I was dead. I lived with that Sirius, all these years, I'm scared.'

Sirius wrapped his arms around his godson, he thought about what he heard and everything finally made sense, things that he had been asking Albus for years, now made sense.

'I will help you through this Harry, but you have nothing to be scared about. You showed how good you are; you protected people tonight, saved a lot of lives. Having a piece of him inside you did not harm you in any way and you will not turn dark, believe me, it's not in your nature.'

Harry felt himself choke up then a sob escaped him until he was crying into his godfather's arms.

Late the following day Harry woke, he grabbed his glasses and realised he was in his room at Grimmauld place yet he didn't remember coming to this room or to bed. He sat up as the events of the previous couple of days come to him, everything he saw, everything he did, how many people died. Voldemort was dead, but Harry wasn't sure how to deal with the knowledge he had a piece of Voldemort's soul inside him since his parents died. Then Harry remembered Sirius' words, could he believe his godfather, could he really be okay and not turn evil. Harry didn't know what to think or believe right now, he didn't even know how to feel. He was relieved that Voldemort was dead, that Sirius and his friends survived, but so far that is all he felt.

'Maybe I just need some time, put all this in perspective then I will know how to deal with everything,' Harry went to shower, dressed and headed downstairs to see Sirius sitting in the kitchen with a very much alive Severus Snape. But that wasn't the most surprising thing, it was the fact his godfather and Snape were talking pleasantly to each other and neither had their wands pointed at the other, which usually happened when these two men were anywhere near each other. Harry had no idea what was going on, just like with how he felt, but for some reason Harry smiled as he said to himself, "miracles can happen" those words had the two men glance at him who both smiled as well, but Sirius ended up laughing as he pulled Harry into his arms.

'You're right, miracles can happen, more than you know Harry. So how about I get you some breakfast and Snape here can explain his role, it might interest you.'

'Okay, I'm not sure if I should be worried or not, but if you two can sit here without trying to kill each other than who am I to complain,' Harry smiled then sat down but again he had been surprised when Snape smiled at him, the snarky snarly professor Severus Snape who could reduce most students to tears and who never smiled, did, and at him. Harry said again, miracles can happen and he's finding out that they aren't as rare as everyone believed. So he sat there listening to Snape go into detail about his role and his friendship with Lily, but he also explained that he never hated Harry, that was part of the way he had to act. Most of the way Severus Snape had acted was invented by Albus so Severus would look the part of death eater who had changed sides, but also to make everything think he might change sides again. He kept everyone in the dark on which side he was really on which kept the death eaters and the Slytherin's unsure of his true role. Harry was amazed at how far Snape had been willing to go to keep Harry safe and things started to make sense to Harry, like when Snape had protected him, Hermione and Ron from Moony the night Pettigrew escaped. Another thing that seemed to make sense to Harry was how often he saw Snape, anywhere he seemed to be. So again Harry thought to himself he was amazed at how far Snape was willing to go to protect him, but also for his friendship for Lily Evans-Potter.